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MAD DOG (1977)
- aka Beast With a Gun, Italian gangster flick

MALIBU BIKINI SHOP, THE (1986) - Two guys out of college inherit a bikini shop and of course, in true 80's fashion all hell breaks loose and wild! You can imagine where this one goes! 

MAMAS AND THE PAPAS: STRAIGHT SHOOTERS (1988) - A great documentary about the famous singing group. Many other stars are here too like Joe Cocker, Mick Fleetwood and more.

MAN, THE (1972) - The first black President is Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones! This was going to be a TV-movie, but was released in theaters because it was thought to be too hot for TV.

MAN ON A SWING (1974) - Cliff Robertson stars as a small-town cop who gets a psychic to help on a case, but who is suspicious himself. Rare flick. LBX

MAN WHO HAUNTED HIMSELF, THE (1970) - Roger Moore stars in this classic about a man who notices his life is being taken over by a double in his place! Shock ending! LBX


MANIPULATOR, THE (1971) Mickey Rooney stars in this rare take of a crazy makeup man who kidnaps beautiful girls!

MARIO AND THE MOB (1992) - Robert Conrad and Ann Jillian in this TV rarity.

MARRIAGE OF A YOUNG STOCKBROKER (1971) -  Richard Benjamin is masterful as a man who risks losing everything because of his voyeuristic tendencies! A fun and rare early 70's sex romp!

MARYJANE (1968) - A teacher gets pissed about what drugs are doing to kids, and he goes after a drug ring. Real good exploitation, ya dig, daddy-o?

MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH (1977) - Despite the title, this film is actually considered to be a very intelligent portrayal of class rebellion. New student David heads to Central High, where his best friend Mark goes, and where Mark and his 3 friends rule the school with an iron fist. Mark set it up so David can join the group and rule with them. But David wants no part of the bullies, and he rebels against them, causing a strain with his friendship with Mark. Meanwhile, David inspires major rebellion amongst the students against the bullies, and all sorts of havoc ensues! Even Roger Ebert has stated this is one of his favorite films! Also stars the gorgeous Kimberly Beck. LBX

MAUSOLEUM (1983) - Marjoe Gortner ("Starcrash") stars in this chiller about a girl and demonic possession!


MEATEATER, THE (1979) - Rare flick about a mania who stalks teens at a movie theater.

MELINDA (1972) - Classic rare blaxploitation starring the great Calvin Lockhart as super-suave ladies-man DJ Frankie, who picks up Melinda and gets involved with gangsters and more! An incredible and very entertaining entry in the genre. Watching Calvin go from Mr. Cool to Mr. Badass is a blast!

MEN'S CLUB, THE (1986) - For decades, this movie has raised questions. Is it great, or is it beyond bad? Is it a 'thinking' film, or just a huge dumb train wreck? Is it "artsy," or just plain trash? A group of men get together for a chatting session, but things get rowdy and out of hand, and they have to take the party elsewhere...incredible cast includes Harvey Keitel, Frank Langella, David Dukes, Roy Scheider and many more. If you are willing to take a chance on this flick, here it is!

MERMAIDS (2003) - Rare TV-movie from Argentina, dubbed in English. Two mermaid sisters hunt down their father's killer!

MIND OF MR. SOAMES (1970) A man in a coma since infancy, awakens with the body of a man but with the mind of an infant. Learning how to function, he escapes!

MINX, THE (1969) - Jan Sterling stars in this sex romp that is a blast!

MISTER SCARFACE (1976) - Italian mob flick, where a young mob money collector who is a nice guy but a real bad mofo when it comes to collecting the cash, wants to score some really big mob bucks but gets in some heat. Jack Palance is in this but not that much, playing a mob boss. This is actually a decent and fun flick, cool fight scenes and decent finale.

