Hard-to-find movies on DVD


All new titles as of 12/11/2018 in BLUE!

...ALL THE MARBLES (1981) - The adventures of a traveling female wrestling team, managed with great comic timing by Peter Falk, who is romantically involved with one of the stars. Funny rare flick!

13TH PIG, THE (1973) - A farmer's pigs have a taste for human flesh, and a pretty mental institution escapee is more than happy to help him supply them with food! LBX

3 DEV ADAM (1973) - aka Turkish Spider-man. English subs - stars Spidey, Santo, and Captain America! A confused mess, non-stop fun.

40 CARATS (1973) - Rare flick about a women who has a one-nighter in Greece that turns out to be her daughter's boyfriend! Liv Ullmann.

92 IN THE SHADE (1975) - Peter Fonda and Warren Oates thriller, these guys are always a great pair together.

A BOY AND HIS DOG (1976) - Don Johnson and his dog in a post-apocalypse world, who communicate telepathically.Decent 70's sci-fi. LBX

A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY (1970) - Fabian is Pretty Boy Floyd and he's wanted by the FBI! LBX

A CHILD IS WAITING (1963) - Burt Lancaster and Judy Garland star in this intense drama concerning special kids. LBX

A DOLL'S HOUSE (1973) - An obedient wife tries to hide a past forgery from her husband as she is being blackmailed. Decent early Anthony Hopkins and Claire Bloome flick. LBX

A GIRL NAMED SOONER (1975) - Lee Remick 

A MAN COULD GET KILLED (1966) - Various characters (including James "Rockford" Garner and Sandra Dee) search for diamonds. LBX

A MATTER OF TIME (1976) - A young chambermaid befriends an elderly Contessa, leading to a unique relationship.  Liza Minnelli and Ingrid Bergman star in this rarity.

A NAME FOR EVIL (1973) - Robert Culp

A NEW LEAF (1971) - Walter Matthau is broke and owes money to his uncle, so he plans to marry into money to pay him back. Fun rare 70's gem. LBX

A PLACE CALLED TODAY (1972) - A racially divided town gets turned upside down when a black attorney decides to run for mayor. Not the best but still decent quality on this very rare flick.

A RAGE TO LIVE (1965) - Suzanne Pleshette and \Ben Gazarra star in this sexy drama about a housewife who can't keep her hands off the young guys, which leads to all sorts of hassle in her marriage. LBX

A RETURN TO SALEM'S LOT (1987) - Michael Moriarty in this Salem's Lot sequel!

A SENSE OF FREEDOM (1979) - British prison flick -  based on the life of Jimmy Boyle, serving a life sentence. Brutal, based on his autobio.

A THIEF IN THE NIGHT (1972) - Very rare flick finds a carefree young woman who suddenly realized she is living through the End of Times as predicted. A very interesting time capsule flick.

A THOUSAND CLOWNS (1965) - Jason Robards stars as a guy who tries to get through life avoiding employment and the other regular things that come with living in NYC. Martin Balsam is excellent as the frustrated brother.

A VERY NATURAL THING (1974) - A gay couple in New York City face harrowing life problems in this groundbreaking film, mostly forgotten today.

A WHISPER IN THE DARK (1976) - Stars the great John Phillip Law, his son says he was an invisible friend, and weirdness ensues. LBS

A WOMAN FOR ALL MEN (1975) - A millionaire marries a shady lady and the family suspects bad goings-on! LBX

- Kevin Hooks and Ireme Cara star as a young Harlem couple struggling to stay together despite many obstacles. Gritty 70's NYC drama with great music by Jose Feleciano. Features a great cameo by Walk Frazier and his Rolls Royce!

ABSOLUTION (1978) - Richard Burton rarity -a bad prank goes awry and leads to much mystery.

ACCELERATION PUNK (1977) - Punk rarity with The Damned, The Police, The Jam and more.

ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES (1973) - Cliff Robertson stars as a stunt pilot in the 20's who shares adventures with his young partner son. Bernadette Peters is here looking fine as always too. LBX

ACT OF VENGEANCE (1974) - aka Rape Squad - A hockey mask-wearing serial rapist is sought by a female vigilante group, fighting against all bad guys, including a nasty pimp! Great 70's sleaze.

AFTER THE FOX (1966) - Peter Sellers in this lunacy as a criminal mastermind posing as a film director as he goes after some gold. LBX

AGE OF CONSENT (1969) - James Mason stars as a painter who falls for a young girl while soul searching in this decent flick.

AGE OF INNOCENCE (1977) - Very rare. A British schoolteacher finds trouble in a conservative Canadian town. Spanish subs.

AIR UP THERE, THE (1993) - Kevin Bacon stars as a college basketball coach who heads to Africa to find a great basketball player. Crazy flick has something of a cult following today.

ALEX JOSEPH AND HIS WIVES (1977) - Based on a true story - a man starts his own town with his twelve wives! Interesting rarity.

ALICE, SWEET ALICE (1976) - Alice is a nice 12-year old girl, who becomes the main suspect when her younger sister is found brutally murdered. A little ahead of its time - also features Brooke Shields in one of her first roles. LBX

ALIEN 2: ON EARTH (1980) - Not a sequel to the popular "Alien" 1979 film, this movie sees aliens replacing astronauts and bringing mystery. Rare oddity! LBX

ALLIGATOR (1980) - An amazing take on the "alligator in the sewer" legend - a giant over-sized alligator goes on a reign of terror, and not just in the sewer - this big guy has no problem walking the streets (even in daytime) attacking cars, invading a wedding party, and more! "So bad it's good" - the scenes where this thing walks around from adventure to adventure are incredible (and quite funny). The 'gator gets around and does look really good but one just can't take this seriously. Very enjoyable, in English with foreign subs but they do not distract. LBX

ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II (1976) - A weird one - someone thought it'd be a good idea to play Beatles music over footage of everything from old movie stars to German tanks to Hitler himself! 

ALMOST HUMAN (1974) - Rich guy's pretty daughter gets kidnapped and a detective will do anything to get her back. Decent thriller from Italy.

ALOHA, BOBBY AND ROSE (1975) - Great vehicle for Paul LeMat, in his first flick after playing John Milner in "American Graffiti" - a young couple are on the run after a prank goes horribly wrong and they are mistaken as killers. This was a big hit on '70's cable - great soundtrack, atmosphere and great car all together make this one a winner. LBX

ALUCARDA (1977) - A young girl loses her parents, joins a convent and brings her own "imaginary" friend with her. Forgotten flick with satanic happenings!

ALVIN PURPLE (1973) - Also known as "The Sex Therapist," Alvin the waterbed salesman attracts women left and right, and wants a solution to the "problem!" This was actually one of the most successful films of the 70s in Australia. LBX

ALYAS, BATMAN AND ROBIN (1993) - In Phillipino language, with Englush subs - unbelievable rip-off of Batman and Robin rips off 60's surf music tunes and even has a dancing midget Spider-Man! No clue of the plot but you can't take your eyes off this one.

AMAZING DOBERMANS, THE (1976) - Fred Astaire stars in this rare thriller, made during doberman-fear-mania of the mid-70's.

