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Here are the newest titles as of October 31st, 2017.
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- Non-stop action as wild kids go from scene to scene literally just tearing things up! The antics for from mere pranks to very violent crimes as the heat starts to come down in this H.G. Lewis classic!

THE BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS (1973) - One of the greatest 'women's prison' films ever made! Horrors at a Japanese POW camp during WWII have many literally dying to escape. Mostly dubbed in English, this Hong Kong classic features nasty villains, gorgeous inmates, and many tense moments. A true exploitation classic! LBX

THE WILD LIFE (1984) - Two buds (Chris Penn and Eric Stolz) share adventures in this rare hilarious teen romp! It's casual! LBX

NIGHT OF THE LEPUS (1972) - Star Trek's DeForest Kelley, Janet Leigh and other respectable actors somehow got suckered into appearing in this mess about giant rabbits attacking in the west! There's some interesting miniature work, and a lot of slow-motion shots of real rabbits racing through them. The actors somehow keep a straight face in this flick, which isn't even played for laughs! LBX 

SUSPIRIA (1977) - The Argento classic, where horrific things are happening at the ballet academy and the gorgeous Jessica Harper is right in the middle. LBX

THE STEPFORD WIVES (1975) - The classic starring Katherine Ross, of a town where all the women act a little too, well, robotic. You know this one, always a great movie! LBX

TANK (1973) - James Garner (The Rockford Files) and his tank battle a corrupt sheriff in this interesting oddity.

FIGHT FOR LIFE (1987) - Jerry Lewis is a dad trying to get a drug approved to save his daughter with epilepsy. Morgan Freeman plays a doctor in this classic TV-movie. Quality is 'ok' but still watchable. Hard foreign subs do not detract.

FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE (1970) - Two escapees (Malcolm McDowell and Robert Shaw) and being pursued by a menacing black helicopter in this interesting forgotten oddity. LBX

NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD (1991) - Nudest zombies attack, musical numbers, and Forrest J. Ackerman!


 And don't forget these recently-added titles...


TORSO (1973) - A serial killer knocking off college students, who retreat to a villa with the killer following. Decent and well-shot suspense flick. LBX

THE CALIFORNIA KID (1974) - Martin Sheen and his souped-up rod head into a town where speed traps are a big source of income and a bad sheriff (Vic Morrow) enjoys running speeders off the road. Nick Nolte is also here as are a lot of familiar 70's faces in this fun flick.

HIT MAN (1972) - The incredible Pam Grier stars with many familiar faces in this classic blaxploitation about gangsters, the adult film world and other badassery. LBX

BUG (1975) - A small town is attacked my super-powered cockroaches that can set things on fire! Sounds like a William Castle movie if there ever was one! LBX

THE ALL-AMERICAN GIRL (1973) - A very pretty girl's boyfriend has to leave town, and she's alone to enjoy a summer full of new adventures. Fun soft-core.

THE LANDLORD (1970) - Beau Bridges stars as someone who buys a building in a poor section of Brooklyn with the intention of renovating after kicking out the tenants, but soon changes his mind for various reasons. Interesting and little-known NYC film.

I SAW WHAT YOU DID (1965) - A bunch of young girls making prank phone calls say the wrong thing to the wrong person! Joan Crawford stars in this thriller, it's William Castle again! LBX

MIAMI CONNECTION (1987) - Reeking of every bad 80's cliche, this fun flick has drug lords motorcycle ninjas battling a band ("DRagon Sound") specializing in martial arts! This hot mess must be seen! LBX

THE SPECIALIST (1975) - Courtroom drama full of sleazy characters, and since it's a Crown International movie, some T&A tossed in for good measure. Some mishmash involving a lake, a crusader (Adam "Batman" West) and a corrupt water company make for one of those movies that usually came on at midnight on cable in the late seventies. LBX

THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (1973) - Ratting on friends for a lighter sentence is never a good idea as we find out in this exciting crime drama starring the great Robert Mitchum, Alex Rocco, Peter Boyle and other bad boys. LBX

THE BIGGEST BUNDLE OF THEM ALL (1968) - The incredibly sexy Raquel Welch stars in this tale of incompetent gangsters who kidnap another gangster. Robert Wagner spews out funny lines and Edward G. Robinson is here to lend a hand! LBX

HARRY IN YOUR POCKET (1973) - A professional criminal teaches a younger willing student the skills of picking pockets. James Coburn, Michael Sarrazin and Trish Van Devere star in this fun 70's romp. LBX

LIAR'S MOON (1982) - Matt Dillon stars in this early role as a poor boy who falls for the rich boss's pretty daughter. Decent forgotten minor gem.

IN A GLASS CAGE (1986) - Spanish import (with hard English subs) that tells the story of a former Nazi doctor and pedophile who would torture and kill young boys, but who is now nursed by a boy who witnessed the doctor killing a friend, and who may be intent on following in the doc's footsteps. LBX 

INDIAN PAINT (1965) - As a young Indian approaches manhood, his tribe faces lots of hardships like sickness, kidnappings, and more. Beautifully shot, lots of great scenery, teepees, horses and action. LBX

THE POWER (1968) - George Hamilton and sexy Suzanne Pleshette star in this fun sci-fi thriller, about a special project group being knocked off one by one by someone with the power of telekinesis. LBX

THE ORPHANAGE (2007) - A home that used to be an orphanage becomes the site of odd happenings after a family's young boy makes a new friend who isn't there! LBX, foreign language with hard subs.