MODEL SHOP (1969) - Very decent tale of a young man who hooks up with an unhappy model, and things escalate from there. Nicely shot, has a logo on the top-right corner but it doesn't detract. LBX

MOMENT BY MOMENT (1978) - John Travolta and Lily Tomlin have an affair and create a truly horrible masterpiece they'd both love to forget! This is a great bad one - it's just amazing to view! 

MONKEY HUSTLE, THE (1976) - The great Yaphet Kotto starts in this take of a ghetto fighting back against a planned highway. Lots of familiar faces and blacksploitation elements like cool 70's pimps and awesome swag.

MONSTER DOG (1984) - Alice Cooper (!) stars in this tale of mysterious killings blamed on wild dogs, but Alice seems to know something more!

MOONRUNNERS (1974) - This is the film that inspired the classic "Dukes of Hazzard" TV show, with some of the same characters and the same narrator in Waylon Jennings! Grady and Bobby Lee Hagg run moonshine for Uncle Jesse, but local big guy Jake wants to eliminate all competition, including the Haggs! Lots of car action, great direction and a funny plot keep things moving a lot at breakneck speed!

MORE WILD WILD WEST (1980) - Robert Conrad and Ross Martin return in this second sequel to "Wild Wild West" (the first being "Wild Wild West Revisited" from 1979), and is an extremely rare and sought-after fun TV-movie!

MORNING AFTER, THE (1974) - A TV-movie that is actually decently made? This rare but acclaimed TV-Movie stars Dick Van Dyke as a raging alcoholic, a common premise that somehow finds a way to work here.

MOVE (1970) - Elliot Gould is trying to move into a better apartment with his wife, as he writes porno novels to make ends meet. Comedy also stars a pretty Paula Prentiss!

MOVIN' ON: IN TANDEM (1974) - This is the TV-movie pilot for the trucker series "Movin' On" starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse, and of course that awesome green rig. Quality is 'ok,' a little below the usual standards but is still a good viewing.

MR. PEABODY AND THE MERMAID (1948) - Colorized version of this rarity

MRS. BROWN, YOU'VE GOT A LOVELY DAUGHTER (1968) - The second flick starring Hermin's Hermits! lbx

MRS. POLIFAX-SPY (1971) - Darren McGavin

MS. 45 (1981) - Kind of a female "Death Wish," a beautiful New York City woman (who is mute) gets raped twice and then proceeds to rid the city of as many bad guys as she can. This one fell through the cracks but is a very entertaining revenge flick. LBX

MURDER BY NATURAL CAUSES (1979) - Katherine Ross and Hal Holbrook star in this rarity

MURDER IN MISSISSIPPI (1965) - Based upon truth - blacks and whites from up north head south attempting to register blacks to vote, and of course the locals (especially the police) aren't too crazy about that and aim to take care of those middling yankees. The blacks in the south are also too scared to register, afraid for the lives of their families. These events were covered in "MIssissippi Burning" years later, but this is more hardcore.

MURDER ON THE PRIENT EXPRESS (1974) - Albert Finney stars in this classic adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel. LBX

MURDER MANSION (1972) - A late-night fave on 70's TV! A lost couple take refuse in a haunted mansion, complete with cool graveyard, stalking ghosts and odd assorted shady characters.

MURPH THE SURF (1975) - Robert Conrad, Don Stroud

MUSIC LOVERS, THE (1970) - Ken Russell directed this lavish flick based on the life of the composer Tchaikovsky. Stars Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson. LBX

MUTHERS, THE (1976) - A large group of hot female pirates infiltrate a prison camp on a plantation that deals with coffee (!) and proceed on a very wild rescue mission. If you like them wild and crazy, this is a good bet! LBX

MY FRIENDS NEED KILLING (1976) - Shocker about a Vietnam vet who goes on a wild killing spree against his fellow soldiers.

MY PET MONSTER (1986) - A kid is transformed into a monster when exposed to a certain statue! This rarity spawned the kid’s cartoon series the next year.