AMAZING WORLD OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA (1976) - Raymond Burr stars in one of those eerie and cool 70's paranormal documentaries. 

AMERICAN DRIVE-IN (1985) - The crazy happenings at a drive-in one evening in this scarce flick. Not to be confused with the superior "Drive-In" from 1976, but this one has some charm and is a fun viewing.

AMERICAN HOT WAX (1978) - The story of DJ Alan Freed and his battle against "The Man" for rock and roll. Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry star as themselves in the big amazing concert scene. Jay Leno, Lorraine Newman and other familiars star -  made in a certain odd style that gives it undeniable charm. A winner.

AMERICATHON (1979) - Late 70's "goofball" comedy - John Ritter stars in this rarity about the USA putting on a huge telethon! LBX

AN UNMARRIED WOMAN (1978) - Jill Clayburgh has to settle into a new lifestyle after her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Jill's looking great in this acclaimed film. LBX

ANGEL IN MY POCKET (1969) - Andy Griffith stars as a minister who tries to win over the people in his new town. A must for Andy fans.

ANGELS DIE HARD (1970) - Bikers raising hell and turn hero trying to save some miners! Lost biker epic.

ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (1974) - A charmer of a film - the narrator takes us along on the adventures of various animals - something more than a mere "film some animals" movie, this one gets a little deeper into their lives and dramas. Beautifully shot, not to be missed for any animal lover. LBX

ANOTHER SON OF SAM (1977) - A serial killer is on the loose. This cheap flick had a name change at the last minute to capitalize on the current real "Son of Sam" spree. Rare flick. LBX

ARNOLD (1973) - Popular rarity - Arnold plays tricks on his greedy relatives from beyond the grave! Roddy McDowell stars in this TV flick.

ASK THE DUST (2005) - A pretty Mexican girl (Salma Hayek) wants to marry a wealthy American and all havoc ensues. Colin Farrell. LBX

ASSIGNMENT: MUNICH (1972) - Robert Reed and Roy Scheider star in this rare TV-movie thriller.

AT LONG LAST LOVE (1975) - The infamous flop that has a big cult following - Burt Reynolds and Cybil Shepard star in director Peter Bogdanovich's mess, where all the musical sequences were filmed live (not done since the 30's). Not to be missed! LBX

AVALANCHE (1978) - One of the classic 70's disaster flicks - Rock Hudson and wild FX star - a ski resort gets hit and havoc ensues!


B.S. I LOVE YOU (1971) - Very rare, stars the sexy Joanna Cameron ("Isis") - an ad exec has an affair with his boss and her daughter. Lost classic!

BATES MOTEL (1987) - This TV-movie is the missing link in the "Psycho" chain - a new owner, but strange things still happen!

BABY BLUE MARINE (1976) - The great Jan-Michael Vincent stars as a failed marine pretending to be a war hero. Small Richard Gere role. Good one.

BAD RONALD (1974) - An absolute TV-movie classic - Ronald is a loner kid living with mom, who accidentally commits a bad crime - mom then hides Ronald from the cops in a secret room - then she dies, and a new family moves in with Ronald still there! The new family has three pretty daughters, one of whom suspect something is amiss and who Ronald falls in love with. Ronald starts living in a fantasy world as he spies on the family. Scott Jacoby is great as Ronald (and Dabney Coleman is the family's dad), in one of the creepiest TV-movies ever made. This was probably inspired by 1972's "Crawlspace," another amazing TV-flick available here. Get them both!

BAFFLED! (1973) - Leonard Nemoy stars as a race car driver who sees visions of death. TV-movie pilot for a series never made.

BARE KNUCKLES (1977) - A kung-fu serial killer is on the loose, and a bounty hunter is determined to nab him. Decent sleazy actioner.

BARING IT ALL (1969) - aka Utterly Without Social Value -bawdy Paul Bartel comedy about a doc taking care of his patients in interesting ways -no one does it quite like Paul.

BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY (1992) - Belial and his bro continue their adventures in this cult horror series.

BECAUSE OF THE CATS (1973) - A gang of rich spoiled young men gang-rape a woman while forcing her husband to watch, which sets off an intense investigation testing the criminal group's loyalties. This is the full uncut version. Also Sylvia Kristel's first film. LBX

BEDTIME STORY (1964) - Marlon Brando and David Niven in a gigolo competition! Shirley Jones also stars.

BEACH GIRLS, THE (1982) - Three pretty girls vacationing in a beach house get a hold of a lot of pot and hold a wild party!

BEEN DOWN SO LONG, IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME (1971) - Classic 70's rarity - a college student in the 50's tries to deal with school and life. This one is quite scarce and very decent.

BEJEWELLED (1991) - A madcap array of detectives search for missing jewels. Fun flick with Dirk "Starbuck" Benedict and the gorgeous Emma Samms.

BELIEVE IN ME (1971) - Michael Sarrazin and Jacqueline Bisset are a nice New York City couple who get hooked on drugs bad. Very rare flick.

BEN (1972) - The tale of a lonely boy and his best friend, a rat named Ben. Ben and his rat friends protect the boy from bullies and proceed to bulldoze their way through town at night, while keeping quiet in their secret lair by day. This is the amazing sequel to "Willard" with the great title song sung by Michael Jackson. Amazing ending. An absolute winner without a doubt.

BEST FRIENDS (1975) - Two young couples decide to travel across country in a motor camp for a final fling before "real life" kicks in. However, things become very tense between the two male best friends (one of whom is Richard Hatch, "Capt. Apollo" from the original Galactica). Not your typical exploitation, this is a bit more serious but manages to avoid being pretentious. Definitely a worthwhile viewing. 

BETWEEN THE LINES (1977) - Jeff Goldblum and John Heard star in this scarce one about a struggling underground newspaper fighting a takeover. Nicely shot, and some familiar faces. LBX

BEST FRIENDS (1983) - Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn star as two pals who get married and then things get crazy in this comedy. LBX

BEWARE! THE BLOB (1972) - Very much "so bad it's great" - Larry Hagman of all people directed (and has a small role) this hot mess, which features familiar faces abound and is a direct sequel to "The Blob" - a piece of the original blob manages to get into town and run wild, growing by eating people, animals and even bugs! Robert Walker Jr. (from the excellent "Road To Salina" also available here) and his girl try to warn the cops and town but their cries land on deaf ears. You'll see Cindy Williams ("Shirley") being a hippie, Gerrit Graham jumping around in a monkey suit at a swingin' 70's party and driving a wild dune buggy, Bergess Meredith as a hobo, Dick Van Patten (!) as an annoying scoutmaster that seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the film at all, and more! The music sounds like it was lifted from a "Brady Bunch" episode. And Godfrey Cambridge even watchs the original "Blob" on TV! This is absolutely essential for all fans of bad flicks!

BEYOND ATLANTIS (1973) - Sea adventurers go to battle with locals over sunken treasure!

BEYOND THE DOOR (1974) - Low-rent infamous "Exorcist" rip-off is great fun. This found a huge audience on 70's cable and features head-spinning, demon puke, levitation and even a twist ending! 

BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1979) - Sequel to the disaster classic - familar faces include Telly Savalas, Michale Cane, and even Sally Field (looking very fine). LBX

THE BIG BUS (1976) - This is a truly huge bus en route from Denver to NYC which goes through various misadventures, including hanging off a cliff! Plenty of friendly faces - Larry Hagman, Stockard Channing, Ruth Gordon, Ned Beatty and more - no CGI here, the bus really is a wonder to behold  LBX

THE BIG MOUTH (1967) - Jerry Lewis plays a reporter who is mistaken by the mob for another guy, which of course leads to Jerry craziness!

BIG WEDNESDAY (1978) - Jan-Michael Vincent and Gary Busey star in this forgotten flick, which follows the lives of some California surfing buddies in the 60s and early 70s. Great viewing for fans of Jan and Gary especially. LBX

BIGFOOT (1970) - This classic must have cost about fifty bucks to make - bikers (not "Angels"-types, but lame college beatnik bikers!) must save a pretty girl kidnapped by Bigfoot! However, it turns out that Bigfoot has an entire Bigfoot family (kind of resembling Chewie's family inj the "Star Wars Holiday Special" from 1978, available here) and they kidnap people to breed with, and hold them prisoner in their lair! A greedy old man and his dumb partner join the hunt as the sherif is only interested in a local store clerk. Definitely one of the coolest bad movies you will ever see. 

BIGFOOT: MAN OR BEAST (1972) - Another "great" 70's documentary!

BIONIC SHOWDOWN (1989) + BIONIC EVER AFTER (1994) - Two "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Bionic Woman" reunion flicks on one DVD, these were the final two, good stuff.

BIRCH INTERVAL (1976) - A pretty young girl has to deal with suddenly living with her Amish cousins in this interesting tale. Familiar faces include Eddie Albert.

BIRDMEN, THE (1971) - Rare TV-flick with Chuck Connors, WWII intrigue in this quality movie.

BITTERSWEET LOVE (1976) - Lana Turner stars in this tale of a happy couple about to have a baby, when they discover they are half-brother and sister.

BLACK BELT JONES (1974) - It's Jim Kelly against the mob in this chop-socky blaxploitation actioner. LBX

BLACK BIRD, THE (1975) - George Segal is Sam Spade's son who is protecting the Maltese Falcon from the bad guys. Screwball 70's comedy.

BLACK HEAT (1976) - Kicks is a Vegas cop looking to nail a gang who base their operation out of a swanky hotel. Good blaxploitation definitely.

BLACK HOOKER, THE (1974) - aka Street Sisters - Classic blaxploitation - a white boy born to a black hooker (by a john) wants to connect with mom but she wants no part of him as he tries to win her love. It gets crazy, good wild one!

BLACK KLANSMAN, THE (1966) - A race classic - a light-skinned black man's young daughter is killed by the KKK, so he joins the Klan and plots his revenge! He even dates the top man's daughter! But he wnats the big guns, and it all leads up to a shocking climax. This one rattled feathers in the day, but still remains a mostly-unknown classic. aka "I Cross the Color Line." LBX

BLACK LIKE ME (1964) - A true story (based on the book) of a white reporter who disguises himself as a black man to see how it is to be black in the south. The film is decent, and remains mainly unknown today.

BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA (1973) - 70's Blaxploitation brought to you from American International! Two sexy female prisoners who do not get along (Pam Grier, Margaret Markov) are chained together and must deal. Even the great Sid Haig is in this one! LBX

BLACK REBELS a.k.a. THIS REBEL BREED (1960) - Black, white, and hispanic gangs all mix it up in this tense and suspenseful racial drama. Add some infiltrators and lovers against the odds and you have a must-see flick. Rita Moreno stars and looks absolutely stunning. 

BLACK SAMURI (1977) - Blaxploitation classic - a secret agent gets thrust in the middle of international intrigue full of drug-dealing, kidnapping, voodoo and more! Jim Kelly stars in this action-fest.

BLAST OFF GIRLS (1967) - A new pop-sensation band is managed by a sleazy promoter who likes to keep the profits for himself! He does have certain secret weapons to help him sway the attitude of anyone who stands in his way....classic "scummy music biz" flick! 

BLAZING MAGNUMS (1976) - aka A Special Magnum for Tony Saiita. Wild cops and robbers tale from France features one of the wildest car chases ever filmed.

BREAKER BREAKER (1977) - Made in the middle of the "70's trucker" fad - this great B-movie action flick features Chuck Norris, who is searching in the very corrupt town where his trucker younger brother disappeared! Chuck and his roundhouse kick are not in the mood for any nonsense as he goes through villain after villain in his search, all leading to a wild climax! LBX 

BLOOD BEACH (1980) - People are dying mysterious deaths on the beach, the work of a maniac or a creature? Burt Young ("Paulie" from the "Rocjy" films) is in this!

BLOOD FREAK (1972) - Pretty girls, bikers and a turkey monster! 

BLOOD FRENZY (1987) - Teens are getting slaughtered in the desert by a maniac in this forgotten flick.

BLOOD MANIA (1970) - A hot daughter is looking to push daddy into the grave so she and her degenerate boyfriend can grab the inheritance. Classic tough guy Alex Rocco is in this forgotten gem! LBX

BLOODY MOON (1981) - This time, girls are getting slaughtered at a school in Spain. Stars Olivia Pascal ("Vanessa" 1977) looking fantastic.

BLOOD SABBATH (1972) - Horror flick with pretty girls and Tony Geary of "General Hospital" fame (Luke Spencer").

BLOODSUCKING FREAKS (1976) - aka The Incredible Torture Show - Sardu and Ralphus perform an "artsy" show in downtown Manhattan where it looks like their female cast is being tortured and dismembered as part of the show, except it's real! And what happens off-stage is even worse! Banned in the day and very notorious, with crazy black humor, making this a must-see!

BLOODSCENT (1995) - Shot-on-video cheapo flick thriller with pretty girls. 

BLUEBEARD (1972) - The wife on a WWI pilot discovers he murders his ex-wives when he gets bored, so she has to outwit him! Great cast features Joey Heatherton, Raquel Welch and Richard Burton! LBX

BLUE COLLAR (1978) - This 70's classic packs no less than three huge talents of cinema in one flick - Richard Pryor, Yaphet Kotto, and Harvey Keitel. Together they play three working stiffs who get fed up and rob their union, but things take some very unexpected turns from there. This is a tension-filled, mean and gritty 70's classic. LBX

BLUE MOVIES (1988) - Two young guys decide to become pornographers in this rare goofy 80s comedy.     

BLUE SUNSHINE (1977) - The awesome Zalman King ("Trip with the Teacher," "Like Normal People") stars in this tale of a drug suspected of turning people into killers later on. Good forgotten thriller definitely.

BLUME IN LOVE (1973) - George Segal stars as a man seeing his marriage fall apart while still loving his ex. Great cast includes Susan Anspach and Kris Kristofferson. LBX

BOBBY JO AND THE OUTLAW (1975) - This is it, the shocker starring a young Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman") and the always awesome Marjoe Gortner. Marjoe fancies himself as a modern-day Billy the Kid, steals a wild Mustang and he and Lynda go on a crime spree. Bloody and violent, this wild flick never ceases to amaze.