THE GREAT AMERICAN GIRL ROBBERY (1979) - A bunch of pretty cheerleaders heading for a competition are kidnapped by terrorists in this rare 70's sexploitation non-classic full of pretty gals and crazy characters. LBX

TROLL (1986) - A man named Harry Potter (indeed) and his wife (Michael Moriarty and Shelly Hack) move with their kids to a new apartment complex, which is being patrolled and taken over by an evil troll who wants to make it his kingdom! Sonny Bono is here, as is Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a role she'd probably like to forget! LBX

TROLL 2 (1990) - This time, the trolls are taking over a small town in this just as hilariously scary sequel! LBX

XTRO (1982) – A man who disappeared because he was abducted by aliens suddenly shows up again and strange things start to happen! LBX

THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985) - A girl is brutally raped by a construction crew, and soon after a mysterious killer who uses a nail gun keeps knocking the rapists off! Definitely a crazy 80's "slasher"-type romp. LBX

THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (1980) - Bob Hoskins and Paul Freeman star in this suspenseful tale of a gangster whose territory is being threatened by rivals. LBX

THE CANDIDATE (1972) - You can't go wrong with names like Robert Redford and Peter Boyle, in this tale of a Senate candidate's quest to shake things up. Lots of old school faces in this one, good flick. 

BANK SHOT (1974) - What better way to steal from a bank in a mobile home, than to just steal the entire mobile home? George C. Scott leads a cast of crazy characters (including "Boss Hogg" Sorrell Booke) in this early-70's "madcap" comedy, a movie style popular at the time. LBX

MONA LISA (1986) - Ex-con Bob Hoskins finds work driving a high-end escort from client to client (the gorgeous Cathy Tyson) and their relationship is constantly challenged. Fun comedy with lots of familiar faces including Michael Caine! LBX

JOE (1970) - Two hippie-haters from different walks of life meet up and search for the daughter of one of the pair. Very powerful film stars the great Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon in her very first movie. LBX

COMPUTER KILLERS (1973) - A young guy from a successful rock band on his way to an odd mansion for a vacation meets up with a young girl going there, and they discover a house of horrors with many odd people and happenings. Definitely a forgotten classic. LBx

AUDREY ROSE (1977) - A young girl is suspected of being the reincarnation of someone else's little girl who died in a car crash. Suspenseful thriller stars Marsha Mason, Anthony Hopkins and John Beck. LBX

THE NIGHT THEY SAVED CHRISTMAS (1984) - Beautiful Christmas tale which finds a construction crew about to destroy Santa's place at The North Pole, and Santa's plea to a head worker to help stop it. Art Carney plays Santa masterfully, and Paul Williams, Jaclyn Smith and Paul Le mat also stars. Great model work and FX, this one's a winner any time of year.


HEAVENLY BODIES (1984) - Funny 80's tease movie about a trendy dance studio at war with a rival club, which leads to the inevitable big Dance Contest for all the stakes. 
THE TOY BOX (1971) - Uncle died but there's still non-stop partying in his castle, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in this incredible odd sexploitation/horror flick! 
MOONFIRE (1970) - Truckers vs. a secret Nazi in Mexico in this fun big-rig extravaganza! Richard Egan stars and fighter Sonny Liston in a rare film role shortly before his death.
COPACABANA (1985) - The TV-movie musical that tells the story of the worldwide smash song, with the man who writes the songs in the lead! A very well-made, funny, suspenseful and insane flick also starring Annette O'Toole (Lola) and Joseph Bologna (Rico). 
SUGAR COOKIES (1973) - The lesbian girlfriend of a dead actress discovers she was murdered, and heads out for revenge! Corman-mainstay and beauty Mary Woronov stars in this forgotten piece of early 70's sleaze.

DEEP END (1970) - A teen boy falls for a swimming attendant, and goes to great lengths to steal her from her guy! 
MISS NYMPHET'S ZAP-IN (1970) - A series of artsy-skits all based around sex. Very interesting forgotten curiosity.
PSYCHOMANIA (1963) - A wild one! The leader of a motorcycle gang discovers the secret to eternal life, and encourages his entire gang to partake, they just have to kill themselves first! The leader's girlfriend is apprehensive as the gang wreaks havoc! One great scene reminds one of Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell" album cover. Popular on late-night TV in the 70s, much fun!
THE YOUNG GRADUATES (1971) - A pretty girl cheats on her boyfriend with the hunky teacher, than escapes via a girl's road trip! LBX

 LEO THE LAST (1970) - A prince visiting family in London starts to feel for the nearby occupants of a local ghetto. Marcello Mastroianni and the great Calvin Lockhart star. LBX