Hard-to-find movies on DVD


New titles as of 12/11/2018 in BLUE!

- More rare Italian mob action that spans the globe all the way back to New York City. LBX

GANG WARS (1976) - Can you believe, martial arts and a monster in the NYC subway system? A classic piece of 70's nonsense!

GANJA & HESS (1973) - Stars Duane Jones ("Night of the Living Dead"), a stab from a cursed knife sends a man on a killing tear. A little grainy, and Duane doesn't say much, but an interesting forgotten film.

THE GARDENER a.k.a. SEEDS OF EVIL (1974) - Actually a much sought-after flick - a gardener can turn into a tree, communicate with plants, and causes trouble for the local ladies. Probably didn't receive the cult status this deserves. Strange plot, good score, this is a curious one. LBX

GAS-S-S-S (1970) - Roger Corman craziness as a poison gas kills everyone over the age of 25 and hippies just want to live in peace. Watch for early Cindy Williams, Talia Shire and Ben Vereen! LBX

GATOR BAIT (1974) - The awesome Claudia Jennings plays a very sexy backwoods poacher who is framed for a murder she didn't commit, and who is after revenge! Classic swamp exploitation with "Deliverance-types" hunting down the gorgeous star and then being the hunted themselves. Print could be better but still very watchable for rare flick fans. Claudia looks as great as always, one of the underrated stars of the 70's.

GATOR BAIT 2: CAJUN JUSTICE (1988) - Pretty city gal falls right into the middle of a swampland war between families. Very low budget sleaze, this one came and went but there's some decent action and the star is pretty.

- An Indian is accused of rape to cover up the real rapist's crime. A good one.

GHOST OF FLIGHT 401 (1978)
- A plane crash lands and a ghost haunts the survivors in this popular TV-movie thriller.

GHOST STORY (1974) - Marianne Faithfull stars in this tale of a college reunion at a mansion which starts to turn supernatural when odd things start happening. Fun forgotten flick. LBX

GHOUL, THE (1975) - Peter Cushing stars as an ex-Priest who keeps his crazed son locked in the attic. One of the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons, where they keep a secret Bart twin brother locked in the attic, was probably influenced by this film.

GIRL-GETTERS, THE (1964) - A bunch of male tourists scout for chicks, and the leaders finds one who may be turning the tables on him. Oliver Reed stars in this rarity. LBX

GIRLS ON THE BEACH (1965) - Martin West

GIRLS ON THE ROAD (1972) - An enjoyable lost exploitation flick - two pretty teen girls head out on the road in search of freedom (and guys). They come across various crazy characters, especially superstud Michael Ontkean ("Slap Shot," "Twin Peaks") who is just returning from the war, and carrying more baggage than just his backpack. And watch the dad from "The Waltons" (Ralph Waite as a smooth-talking hippie) try to score! This is a good one.

GLITTERBALL (1977) - Virtually unknown flick about a beautiful ball that comes down from space with special powers, and some kids help try to get it back to its mothership. The army and various meanies want to exploit the ball. This was a possible inspiration for "E.T." five years later.

GO-BETWEEN, THE (1970) - Julie Christie and Alan Bates star in this tale of forbidden secret love that takes place in the year 1900. Nicely shot production adds to the good story.

GOIN' ALL THE WAY! (1981) - A teen's girlfriend won't give him what he wants (to lose his virginity) so he gets a friend to help with the quest. Fun lost teen flick with lots of pretty girls and silly fun action.

GOING HOME (1971) - Excellent drama sees Jan-Michael Vincent as Jimmy, seeking out his dad Robert Mitchum, after dad has finally been paroled of killing Jimmy's mother while drunk. Brenda Vaccaro plays dad's girlfriend who he is looking to make a future with, until Jimmy shows up unexpectedly. Great acting all around in this very captivating tale, this one is a real winner. LBX

GOOD AGAINST EVIL (1977) - This TV-Movie was actually a pilot to a show that never ended up happening. Good guys battle Satan worshippers in this tale, when the "Satan/devil" fad of the 70's was still going somewhat strong. The main attraction here is Richard Lynch, who is always fun to watch as the bad guy in whatever he's in.   