MY SIX LOVES (1963) - Rare comedy, this engaging flick tells of an exhausted Broadway star taking time off, only to become the object of various men's affections! Great cast includes Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, David Janssen and more.

MYSTICS IN BALI (1981) - This is one of the craziest films you'll ever see. From Indonesia (and dubbed in English), this is the wild tale of a pretty girl who comes to Bali to do book research, only to be taken over by an evil witch, who uses the girl's head (with organs hanging down!) as a flying vampire head! Evidently this kind of thing happens often in Bali as no one seems too shocked at a girl's head flying around with the organs hanging off it. Local wizard-types end up doing battle with the witch, in a truly weird climatic war! The evil witch laughs her evil laugh seemingly non-stop and threatens the girl to obey. This is truly one not to be missed by anyone who likes weird cinema. LBX

MYSTERY OF THE MILLION DOLLAR HOCKEY PUCK (1975) - Comedy about some kids and some diamonds hidden in a hockey puck, but best of all it stars The Montreal Canadiens and you get to see some classic hockey footage with some greats like Bob Gainey and Guy LaFleur in the big finale at the old Montreal Forum! Extremely rare! Damn, those Canadiens were some hockey club in the 70's.

NAKED APE, THE (1973) - Hugh from Payboy had this very rare film made, and it has Victoria Principal!

NAKED VENGEANCE (1985) - A beautiful woman has a horrific series of bad luck - her entire family is murdered, and she is gang-raped. Of course, then she's out for revenge! As sleazy as this sounds, this is actually a well-made and nicely-shot woman's revenge flick. Absolutely an underrated gem. LBX

NEXT OF KIN (1982) - Interesting flick where a girl reads her mom's diary, and what she reads starts to happen to her.

NICKEL MOUNTAIN (1984) - Michael Cole

NIGHT CRIES (1978) - Susan St. James

NIGHT GAMES (1980) - Strange Tale about a sexually repressed woman who can only become aroused by a guy in a bird suit. Seriously! Joanna Cassidy and Barry Primus star.

NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA, THE (1982) - Kristy McNichol stars in this film adaptation of the hit song. Very rare!

NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) - Lara Parker and Kate Jackson star in this creepy gothic thriller. As fans of the series know, this flick was cut down by 30 minutes from orders by the studio, and has not been restored yet, so this is the 95m version, the only one out there at the moment. Still a very good viewing and beautifully shot.


NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) - Often over-looked entry in the demons/zombies genre - what's the best way to celebrate Halloween for ten kids? Have a party in a huge abandoned funeral parlor, and very unwisely have a seance! Needless to say, all Hell breaks loose as the place becomes a maze as the kids are terrorized by the demons. Definitely a good one. LBX

NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY (1967) - Clint Walker stars as a man who, with his family, heads to some new land in Wyoming, and has to do battle with various obstacles and a huge grizzly! The final battle between man and grizzly has to be seen to be believed! 

NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER (1980) - Ex-cop James Brolin's daughter is kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity and he goes on the search for her captor. The chase sequence near the beginning of the film is legendary, an incredible array of action on the streets of Manhattan. As he gets closer and closer, he faces a new obstacle and danger. This one is non-stop.

NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER (1972) - Mickey Dolenz

NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR (1985) - Horror anthology with God and Satan as hosts, riding a train and deciding fates! Weird! LBX

NO BLADE OF GRASS (1970) - A family is on the run from a virus killing everyone. lbx

NO CONTEST (1995) - Oh man, Andrew Dice Clay, B-movie queen Shannon Tweed (wife of Gene Simmons)
, and ex-007 villain Robert Davi? Sounds good! Dice takes over a hotel holding a beauty pageant (ohh!) and it's a wild hostage situation. Gotta love this one! LBX

NORWOOD (1970) - It's Glen Campbell as a guy who wants to be a singer, and Joe Namath in his first film! Fun times in this rarity.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER (1984) - Pretty rare and another real odd one. The 30's meet the 80's here as a guy fails a test to work at the Holland Tunnel in NYC, then he meets a pretty girl who takes him to the moon. Yup, it's one of those but it's a lot of fun and very creative. Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Zach Galligan and others let this weirdness roll along.

