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Here are the newest titles as of October 31st, 2017.
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- Non-stop action as wild kids go from scene to scene literally just tearing things up! The antics for from mere pranks to very violent crimes as the heat starts to come down in this H.G. Lewis classic!

THE BAD BUNCH a.k.a. TOM (1973) - A white ex-GI goes to the home of his buddy, who was black and died in Vietnam, to deliver a letter, and encounters his friend's militant brother and friends. Heavy racial drama. LBX

THE BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS (1973) - One of the greatest 'women's prison' films ever made! Horrors at a Japanese POW camp during WWII have many literally dying to escape. Mostly dubbed in English, this Hong Kong classic features nasty villains, gorgeous inmates, and many tense moments. A true exploitation classic! LBX

THE HI-RIDERS (1978) -A young California couple are cruising the coast when they encounter a wild car and motorcycle gang, and proceed to have a wild adventure. Fantastic hot rods, drag racing, chicken runs, gun-totin' hillbillies and more in this action-packed romp. Jose Ferrer and Neville Brand are among the familiar faces. LBX

 THE WILD LIFE (1984) - Two buds (Chris Penn and Eric Stolz) share adventures in this rare hilarious teen romp! It's casual! LBX

NIGHT OF THE LEPUS (1972) - Star Trek's DeForest Kelley, Janet Leigh and other respectable actors somehow got suckered into appearing in this mess about giant rabbits attacking in the west! There's some interesting miniature work, and a lot of slow-motion shots of real rabbits racing through them. The actors somehow keep a straight face in this flick, which isn't even played for laughs! LBX 

SUSPIRIA (1977) - The Argento classic, where horrific things are happening at the ballet academy and the gorgeous Jessica Harper is right in the middle. LBX

STUDENT BODIES (1981) - Pretty girls are being murdered at the high school!

THE STEPFORD WIVES (1975) - The classic starring Katherine Ross, of a town where all the women act a little too, well, robotic. You know this one, always a great movie! LBX

TANK (1973) - James Garner (The Rockford Files) and his tank battle a corrupt sheriff in this interesting oddity.

FIGHT FOR LIFE (1987) - Jerry Lewis is a dad trying to get a drug approved to save his daughter with epilepsy. Morgan Freeman plays a doctor in this classic TV-movie. Quality is 'ok' but still watchable. Hard foreign subs do not detract.

FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE (1970) - Two escapees (Malcolm McDowell and Robert Shaw) and being pursued by a menacing black helicopter in this interesting forgotten oddity. LBX