GOOD LUCK, MISS WYCKOFF (1979) - Anne Heywood plays a schoolteacher in the 50s who has an interracial affair with the black janitor, who soon gets very abusive. Very explosive film. LBX

GOODBYE GIRL, THE (1977) - Richard Dreyfuss won an Oscar for his role in this hilarious flick from Neil Simon's play. LBX

GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE (1972) - Richard Boone rarity

GONG SHOW MOVIE, THE (1980) - Very rare Chuck Barris labor of love to himself! Full version includes the 'helicopter' scene that was missing from some early TV and cable broadcasts for some odd reason. LBX

GRAYEAGLE (1977) - A great Indian warrior takes his team out to find his kidnapped daughter Beth, whose captor is a pretty unique individual himself. Gorgeous looking film. LBX

GREATEST, THE - Muhammed Ali (1977) - Great bio-pic of Ali's life story, with Ali played by the boxer himself. Fantastic cast includes Ernest Borgnine, Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones. Like Ali, this one's a winner. LBX

GREAT HOUDINI, THE (1976) - Paul Michael-Glaser stars in this classic rarity TV-movie telling the famed magician's life.

GREEK TYCOON, THE (1978) - Very loose life story on Aristotelis Onassis, with Jacqueline Bisset looking gorgeous. Fun, cheesy and sleazy.

GUY FROM HARLEM, THE (1977) - Third-rate Shaft wanna-be blaxploitation in one of the absolute worst films ever made. So bad, it's art. You can't take your eyes off it! There's no exaggeration - this is one VERY bad film.

GYPSY (1962) - Natalie Wood stars as Gypsy Rose-Lee in this Broadway adaptation. LBX

HACK-O-LANTERN (1988) - Man, you gotta love these titles! Grandpa is the head of a Satanic cult that goes into action every Halloween. One of those cheapie 80's horror movies that went nowhere, but still fun.

HAMBURGER - THE MOTION PICTURE (1986) - Yep, it's another goofy 80's sex comedy - guy gets thrown out of college, attends fast-food college, chases girls, all sorts of craziness ensues! This is definitely one of those very bad movies you may feel guilty enjoying!

HAMMERSMITH IS OUT (1972) - Comedy drama starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Beau Bridges, where a mental patient gets an orderly to help him escape.

HANDLE WITH CARE aka Citizen's Band (1977) - More Paul Le Mat, his next film after "Aloha" has been receiving raves for decades. A small town shares a love for CB radios in this acclaimed drama/comedy which also features Paul's "Graffiti" co-star Candy Clark. Good quality on this rare flick.

HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971) - Jack the Ripper's daughter continues his killing legacy! LBX

HANNIE CAULDER (1971) - 70's badass western, as we see the always smoking-hot Raquel Welch star as Hannie - she gets raped and her man is murdered, so she hires a bounty hunter to help her learn to use a gun so she can hunt the bad guys down. Who wouldn't want to be hunted by Raquel? 70's names like Robert Culp and the late, great Ernest Borgnine shine as always. Heck, may as well throw in Strother Martin, Diana Dors and Christopher Lee as well! No failure to communicate here! LBX

HALLS OF ANGER (1970) - It's blacks vs. whites at the inner city high school with Jeff Bridges, and a very un-Meathead Rob Reiner! It is pretty odd in a funny way seeing "Mike Stivic" in a completely different light. A truly incredible film that is gutsy and very non-PC. This includes the controversial "girl's shower" sequence that is usually missing from copies of this flick, as well as all the language, totally uncut version, very rare to find in this version! Stars the great Calvin Lockhart as a pro-hoopster turned teacher, who is forced to teach in a ghetto school, which is forced to bus in the whiteys, much to the black student's dismay. LBX