NOT QUITE HUMAN (1987) - Craziness with Alan Thicke, as he sends his android son to school to see how well he interacts with humans!

NUTTY PROFESSOR, THE (1963) - Jerry Lewis stars as the title character, who creates and uses a potion that turns him from a science geek into a studly chick magnet! LBX

OCTAMAN (1971) - Oh boy, another rubbery walking fish-creature terrorizing people! This one is a little more well-known than "Zaat" (by about ten people maybe) and is definitely fun. Jeff Morrow is in this??

OBSESSION (1976) - Cliff Robertson in the mid-70's classic.  lbx

OH GOD! YOU DEVIL (1984) - George Burns is back in the final movie of the "Oh God" trilogy, but this time he also plays Satan! A young musician sells his soul to Satan for success, but God has something to say about that and takes it up with the big red guy. Burns is sharp in this underrated funny flick. LBX

The big oil companies wants Faye Dunaway's land as she drills for the black gold. George C. Scott is along for the ride. LBX

Talia Shire ("girlfriend of "Rocky") sees her marriage fall apart, then goes after her old boyfriends for revenge. Even John Belushi is one of them! You rarely hear of this flick anymore.

- aka Vampira, David Niven rarity, a fun quickie answer to "Young Frankenstein." LBX

ONE DOWN TWO TO GO (1982) - Jim Kelly! Richard Roundtree! Jim Brown! all vs. the Mob, so you know this one has to be good! lbx

ONE IS A LONELY NUMBER (a.k.a. Two Is A Happy Number 1972) - A woman has her husband walk out on her, and hopes he returns, but then discovers information she wishes she hadn't. Very rare gem stars Janet Leigh and Trish Van Devere. LBX


ONE LITTLE INDIAN (1973) - Decent family movie as James Garner, Clay O'Brien, Vera Miles, and Jodie Foster find themselves on the run in the old west. Jodie is cute and Garner is sharp as always in this forgotten flick. LBX

ONE ON ONE (1977) - Robbie Benson is a basketball star who needs help reading, so he's assigned a beautiful tutor in Annette O'Toole. He falls for her but there are other obstacles to conquer. Star-making vehicle for Robbie. LBX

ONE POTATO, TWO POTATO (1964) - A very rare gem, this flick tells the story of a white divorced woman who falls in love with a black man. Her former husband then takes her to court to fight for custody of the kids. This one has fallen through the cracks, definitely a good one.

ONLY WHEN I LAUGH (1981) - A Neil Simon film, as a Broadway actress is cured of her alcoholism but realizes that her daughter and friends have problems of their own to deal with. Marsha Mason, James Coco and Kristy McNichol star in this often overlooked gem. LBX

ON THE AIR LIVE WITH CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (1977) - A true 70's lost classic! A high school kid, with the help of his bumbling best friend, creates a moving pirate radio station in his supercool custom 70's van and becomes the hottest DJ in Los Angeles! Everyone from the feds to the cops to his fellow high school classmates try to find out the secret identity of Captain Midnight! Great music by Ted Nugent and Rod Stewart, this film is no "Dazed and Confused," this is a real 70's teen movie!

OPEN SEASON (1974) - Classic rare Peter Fonda vehicle about buddies who terrorize a couple (one a very pretty wife), and then go hunting for the most dangerous game! John Phillip Law also stars in this rare underrated classic, as well as the absolutely gorgeous Cornelia Sharpe, truly one of the hottest women of the 70s.