BONNIE'S KIDS (1973) - This one is major 70's sleeze and fantastic film making - and is also the flick Tarentino ripped off many elements from for "Pulp Fiction." Two pretty sisters are on the run after taking care of their perverted stepdad, and two gangsters are not far behind to take something back for their boss. Lots of familiar faces including the incredible Alex Rocco as a bad-ass gangster, and Robin Mattson ("Return To Macon County" available here, "General Hospital") as the younger slutty and scheming sister. This is an absolute must for fans of 70's exploitation, trust us on this one. LBX

BOOK OF NUMBERS (1973) - Extremely rare, an early Philip-Michael Thomas stars in this tale of two depression-era waiters in Arkansas looking to make serious cash in the numbers racket. Classic blaxploitation, this one never lets up.

BOOTLEGGERS (1974) - Paul Koslo stars in this great flick set in the 30's about some good 'ol boys running their moonshine. Jaclyn Smith also stars, before her "Angel" days. Much better than similar films, great story, and very beautifully shot. Even the music is good. LBX

BOSS NIGGER (1975) - A group of black bounty hunters in the old west are chasing an outlaw, and also become sheriffs! This rare flick is also known as "Boss" but this version has the original title. Well-made flick. LBX

BOYFRIEND, THE (1971) - 1920's era charmer where an understudy falls for the leading man in a production. Twiggy stars.

BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF, THE (1973) - Very rare werewolf saga!

BRASS BOTTLE, THE (1964) - An interesting one - even though Barbara Eden does not play the genie here (Burt Ives does), this movie was the inspiration for her show "I Dream of Jeannie!" Barbara and hubby Tony Randall (!) come across the genie in a lamp and he's nothing but trouble. Lots of 60's comedy hi-jinks.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO (1979) - A bunch of bros including Billy Crystal and Jeff Conaway hang and try to sort of their women problems. Fun forgotten gem.

BREAKOUT FROM OPPRESSION (1973) - A man hunts down the killers of a new friend's daughters.

BRIDES OF BLOOD (1968) - Man-eating creatures and plants make life hell for island natives and visiting outsiders!

BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA (1974) - Classic sleazy 70's Sam Peckinpaw flick, starring the great Warren Oates. Oates and his hooker girlfriend go out into the wilds of Mexico to find the head of a dead gigolo to collect the bounty on it. Dirty and grimy, set in Mexico's wastelands amongst poor towns and beat-up jalopies, this one is definitely a winner. Kris Kristofferson has a small part in one of the film's many amazing scenes. LBX

BRINKS JOB, THE (1978) -  Great stars like Peter Falk and Peter Boyle plan heists with their gang in old-timey days. Fun flick, with this one, you must choose the English audio via the menu before starting the movie. Old pros and a blast to watch. LBX

BROTHER JOHN (1973) Sidney Poitier returns home as a mysterious stranger in town, and odd things happen, turning suspicious eyes on him. LBX

BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH (1976) - Black Vietnam vets vs. the KKK! You know that's gotta be good!

BRUTE CORPS (1972) - Brutal film as some "soldiers of fortune" torment a hippie couple, who later want revenge! Alex Rocco stars in this sleazy classic. The biker scene at the start is legendary! LBX

BUNNY O'HARE (1971) - Can you believe, Ernest Borgnine and Bette Davis as bank robbers! They even dress up as hippies! Two great stars make this one a necessity.

BURNOUT (1979) - Classic drag racing flick.

BUSH MAMA (1979) - A poor black woman is pregnant and gets hassled by the government while her husband is in jail. Rare gritty flick, filmed in b/w.

BUS IS COMING, THE (1971) - Down and dirty racial revenge flick made a splash back in its day. 

BUSTER AND BILLIE (1974) - Jan-Michael Vincent stars as a high school student in love with an "odd" classmate. A young Robert Englund is his best friend! Shock ending! This one was big stuff on 70's cable TV.

BUTTERFLY (1982) - Pia Zadora and Stacy Keach star in this 30's tale about fighting over a mine. Good corny fun with Pia who is always nice to look at. LBX

BY DESIGN (1981) - A lesbian couple gets a man to help them have a baby. Patty Duke stars in this very rare flick. Credits are a bit wavy but nice quality overall for such a scarce flick.

CALIFORNIA SPLIT (1974) - Another 70's cable-TV mainstay - Elliot Gould and George Segal are two gamblers who get into various misadventures in this goofball comedy. LBX

CAN HIERONYMOUS MERKIN EVER FORGET MERCY HUMPE AND FIND TRUE HAPPINESS? (1960) - Much sought after rarity with Joan Collins and other familiar faces. Milton Berle!

CANDIDATE, THE (1972) - You can't go wrong with names like Robert Redford and Peter Boyle, in this tale of a Senate candidate's quest to shake things up. Lots of old school faces in this one, good flick.

CANDY SNATCHERS, THE (1973) - Without a doubt, one of the best early 70's exploitation lost movies. A teenage heiress is kidnapped by a very sleazy bunch into all sorts of nastiness. Textbook exploitation with a roller coaster plot, no doubt an influence on Tarentino and other similar film makers. LBX

CANDY TANGERINE MAN (1975) - The baddest cat in '75, it ain't easy being a pimp for the most nasty pimp in Santa Barbara! Classic blaxploitation. LBX

CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (1980) - Not a zombie flick - Vietnam vets come home with a virus that makes them want to chew up people! LBX

CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC (1980) - This is it - the infamous Village People movie! Steve Guttenburg stars as a DJ/songwriter who forms the Village People, with pals Valerie Perrine and Bruce Jenner (!) helping along the way. Tons of craziness and wild musical sequences (like "The Milkshake," you have to see it to believe it) and it all leads up to the big Village People concert. A film of such unbelievable badness (and great music) that you can't take your eyes off of it. Some of these sequences have to be seen to be believed. Directed by Nancy Walker ("Hazel") - who let her direct a $20 million (yup!) movie? LBX

CAPONE (1975) - Ben Gazzara stars as the infamous gangster in this biopic. The gorgeous Susan Blakely is also on hand. LBX

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (1977) - See "On The Air Live With Captain Midnight"

CAPTAIN MILKSHAKE (1970) - A marine starts hanging out with the hippie crowd and gets into some heavy happenings. Very rare, stars Geoff Cage, his only movie and who disappeared as fast as he appeared. LBX

CARRIER, THE (1988) - A man spreads a disease by touching any object!

CAT AND MOUSE (1974) - Uncut theatrical release version, Kirk Douglas, foreign subtitles but in English language.

CAT MURKIL AND THE SILKS (1975) - See "Cruisin' High"

CATHY'S CURSE (1977) - A pretty young girl is possessed by a dead aunt, and starts knocking off family members! Well-made. LBX

CEMETERY MAN (1994) - The dead turn into zombies and Cemetery Man must take care of things! Also known as "Dellamorte Dellamore," this is a great zombie import.  LBX

CHAIN GANG WOMEN (1971) - Wow, is this one bad! First of all, the title is misleading, it's two guys that escape from prison, not women. And second, they do find some women, and then the real trouble starts! Not the greatest quality-wise but rare flick fans should dig it. But yes this is a sleazy and horrible film that one can enjoy if you are a fan of bad 70's sleaze!