HAPPENING, THE (1966) - Anthony Quinn, The Supremes #1 hit song, lbx

HAPPY ENDING, THE (1969) - A woman leaves her family to find herself and have new adventures. Great cast includes Jean Simmons, Shirley Jones, John Forsythe and Lloyd Bridges. LBX

HARD TIMES (1975) - Decent depression-era drama finds streetfighter Charles Bronson teaming with promoter James Coburn as they set off to make some cash. Jill Ireland also stars in this tough-guys flick from the 70's. LBX

HARDLY WORKING (1985) -This is it, the lost Jerry Lewis classic! Jerry can't seem to hold a job and seeks help from the family. He eventually ends up as a postal worker and you can imagine the havoc! The interview scene with his new postal boss is total classic, and a scene where Jerry takes a job as a Japanese cook is so shockingly un-politically correct that no one would dare even think about filming it today. Classic comedy all the way!


HARRY AND TONTO (1974) Art Carney is superb (Best Actor Oscar) as an elderly gentleman who is forced to leave his Manhattan apartment, and then proceeds to take a cross-country trip with his best friend, his beloved cat Tonto. Along the way, they meet all sorts of characters and get into various adventures. This is a very touching film that is universally acclaimed. LBX

HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK (1976) - James Caan and Elliot Gould star as two over-confident con men way back in old-timey days who head to New York to pull off the biggest bank caper of their lives. Lots of friendly familiar faces in this comedy. LBX

HARRY IN YOUR POCKET (1973) - A professional criminal teaches a younger willing student the skills of picking pockets. James Coburn, Michael Sarrazin and Trish Van Devere star in this fun 70's romp. LBX

HAVING A WILD WEEKEND (1965) - It's The Dave Clark Five singing their way through their own comedy flick as a model is missing and all sorts of other craziness. Great music! LBX

HEARTS OF THE WEST (1975) - Jeff Bridges and Alan Arkin star in this goofy tale of a cowboy wanna-be who finds himself starring in movies as a cowboy! LBX

HEAVENLY BODIES (1984) - Funny 80's tease movie about a trendy dance studio at war with a rival club, which leads to the inevitable big Dance Contest for all the stakes.

HELLS ANGELS FOREVER (1983) - Excellent documentary of the notorious biker gang, with musical performances by Bo Diddley, Willie Nelson and others. OK quality, definitely watchable, audio has a hiss but it's not distracting.

HELLS ANGELS ON WHEELS (1967) - This one is a total blast, as a young bad-ass Jack Nicholson quits his gas station job and goes riding with the Hells Angels! The leader of the Angels is Adam Roarke ("Dirty Mary Crazy Larry") who likes Jack's "take-no-bull" attitude. Jack, however, falls for Adam's chick! Non-stop brawling, riding and causing general havoc wherever they go, the Angels on their wheels (what else would they be riding on?) are not to be messed with!

HERO AT LARGE (1980) - The great John Ritter stars as a struggling actor who stops a robbery in a superhero costume, then becomes NYC's secret superhero! Bert Convy also stars in this great tale of honor. John of course is always a blast to watch. LBX

HEY GOOD LOOKIN' (1982) - Ralph Bakshi's animated toon of the 50's

HICKEY AND BOGGS (1972) - Robert Culp, Bill Cosby actioner LBX

HILLBILLIES IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (1967) - Now how can one now love a title like that? Country singers on the road have to make a pit stop in the haunted house and get mixed up with ghosts and spies!

HIT MAN (1972) - The incredible Pam Grier stars with many familiar faces in this classic blaxploitation about gangsters, the adult film world and other badassery. LBX

HIGH BALLIN' (1978) - Peter Fonda and Jerry Reed are a pair of wild truckers who take on the bad guys in this classic actioner!

HINDU SUPERMAN aka Indian Superman (1987) - In Indian language. Footage is lifted from Superman The Movie and put side by side with atrocious new FX. Total fun that you can't take your eyes off of! At one point, there are lots of Hindu commercials but it gets back to the flick.The guy who plays Superman doesn't even look that bad as Superman.