ORCA (1977) - Richard Harris and other familiars star in this tale of a killer whale seeking out the hunter that slaughtered his mate. Great case of cat and mouse as the whale pursues his prey, with an amazing final showdown! LBX

OUR TIME (1974) - A girl's school student meets a boy in 1955 and they fall in love, and with both fighting opposition. The beautiful Pamela Sue Martin stars, and Parker Stevenson. LBX

OUT OF IT (1969) - Classic teenage hi-jinks with the great Jon Voight in this rarity.

OUT OF TIME (1988) - Bill Mahar and Adam Ant!

OUTER SPACE CONNECTION, THE (1975) - Oh no, yet ANOTHER 70's unexplained/UFO documentary! Rod Serling narrates this one though!

OVERNIGHT DELIVERY (1998) - Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd star in this comedy about a guy trying to stop his girl from receiving an overnight letter that can destroy their relationship! LBX

PARTY CAMP (1987) - A teen guy gets sent off to camp, and he proceeds to turn the camp upside down! Pretty gals and camp hi-jinks galore!

PARTY FAVORS (1987) - The party continues as out-of-work strippers open a pizza place and make deliveries topless! Real life porn star Blondie Bee is featured nicely.

PASSION OF MIND (2000) - Rare Demi Moore vehicle as she plays a woman living a separate life in her dreams, as it becomes more difficult to separate dreams and reality. Interesting forgotten flick and Demi looks good. LBX

PEOPLE NEXT DOOR, THE (1970) - Parents discover their pretty daughter is actually an LSD user, but the parents and their son also have secrets of their own. Classic "generation gap" flick, with Cloris Leachman, Eli Wallach and many more familiar faces.

PICK-UP (1975) - Two very pretty girls hitch a ride with a guy and his motor home, and proceed to go on a very trippy (and sexy) ride. Good location shooting and a weird (but fun) vibe make this one a good and quite untypical viewing,  LBX

PICK UP ON 101 a.k.a. WHERE THE EAGLE FLIES (1972) - A motley crew (old guy, young girl runaway, folk singer) are making their way to sunny California for a new life. Great cast includes Jack Albertson, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Sheen, and Michael Ontkean again!

PINK LADY: THE MOVIE (1978)  This is the big screen appearance of this legendary duo, as they sing and dance their way through the movie. In Japanese, but a real trip nonetheless!

PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1983) - Linda Ronstadt in this classic pirate musical adventure flick! LBX

PLAYMATES (1972)  - Two divorced men become buds and, without knowing it, start dating the other's ex-wife! Alan Alda, Connie Stevens, Barbara Feldon and other familiar faces star in this goofy comedy where you get to see Alan Alda go nuts!

PLEASE TURN OVER (1959) - Fun UK flick sees a young girl in a small town write a steamy novel which is successful, and the townsfolk start to realize the characters are based on them!


POM POM GIRLS, THE (1976) - This one is a great one, maybe the best of the "70's California teen" B-flicks - the adventures of a pair of high school football playing buddies (one of which is Robert Carradine) and the cheerleaders that they hang with - some very pretty 70's girls and awesome classic cars, and even a decent soundtrack fit the scene perfectly. There's even an awesome "suicide chicken" run ('55 Chevy vs. Ford Galaxie) between Carradine and his rival, Bill Adler, who appeared in many similar films. A little scratchy of a print but still looks good. This is the R-rated version of the film (there's also a PG floating around). This one is a winner, and really captures the vibe of the time. LBX

PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT (1972) - Richard Benjamin stars in this edgy comedy about a Jewish man's crazy life. Also stars the great Karen Black and Lee Grant.

PRETTY BABY (1978) - Brooke Shields stars in this notorious flick as a very young girl in the old days being raised amongst a bunch of prostitutes. LBX

PRIME TIME (1977) - aka American Raspberry, this is a "Groove Tube" type flick with fake TV shows. Warren Oates.