CHAMP, THE (1979) - An ex-boxing champion (Jon Voight) is working on a comeback and his close to his son (Ricky Schroder) who idolizes him. The champ gained custody of his son when his wife left him, and she shows up again years later. Decent drama with familiar faces. LBX

CHEAPER TO KEEP HER (1980) - Superstud Mac Davis is now divorced on looking for chicks when he starts working as a detective for a woman boss who does not like his style! This one definitely fell through the cracks, trying to make Mac a movie star. Cheesy but a blast.

CHEERLEADER MASSACRE 2 (2011) - The cheerleader action just keeps on coming as gorgeous cheerleaders are being stalked by a deadly killer at cheerleader camp! LBX

CHILD UNDER A LEAF aka LOVE CHILD (1974) - Very scarce flick starring the gorgeous Dyan Cannon, who cheats on her husband and has a love child with her lover. Interesting and way-out, you certainly never see this around.

CHOIRBOYS, THE (1977) - The wildest cops are causing havoc after work in this ribald comedy with tons of familiar faces like Charles During, Perry King, Don Stroud, Burt Young and many more! LBX

CHROME AND HOT LEATHER (1971) - Bikers murder a Green Beret's girl, so he recruits his Beret buddies to help him get some sweet revenge. Decent sleazefest. LBX

CINDERELLA LIBERTY (1973) - James Caan stars as a sailor who falls in love with a hooker (Marsha Mason). Good flick where we also see Burt Young and others. LBX

CIRCUS WORLD a.k.a. THE MAGNIFICENT SHOWMAN (1964) - John Wayne and Rita Hayworth star in this total soap-opera-ish tale within a traveling circus and show. One of The Duke's rarer later films, good stuff.   

CITY ON FIRE (1979) - Barry Newman and Susan Clark star in this forgotten 70s-disaster epic, as a pyromaniac starts a fire that takes over a whole city. LBX

CLASS OF '44 (1973) - Sequel to "Summer of '42" which finds the gang graduating high school and off to some new life adventures. LBX

CLASS OF '61 (1993) - That's 1861, in this tale of friends who all of a sudden are on opposite sides in the Civil War. Decent forgotten flick with good costumes.

CLEOPATRA JONES (1973) - Tamara Dobson stars as the sexy superspy going after a drug kingpin (Shelly Winters). 70's blaxploitation classic, as Cleo drives her wild black 'Vette (complete with cassette deck, big stuff in '73!) fighting crime and changing sexy outfits every scene. Antonio Fargas gives a great take as Shelly's over-the-top main drug pusher. A blast! LBX

CLOWN MURDERS, THE (1976) - Lots of hi-jinks of terror, John Candy stars in an early role in this lost rarity.

COLDFIRE (1990) - Pushers of a new superdrug are out to take down the USA!

CONDORMAN (1981) - A cartoonist becomes the superhero he draws, lots of action and wild vehicles in this great overlooked gem. LBX

CONRACK (1974) - John Voight stars as a t)eacher on a remote South Carolina island, where the kids there have been so isolated from the world they don't know much of anything, so Voight make sit his mission to teach them about life. Good one, this has foreign subtitles (movie in English). 

CONVOY (1978) - Kris Kristofferson and Ernest Borgnine star in this fun action-packed truck movie about a legendary trucker leading a convoy against the man. Of course, based on the #1 hit song. LBX

COONSKIN (1975) - a.k.a. Street Fight, very rare take on race, live action and animation. LBX

COOL AS ICE (1991) - This is it, the Vanilla Ice vehicle that was supposed to make him the next James Dean, this absolutely must be seen to be believed! So don't be a zero, get with the hero and watch this true abomination! LBX

CORKY (1972) - Robert Blake stars as a loser good 'ol country boy, who wants to be a race car driver more than anything. Definitely one to check out if you like car flicks. Blake definitely shines and is pretty much great in anything he's done on screen.

CORVETTE SUMMER (1978) - Mark Hamill takes a break from blowing up Death Stars to instead pursue a wild stolen custom 'Vette. Cutie hooker Annie Potts is along for the ride in this fun flick. Makw no mistake tho, this flick is bad and the 'Vette is ugly, put this one in the "so bad it's good" file. LBX 

COUNTRY BLUE (1973) - A southern good 'ol boy with a good heart can't stop robbing banks and loving his girl. Decent mix of laughs, drama and action. LBX

COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER (1963) - The great Glenn Ford stars in this touching tale, made into the later TV series. LBX

COUSINS (1989) - Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini star in this interesting drama. LBX

COVER-UP (1984) - The TV-movie pilot for the TV series, with Richard Anderson.

COVER ME, BABE (1970) - Great rarity about a filmmaker into maKing strange films, starring a very hot young Sondra Locke!

COWARD OF THE COUNTY (1981) - TV-movie about a peaceful man (Kenny Rogers) who vows revenge against those who raped his wife. Definitely a different type of flick for Kenny, but one with good production and a decent script. 

CRACKER FACTORY, THE (1979) - Perry King and Natalie Wood star in this TV-movie flick about a woman going a little crazy. Quality is a little less than the usual great quality here but is still very watchable and enjoyable!

CRAWLSPACE (1972) - This is a wild one - a couple discovers a kid living in the crawlspace of their home, and all kinds of trouble ensues! Sounds like this rare TV-movie could have been a major influence on "Bad Ronald" done two years later. Creepy and unique, definitely needs to be seen.

CRAZY LEGS (1987) - A pair of American and Russian friends face off against each other in a Triathlon in this goofy comedy.

CREEPER (1977) - aka Rituals, Hal Holbrook and killers

CROSSROADS (2002) - You guessed it, this is the infamous Britney Spears movie, as Britney travels the country with two girlfriends in a cool old car, doing some soul searching. Definitely entertaining on the "so bad it's good" level, as you see Britney struggle to act her way through. She looks good though, of course this is before she went a little crazy, and later made her big comeback. LBX

CRUISIN' HIGH (1975) - a.k.a. Cat Murkil and the Silks - Rare juvenile delinquent flick, truly amazing 70's cheesy viewing, starring Steve Bond and Darrel Maury of "Massacre At Central High!" Cat takes over the Silks gang and all hell ensues! So bad it is great, definitely a flick to check out if you love bad movies and over-the-top acting. Rhodes Reason from "King Kong Escapes" plays the cop looking to bust the gang.

CRY OF THE BANSHEE (1970) - Vincent Price stars in this 17th-century witch tale, full of curses, villages, occultish-happenings and of course witches! LBX

CUCUMBER CASTLE (1970) -  Extremely rare TV-movie, starring The Bee Gees and their music, a tale of castles and kings and all that stuff, fun flick, quality is a little rough but this is at least as good as other ones of this title out there and is very watchable for rare film fans. Definitely a fun but odd note in The Bee Gees' fabled career!