HOLD ON! (1966) - A crazy Hermin's Hermits adventure! They perform lots of their songs as well! lbx

HOLLYWOOD MAN (1976) - Classic biker flick starring the great Don Stroud and Mary Wovanov!

HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT (1979) - Interesting tale from the UK, as a rock musician starts hanging out with a young girl he doesn't know is underage at first, and her parents get pretty pissed off. Very well-done drama. LBX

HOME MOVIES (1979) - Brian De Palma directed this very odd comedy about a young man who takes films of everything, starring the gorgeous Nancy Allen and also Kirk Douglas!

HOMEBODIES (1974) - A classic beloved rare film! This is the one where elderly apartment occupants start to take care of business when they are threatened to be ran out of their homes. And by taking care of business, I mean kill those who oppose them!

HOMER (1970) - Homer is a youngster trapped in a small town! Decent generation gap flick. Also, this is the first movie to ever have a song by Led Zeppelin in it. Foreign hard subs but they don't really distract. 

HONKY (1971) - Ah, they don't make them like this anymore. Rich black girl falls for poor white boy, and here comes trouble! Blaxploitation? Classic nonetheless.

HOODLUM PRIEST, THE (1961) - Don Murray stars in this true story of a priest who is from the streets and connects with the bad element he's trying to save. LBX

HORRIBLE HOUSE ON THE HILL, THE (1974) - Also known as both "Peopletoys" and "Devil Times Five" - a bunch of crazy kids escape their institution fate and are taken in by a bunch of unsuspecting adults! Familiar faces include Sorrell Brooke ("Boss Hogg") and Leif Garrett! A good one! LBX

HOT DOG...THE MOVIE (1984) - A farm kid who is an expert at skiing arrives for the big competition and it's pretty girls and various hi-jinks along the way.

HOT ROCK, THE (1972) - 70's stud Robert Redford and George Segal star in this diamond theft caper comedy, good stuff. LBX

HOT TIMES (1974) - A very much sought-after flick that spoofs The Archies, sexually charged!

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1972) - Rare version starring Stuart Granger.

HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK (1980) - A classic piece of exploitation starring David Hess from "The Last House on the Left" - two men, one a psychopath (Hess) and his mentally-challenged friend, invite themselves to a rich party where they subject the guests to all kinds of abuse and torture. Pretty intense, this one is very rarely seen anymore. Hess is very disturbing as the leader, enjoying terrorizing the victims with such glee. If you like solid exploitation cinema, this is not to be missed.  LBX


HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS (1983)  - Three masters of horror (Vincent Price, Chris Lee and Peter Cushing) star in this tale of a writer who goes to a strange empty house to work,which turns out not to be as empty as he first thought!


HOUSE OF USHER (1960) - A.k.a. The Fall of the House of Usher - Vincent Price stars in this classic about a dreadful curse that affects all the Usher siblings, making them go gradually insane. Definitely a winner. LBX


HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, THE (1971) - Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and a house with strange tales, no way can one go wrong with that combo. LBX

HUD (1963) - Paul Newman is a real badass who doesn't care about anyone but himself and his own pleasure, causing trouble wherever he goes. Typical greatness by Newman. LBX

HUMAN EXPERIMENTS (1979) - A prison doctor takes advantage of the pretty inmates by using them as guinea pigs for his devious work! Even Ellen Travolta appears in this. LBX


HUMAN HIGHWAY (1982) - A Neil Young film - new wave meets the hippie movement! A man wants to torch his diner for the insurance as it is next to a faulty nuclear plant, but many absurd things happen from there. And DEVO!


HUMAN TORNADO, THE (1976) - That would be Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore of course) in this classic blaxploitation flick. First, he gets a white sheriff angry at him for sleeping with his wife. Next, he assists a beautiful friend who owns a nightclub, being hassled by mafia whiteys. Lots of action, laughs, and suspense, this one is a good one. 