PRISON HEAT (1993) - Wild women's prison flick - four American babes get framed for smuggling drugs in the middle east (who'd have thought?) and are sent to a Turkish prison ("I'm sending you fresh meat," says the top policeman to his boss). From there it's classic exploitation all the way as the girls suffer through lesbian prisoners, and evil warden and more. The highlight of this flick is the stunning Lori Jo Hendrix, who really should have been more popular than she was. This one is a winner!

PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE (1983) - Richard Hatch and the always-gorgeous Kay Lenz star in this super-cheap sci-fi actioner, as a pair of unlikely allies who find themselves in another dimension fighting bad guys! One of those 80's genre flicks that almost no one has ever heard of, this is actually a lot of fun.

PSYCH-OUT (1968) - Hey, man, like, any 60's flick with Jack Nicholson has got to be cool, ya dig? A swingin' chick is looking for her lost brother, and Jack, Bruce Dern and others are helping along the way. Even the great Adam Roarke shows up here (you remember Adam and Jack went at it in "Hells Angels On Wheels," also available here and highly recommended). Don't be square, this is a flick you gotta see. LBX

PUBLIC EYE, THE (1992) - Joe Pesci is a photographer who finds himself in a little too deep, set in the 30's. Pesci is always a hoot to watch!

PUNK IN LONDON (1979) - Very rare look at punk rock in England. Clash, Pistols, X-Ray Spex, Boomtown Rats, Lurkers, etc. all great bands.

PURE S*** (1975) - Australian flick follows a group of heroin addicts trying to cop. Sought-after drug film sets a gloomy atmosphere.

PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT, I LOVE YOU (1970) - Very rare sequel to "What's New Pussycat," Woody Allen wrote the screenplay.

PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD (1970) - Faye Dunaway stars in this early 70's lost classic about a model trying to make a comeback. LBX

QUEEN KONG (1976) - The makers of 1976's King Kong successfully had this parody yanked from theaters to avoid confusion (and competition). It disappeared until finally getting a release 25 years later, then disappeared again! An interesting take on feminism, wild FX and pretty girls make this one quite the crazy flick. LBX

RABBIT TEST (1978) - Joan Rivers directed this infamous movie about the first pregnant man, starring Billy Crystal and Alex Rocco. Billy Barty is also on hand!

RABID (1977) - David Cronenberg wrote and directed this classic about a pretty girl who develops a taste for human blood! To make matters worse, her victims turn into something resembling zombies! The girl is none other than gorgeous Marylin Chambers! LBX

RADIO BIKINI (1988)  - Rare nuclear age warning film, rare footage, scary stuff.

RAFFERTY AND THE GOLD DUST TWINS (1975) - Alan Arkin stars as a man kidnapped by two girls, and who then becomes involved in their lives. Good comedy drama was a hit on cable TV in the 70's. McKenzie Phillips plays the younger girl, coming right off "American Graffiti."

RAGTIME (1981) - The last feature film of the great James Cagney. In NYC in the early 20th century, a black pianist gets mixed up in the life of the white family taking care of his girlfriend and child. Suspenseful and well-made drama. The sets and streets look incredible - no computer effects here. Cagney's old pal Pat O'Brien is even here! LBX

RAINBOW BRIDGE (1972) - A bunch of musicians and fans attend a New Age gathering in Hawaii, in this incredible documentary. This flick is most famous for the electrifying performance of Jimi Hendrix, in a great concert sequence, and you even see him hanging out chatting afterwards. LBX

RAMPAGE (1987) - A liberal DA goes for the death penalty for a man who murdered an entire family. Interesting and grisly drama.

RAT FINK (1965) - A crazy folk rocker gets into some hairy situations in this rare rock and roll tale, very low budget but shot well, and with many beautiful 60's gals. LBX

RATS, THE (a.k.a. Deadly Eyes) (1982) - Giant rats are on the loose, and the only face you may recognize is the great Scatman Crothers! They dressed up dogs as big rats so listen for the barking! 