CUT-THROATS NINE (1972) - Intense forgotten flick, as a lawman has to escort seven prisoners over the terrain and protect his daughter from them at the same time, after their bigger party was attacked by bandits. LBX

DANIEL BOONE: FRONTIER TRAIL RIDER (1966) - Fess Parker stars in this little-known decent flick.

DAREDEVIL, THE (1972) - George Montgomery stars in this forgotten gem as a tough-guy race driver who also drives for drug-smuggling gangsters. Lots of great stunts and very un-PC, this one is a blast from start to finish!

DATE BAIT (1960) - A troublemaking kid returns to town and falls for a girl who likes another guy. His jealousy gets the best of him as he tries to win the girl's heart, no matter who gets in the way! Definitely a decent flick. LBX

DAY OF ANGER (1967) - Lee Van Cleef stars in this Italian western as an aspiring gunfighter. These are always decent and a good watch, as lee take shis cues from a mentor who comes into town. LBX

DAY OF THE ANIMALS (1977) - Another of the wild "crazy animals" pictures of the 70's - Leslie Nielsen stars as hikers discover that all the animals have gone mad and are attacking humans! LBX  

DAY OF THE ASSASSIN (1979) - The great Chuck Connors stars in this tale of fortune hunters racing to collect some sunken treasure after a Shah's yacht explodes.

DAY OF THE PANTHER (1988) - Martial arts revenge!

DEAD HEAT ON A MERRY-GO-ROUND (1966) - The tough-as-nails James Coburn stars in this crime drama about ripping off an LA airport bank. Lots of these were made in the late-60's, and this is a good one. Look for a very young Harrison Ford in a brief role. Chewie, we're home! LBX

DEADHEAD MILES (1973) - The great Alan Arkin stars in this rarity about a trucker on the run. OK quality but not the best, a better one hasn't yet surfaced but still fun viewing.

DEADLY EYES (1982) - This time it's giant killer rats (or actually, dogs dressed up as rats for the FX) in this fun B-movie. Even Scatman Crothers is around! LBX

DEAR MR. WONDERFUL (1982) - Crazy tale about a Jersey Boy singer (Joe Pesci) who dreams of taking himself and his huge porno mustache to Vegas to make it big. Joe even wrote the music for this one!

DEATH BY DIALOGUE (1988) - Killings imitate movie

DEATH JOURNEY (1976) - Bringing a dangerous witness to NYC without getting killed!

DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1967) - John-Phillip Law and Lee Van Cleef star in this tale about a boy who grows up wanting revenge against his family's killers. Very decent spaghetti western, and Law is his usual charismatic self.

DEATH WEEKEND (1976) - a.k.a The House By The Lake - one of the all-time great exploitation classics - Brenda Vaccaro stars in this women's revenge flick, about her and her date (who tricks Brenda into spending the weekend with him at his retreat in the woods) racing some punks in his Corvette, running them off the road, but they later find the couple and torment them to no end! Much better than "I Spit On Your Grave" (as good as that one is). Also stars the great Don Stroud as the leader of the punks! It gets very tense as the gang corners their prey and circles, looking to strike. Considered to be an intelligent film, this one has been much discussed and analyzed. Why this one isn't more well-known is a mystery.

DEATH WISH CLUB, THE (1984) - Wild one about a med student who falls for an adult actress, where they encounter crazy characters and try different versions of Russian Roulette. Scarce enjoyable flick.

DEFIANCE (1980) - You can't go wrong with Jan-Michael Vincent in the slums of New York City! Jan moves into a bad part of town, where a gang terrorizes the locals (including Art Carney and Danny Aiello) and he vows to clean it up. Decent 70's sleaze. LBX

DEMON WIND (1990) - Eric Larson stars in this fun demonic tale. Hard foreign subs don't detract. 

DEMONOID (1981) - A mine unleashes a demon! Popular cult flick.

DESTRUCTORS, THE (1974) - Michael Caine discovers an old friend is a contract killer!

DETROIT 9000 (1973) - Underrated blaxploitation flick - lots of shootings, chases, brothas and honkys mixing it up, guys acting tough, this one has it all! The coppers are after a jewel racket. Popular early-70's actor Alex Rocco is in this one, as is Scatman Crothers! A definite good bet. LBX

DEVIL AT YOUR HEELS, THE (1981) - The tale of Ken Carter's incredibly-attempted car jump from Canada to the USA. The late great Evel Knievel appears to give some support and advice. A must for stunt fans and car buffs.

DEVIL WITH SEVEN FACES, THE (1971) - Rare thriller with Carroll Baker

DEVILS, THE (1971) - Vanessa Redgrave and Oliver Reed star in this flick about priests, nuns, witches, warlocks and other assorted characters in 17th century France. LBX

DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE (1970) - A housewife (Carrie Snodgress)  who is treated poorly by her husband has an affair, and pretty much gets the same treatment from her new guy. Richard Benjamin stars in this classic satire. And no less than Alice Cooper (!) appears!

DIARY OF THE DEAD (1976) - The great Hector Elizondo stars as a man being driven crazy by his mother-in-law, so he plots to do her in! Rare one that slipped through the cracks.

DIRT GANG, THE (1972) - Bikers in the desert aim for the women in a film crew shooting there. Dusty and dirty bikers action!

DIRTY O'NEIL - THE LOVE LIFE OF A COP (1974) - He's the studliest cop in a California town where all the pretty gals are waiting to get frisked! Total 1970's all over, actually a well-made forgotten gem. LBX

DOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973) - A doctor has lived over a thousand years by transferring his soul into others, and seeks a new target!

DOCTOR'S WIVES (1971) - Very rare flick with an incredible cast! A bunch of high-powered doctor's wives are feeling neglected - so they decide to run wild and do nothing by seriously party! Starring the great Gene Hackman, Richard Crenna, Dyan Cannon (it's often forgotten how sexy she was), Ralph Bellamy, and more, including Carroll O'Connor doing his last feature before starring on "All In The Family" regularly! A winner!

DOGS (1976) - The title says it all - a bunch of dogs suddenly go nuts and go on a killing spree, this could only have been made in the 70's. LBX

DOGPOUND SHUFFLE (1975) - David Soul ("Starsky and Hutch") stars in this comedy of two men trying to find one's lost dog, and the crazy characters and adventures they encounter doing so. One of David's first big-screen film roles.

DOIN' TIME ON PLANET EARTH (1988) - A teenager starts to believe he may be an alien from space! All you need to know after that is that Adam West is in this!

DONOVAN'S REEF (1963) - John Wayne, Lee Marvin, pretty girls and the tropics all make for a fun entertaining flick. LBX

DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE! (1980) - Someone is killing pretty girls all over Los Angeles! Good forgotten sleazy grindhouse flick.   

DOVE, THE (1974) - True story of a 16-year old who falls in love with an older girl while sailing around the world. Joseph Bottoms and Deborah Raffin star. Another one that 70's cable played a real lot.

DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE (1971) - The doctor can turn into an evil woman! LBX

DRACULA BLOWS HIS COOL (1979) - Dracula takes photos of hot models and then lust puts the bite on him! Dubbed, not quite "Love at First Bite" but fun.

DRACULA: SOVEREIGN OF THE DAMNED (1980) - Rare animated TV-movie from Japan, dubbed in English

DRACULA: THE GREAT UNDEAD (1985) - Vincent Price hosts this vampire/Vlad Dracula documentary, which is absolutely steps above your typical documentary. Even has great re-enactments. Vincent is great as always.

DRAG RACER (1971) - Mark Slade plays a racer willing to do anything to get ahead in the world of dragging (despite his girlfriend's objections). Decent no-budget racing drama.

DRIVE, HE SAID (1971) - Bruce Dern, Karen Black and directed by Jack Nicholson! A college hoops player gets into all sorts of drama.

DRIVE-IN (1976) - Classic piece of Americana, the day in the life of a bunch of small-town folks, ending at the big night at the local drive-in. A teen loves the hottest girl in school, but he ex who is a gang leader wants her back. The movie on the drive-in's big screen, "Disaster '76," spoofs all the disaster films of the era. One of the best smaller films of the 70's.LBX

DROWNING POOL, THE (1975) - The great Paul Newman returns as Detective Harper, who goes down south to help out an old flame. You can never go wrong with Newman. LBX

DRUM (1976) - Warren Oates stars as a plantation and slave owner in the old south in this sequel to "Mandingo"  and like that film, this is one of the most politically-incorrect films ever made. Ken Norton plays slave Drum, son of Mandingo, a role he played himself in that film. Yaphet Kotto is also on hand, as is sexy Pam Grier. The dialogue is often unbelievable and unintentionally hilarious in this brutal flick.LBX

DU-BEAT-E-O (1984) - Joan Jett stars in this rare music flick.

DUFFY (1968) - James Mason and James Coburn star in this funny flick of a retired criminal hired to do a big job with crazy results! LBX

EASY WHEELS (1989) - Paul LeMat stars in this tale of bikers who are tracking down baby-stealing female bikers!

EBONY, IVORY & JADE (1976) - Three American girls on a track team must use all their skill when they are kidnapped in the Philippines. Not to be confused with another film of the same name released a few years later. Also known as "She Devils in Chains."

EEGAH! (1962) - One of the most infamous "bad" movies - teenagers discover a giant caveman (Richard Keil, 007's "Jaws") and bring him back to civilization, where he starts terrorizing the populace! So bad, you can't stop watching, this one is a blast!

EIGHTY BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY'S (1979) - Very rare look at NYC South Bronx gangs, the same year that "The Warriors" came out! This is the real deal - a mean and gritty look at the street gangs that did what they had to do to survive and thrive. Listen and watch as many gang members themselves tell you about the gang life.

ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE (1974) - A true lost classic! Robert Blake stars as John Wintergreen, an Arizona motorcycle cop with dreams (or delusions?) of becoming a homicide detective. A local murder sees his wish granted, but it's a little more than he bargained for. Wintergreen also has to deal with a cop friend a bit on the loony side, and a head detective with an attitude. The vastness of the desert is the backdrop for this soul-searching tale, with a shock ending. Peter Cetera of the rock group Chicago also appears here, in his first movie. Robert Blake gives a truly amazing performance. This is a real good one. LBX

ELECTRIC CHAIR, THE (1976) - Shot four years earlier, the tale of a murdered couple and trying to find the right killer. A definite cheapo-flick that house some good grindhouse charm.

ELECTRIC DREAMS (1984) - This one is a little ahead of it's time - a boy buys a brand new home computer, which starts thinking for itself. Then the boy and the computer fall in love with the same girl, become deadly rivals! 

ENCOUNTER WITH THE UNKNOWN (1973) - The great Rod Serling narrates this trio of tales based on some made-up supernatural phenomena. Truthfully, he must have been blackmailed because this is a BAD movie! There is a lot of padding - this is a thirty-minute feature stretched out like Mr.Fantastic to feature movie-length. Can be a fun viewing if you want to see what early 70's audiences were sucked into paying for! Just being honest!


ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND (1980) - Hong Kong horror/comedy, this one of a super-odd and very entertaining rare flick. The plot involved something of a man's revenge on a bet, and is chock full of ghosts, vampires, super stunts, possessions, various evilness and lots more, this one is packed with awesomeness and strangeness. Subtitled in English. LBX


ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (1977) - Steve McQueen stars in this version, the rarest version of this classic tale of a town giving a good man a hard time. Charles Durning also stars. This was a pet project for the great McQueen.

ENTER THE DEVIL (1972) - A Satanic cult is making people disappear, and an occult researcher is on the trail. Creepy lost flick.

EVICTORS, THE (1979) - A young couple (including the gorgeous Jessica Harper) rent a house in Louisiana, where no one wants them and strange things start happening. Also with Vic Morrow! LBX


EVIL, THE (1978) - A bunch of people move into a big scary house, and end up fighting none other than Satan himself!


EXECUTION OF PRIVATE SLOVIK, THE (1974) - The story of a WWII American soldier executed for desertion. Great cast includes Martin Sheen, Gary Busey and the always reliable Ned Beatty. TV-movie, and possibly one of the best ever made.

EXTREME CLOSE-UP (1973) - A reporter doing a story on surveillance intrusion buys some equipment and starts spying on people himself! Written by Michael Crichton.


EYE OF THE CAT (1969) - Michael Sarrazin is afraid of cats!


EYES BEHIND THE WALL (1977) - The great John Philip Law stars in this rare thriller, Italian language with English subtitles. Quality a little rough but still watchable for rare film fans.


EYES OF A STRANGER (1981) - Is the weird guy in the apartment building actually the serial killer? Jennifer Jason-Leigh thinks so in this thriller. LBX


FADE TO BLACK (1980) - A film geek gets revenge on those who torment him, while at the same time he stalks a gorgeous Marylin Monroe lookalike! A fun one, look for an early Mickey Rourke!

FAKE-OUT (1982) - The beautiful Pia Zadora again as a gangster's girlfriend being protected by cops as she waits to testify in a trial. Telly Savalas is here and even Larry Storch!


FAMOUS T&A (1982) - A pro-comp of actresses in their movie nude scenes

FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD (1969) - A castle that may be full of vampires is inherited by a beautiful virgin. Creepy film with pretty gals, dubbed.


FANTASTIC FOUR (1994) - An infamous unreleased movie made by Roger Corman, this is a live-action Fantastic Four tale, their origin and the battle Dr. Doom. The FX are pretty cheesy, but the costumes for The Thing and Dr. Doom are actually rather good. One of the most famous "unseen films" ever made. Very nice quality on this as you mainly only see bad-quality FF copies, and lbx!


FAST GETAWAY (1991) - Corey Haim stars with the awesome and sexy martial arts expert Cynthia Rothrock as a bank-robbing gang goes through various comic and not-so-comic adventures! Cynthia looks amazing and knows how to use her martial arts and gets a kick (pun intended) out of using it whenever she feels the need to bust some heads!

FAST-WALKING (1982) - James Woods stars as a prison guard caught up in a plot to kill a black revolutionary. The gorgeous Kay Lenz also stars in this scarcely-seen flick. LBX


FATSO (1980) - Dom DeLuise stars as a man looking to lose weight in this funny and unique NYC film. 