RAW FORCE (1982) - A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. Soon, the two groups meet and all sorts of crazy things happen which include cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies, and more!

REBEL (a.k.a. No Place To Hide) (1970) - Incredible early Sylvester Stallone flick - Sly comes to NYC and gets mixed up with radical students with bombs! Beautiful-looking print, a great look at an early Stallone on his way up the ladder. LBX

RECORD CITY (1978) - An unbelievable 70's time piece, this rare classic shows us what goes on in a rocking day's time at the hippest, most rockin' and rollin' record store in all of LA. Familar 70's faces about in this forgotten gem! One of those "zany" and "goofball" comedies.

RED LINE 7000 (1965) - James Caan stars as a race car driver in this rare racing epic. Look for Star Trek's George Takei!

REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD, THE (1975) - Michael Sarrazin stars as a man who has lived a previous life, and the secrets it unfolds! This creeped out all of us 70's kids on cable back in the day. LBX

RETURN OF THE SHAGGY DOG (1987) - Very rare sequel to “The Shaggy Dog,” about a man who turns into a shaggy dog! Pretty funny actually, not as bad as one may expect from something like this!

RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (1975) - Don Johnson and Nick Nolte in great early roles as two young kids in 1958 heading to California in their '57 Chevy to race, but face all sorts of trouble on the way with a wild gang and a nutcase cop! Also stars Robin Mattson from General Hospital, looking hot and causing trouble for the boys. Incredible 50's soundtrack, great action and yes, a gorgeous '57 Chev.

REVENGERS, THE (1972) - In this rare western, William Holden stars as a man who has his family killed by a gang, and then puts together a band of tough cowpokes to seek revenge. Ernest Borgnine also stars in this forgotten flick. LBX

REVOLUTIONARY, THE (1970) - A college student is pissed off at things and feels the need to turn to violence! Jon Voight and Robert Duvall give their usual fantastic performances. LBX

RICH AND FAMOUS (1981) - Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen star as two writers, one who is a 'serious' writer and the other, a 'trashy' writer, and their friendship and the ups and downs. Early Meg Ryan appearance in this flick. LBX

RITA HAYWORTH: THE LOVE GODDESS (1983) - Very rare TV-movie with the awesome Lynda Carter in the title role. Lynda of course looks amazing as ever in this bio-pic.

ROAD MOVIE (1974) - Two truckers (Barry Bostwick!) seem to pay off everyone to stay in business, and their troubles escalate when they befriend a cute hooker. LBX

ROAD TO SALINA (1970) - A classic of Euro-trash cinema from director George Lautner. A drifter (Robert Walker Jr., Star Trek's "Charlie X") finds himself in a unique situation as he pretends to be the long-lost son of a lonely widow (Rita Hayworth). His sexy "sister" (Mimsy Farmer) also believes him to be the lost brother, and rekindles their "relationship"...the drifter finds himself in a trap and a puzzle he has to solve. An amazingly gripping story, also starring Ed Begley.  LBX

ROLLER BOOGIE (1979) - Awesome and rad! A bunch of roller skaters (with four-wheeled skates, heck yeah) in sunny 70's California fight to keep their fave skating palace open. They start a Facebook petition and...no just kidding, they do a real lot of skating instead! Linda Blair stars in this cheesy but fun flick, where the girls are all hot and the skating is where it's at. Kimberly Beck also is here, she's most notable from the classic "Massacre at Central High" (also available here at Rare Movies Worldwide). Cheesy 70's fun. LBX

ROLLING VENGEANCE (1987) - A guy and his mega-truck get revenge on rapists!

ROMULUS AND THE SABINES/SABINE WOMEN (1961) - Very rare sword and sandal starring Roger Moore!

ROSEBUD (1975) - Terrorists hijack a yacht and kidnap a millionaire's daughters for ransom. This one was shown a lot on 70s cable TV. LBX

RUNAWAY, THE (1961) - Cesar Romero!