FLASH AND THE FIRECAT (1975) - A rare lost car chase classic, lots of action! Flash and Firecat are a young couple who ingeniously rob a bank, but Richard Keil ("Jaws" of 007 fame) is very angry and on the hunt for them. Light-hearted and gun, as we cheer on the good-natured robbers.


FEAR IS THE KEY (1972) - Barry Newman ("Vanishing Point") stars as a man seeking revenge on the killing of his family. A very well-made film, a lost classic, also stars Suzy Kendall. Excellent car chase.


FEARLESS FRANK (1967) - John Voight LBX


FEDORA (1978) - William Holden and lots of familiar faces star in this tale of a Hollywood producer luring a mentally-unstable classic actress out of retirement. Good-looking flick with decent locales. LBX 


FEVER HEAT (1968) -  Nick Adam's last film. Nick (seen most notably in the Godzilla epic "Monster Zero" and "Frankenstein Conquers the World") stars as Ace in this very rare and lost racing epic.


FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (1971) - Topol stars in this rarer version of the classic. LBX


FIGHTING MAD (1976) - Peter Fonda stars in this rare actioner about a man pushed too far! Classic 70's Fonda.

FINAL COMEDOWN, THE (1972) - Billy Dee Williams stars as a black revolutionary who hates whitey, and plans some action with his buddies. Decent blaxploitation.


FIREWALKER (1986) - Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr. star in this adventure about searching for ancient gold. Lots of sand and Indy-style action. Also stars the beautiful Melody Anderson, known mainly as Flash Gordon's Earthly squeeze in his 1980 flick. LBX


FIRING LINE, THE (1988) - Reb Brown ("Captain America") and Shannon Tweed star in this crazy actioner. 


FIRST LOVE (1977) - Susan Dey and William Katt ("Carrie") in this love tale!


FIRST TIME, THE (1969) - Jacqueline Bissett stars in this funny tale of three teen guys looking to lose their virginity. LBX


FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH, THE (1979) - A losing pro basketball team enists some help from astrology and become winners! Meadowlark Lemon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Irving, Jonathan Winters and more 70's faces in this amazing cast make this one a winner!


FIVE ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE (1973) - Comedy about the urban life, as we follow crazy assorted characters in their day. Lots of familiar faces, including Wilona from "Good Times!" The barbershop scene is a classic. LBX

FLESH AND BLOOD SHOW, THE (1972) - A bunch of young actors rehearse for a new show in an abandoned theater, which is then being terrorized by a crazy killer! Not a gore flick, but a decent thriller. One of the actors is none other than Tristan Rogers, who later went on to a 30+ year on-off career on "General Hospital" playing Robert Scorpio, one of the show's most popular all-time characters. LBX 


FLY ME (1973) - This very rare "sexy stewarddess" movie certainly didn't help kill that stereotype, as the sexy stews take on a kung fu gang! Even Dick Miller manages to get in on this forgotten little film.


FM (1978) - Cleavon Little and many others star in this radio station rarity. LBX


FOOD OF THE GODS (1976) - 70's stud Marjoe Gortner stars in this 'so bad it's good' entry, where he and his friends on a fishing trip discover their island is inhabited by giant animals! In true '50's giant bug movie' fashion, watch as the giant animals prepare to do battle with the humans in hilarious FX sequences. LBX


FOOLS PARADE (1971) - James Stewart


FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG (1964) - Crazy college students at a crazy club. Bob Denver (Gilligan) and Paul Lynde! lbx

FORBIDDEN ZONE (1980) - A girl enters another dimension through the basement and encounters all kinds of weirdness. This one is all sorts of crazy. Lots of great music, strange sets....this should be a bigger cult film than it is. And the music is done by none other than Danny Elfman, who was busy with his band Oingo Boingo at the time (he's also in the film). Fans call this film absolute genius, it certainly is creative and pretty much unlike anything else around then! And top billing goes to Herve Villechaize of Fantasy Island! Short documentary on the movie is included. LBX


FORTUNE AND MEN'S EYES (1971) - A timid guy lands in prison and learns the ropes, especially from a tranny who seems to run things from behind bars. Powerful flick.


FOXES (1980) - Early Jodie  Foster vehicle - four California girlfriends share adventures full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. One of the girls is Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie, who does a very good job in her first acting gig. Familiar faces include Scott Baio, who got around an awful lot in these types of flicks back then. A good one.

FRAMED (1975) - None other than Joe Don Baker stars as a man sent to prison for killing a sheriff in self-defense, and you know there's gonna be some gruesome goings-ons. LBX

FRAME UP (1968) - Great Euro-crime drama with Henry Silva (Kane from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century") as cop wrongly thrown off the force, and searching for his son's killers. Good thriller. LBX


FRATERNITY ROW (1977) - Classic rare flick about trouble concerning a college hazing in the 50's. Very well-made and remembered fondly.


FREEBIE AND THE BEAN (1974) - An extremely un-PC comedy starring James Caan and Alan Alkin as two cops trying to keep a criminal alive for his trial. Action galore with some of the most amazing car chases ever put on film. This would never be made today - not with this script! Non-stop fun and action make for one of the most dynamic films of the early 70's. LBX

FREUD (1962) - Covers mainly five years of the famed psychologist's life. Montgomery Clift and Suzannah York star in this scarce one. This has foreign hard subs, but they do not detract from viewing.


FRIDAY FOSTER (1975) - A sexy ex-model turned photog named Friday (Pam Grier) inadvertently gets involved with bad guys while doing a photo job, and all sorts of intrigue erupts! An incredible cast with familiar faces include the always awesome Yaphet Kotto, Scatman Crothers, Eartha Kitt and many more you'll know in this classic actioner. Has a small logo in the bottom right corner of the screen but it doesn't detract at all. LBX


FRIENDS (1971) - Two kids fall in love in France in this classic tale. Definitely a product of a more innocent time. Also noted with interest for the Elton John soundtrack.

FROGS (1972) - Killer frogs are on the attack (you read that right) in this wild one starring Ray Milland and 70's stud Sam Elliot, who came into his own with the awesome movie "Lifeguard" (get it here!) four years later.


FROM NOON 'TILL THREE (1976) - Bad-ass old-west gang leader Charles Bronson and his boys stop at a house before going to commit a robbery, and Bronson falls for the  pretty lass within (Jill Ireland)! From there, all sorts of wild stuff happens in this very entertaining flick. LBX

FRONT, THE (1976) - Woody Allen is a cashier who pretends he is a writer so real writers who are blacklisted can get their works published. Zero Mostel is also on hand in this typical 70's Woody fare. LBX


FURY ON WHEELS (1971) aka Jump - Very rare flick about a country boy looking to get into dirt track car racing. Much sought after!

FYRE (1979) - A girl is raped on a date and then her entire family is killed in a car accident, which leads her to L.A. to become a hooker. Talk about having it rough, this is a decent flick that fell through the cracks. Stars the very attractive Lynn Theel, who only did a handful of films and TV.