HURRY SUNDOWN (1967) - Michael Caine, John Phillip-Law, George Kennedy and a giant list of other familiar faces star in this amazing tale from the old south. LBX

I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER (1970) - The great Gene Hackman stars in this underrated gem about a man (Hackman) who puts his marrying and moving plans on hold for his father, who he has issues with. Almost unknown, this is a good one. LBX

I SAW WHAT YOU DID (1965) - A bunch of young girls making prank phone calls say the wrong thing to the wrong person! Joan Crawford stars in this thriller, it's William Castle again! LBX

I WALK THE LINE (1970) - Gregory Peck plays a very moral small-town sheriff who starts having an affair with a beautiful young girl, not a good idea in a lot of small towns. Hottie Tuesday Weld and the late great Charles Durning are also on hand. LBX


I WILL, I WILL...FOR NOW (1976) - Rare sex comedy starring Elliot Gould, Victoria Principal, Diane Keaton and Paul Savino.

I WONDER WHO'S KILLING HER NOW? (1975) - Man hired hit man to kill wife and sets off a wild chain of events!

IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO (1971) - Classic "church scare" film, that was actually shown in churches - tells that if you keep living a life full of vice, we will succumb to the communists! Kind of plays like a 60's drivers education film - print has not been cleaned up at all, it's full of fading colors, lines, etc but in a weird way that just adds to the craziness - great historical artifact, amazing it survives!  

IF HE HOLLERS, LET HIM GO! (1968) - A black escaped convict wrongly convicted looks to clear his name and has to get involved in shady business to do it. Well-shot forgotten gem. LBX

IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT I HEAR (1982) - Story about the life and loves of blind musician Tom Sullivan. Marc Singer and the pretty Shari Belafonte star.

IDOL, THE (1966) - Jennifer Jones

IN A GLASS CAGE (1986) - Spanish import (with hard English subs) that tells the story of a former Nazi doctor and pedophile who would torture and kill young boys, but who is now nursed by a boy who witnessed the doctor killing a friend, and who may be intent on following in the doc's footsteps. LBX 

IN HOT PURSUIT (1977) - aka Poll County Pot Plane, car chase flick

IN SEARCH OF GREGORY (1969) - Julie Christie stars as a woman looking for love, and who chases after her mystery guy. Michael Sarrazin also stars. A very faint TV broadcast logo pops in from time to time but does not detract.

IN THE BEACH HOUSE (1977) a.k.a. Casotto - Extremely rare Jodie Foster vehicle that she'd rather keep in the closet, this is an Italian sex comedy about the adventures and goings-ons in the beach house one day.

INCIDENT, THE (1967) - This one is pretty amazing. Two violent thugs (played masterfully by Tony Musante, who later went on to play TV's "Toma," and a young Martin Sheen) terrorize a New York City subway car full of passengers, which include many familiar faces, especially a young Beau Bridges. The passengers learn a lot about themselves as they suffer through their captor's torments. Well-made and not to be missed.

INDIAN PAINT (1965) - As a young Indian approaches manhood, his tribe faces lots of hardships like sickness, kidnappings, and more. Beautifully shot, lots of great scenery, teepees, horses and action. LBX

INSERTS (1975) - Richard Dreyfuss is a silent-movie director who if forced to make porno after the talkies come into play. Good art flick, also stars the pretty Jessica Harper. LBX

INSIDE DAISY CLOVER (1965) - Another winner flick one doesn't hear much of. Natalie Wood is fantastic as a trashy young girl in the 30's, who finds herself on the verge of singing stardom. However, if she is to be marketed as "wholesome" then her life must be changed, and not everyone is happy about that. Great cast includes Christopher Plummer and Robert Redford who plays a great industry sleaze. LBX

ISLAND, THE (1980) - Michael Caine stars as a man with his son who get mixed up in a story that they soon regret. LBX

ISLAND OF DEATH (1977) - One of the most notorious of the "video nasty" flicks. A British couple vacation on a Greek Island, and pretty much proceed to spread atrocities all over the place. Lots of disturbing scenes and images, various twists and turns, but somehow this film works, you just have to have a strong stomach for this kind of thing!

IT'S A BIKINI WORLD (1967) - Rock group The Animals appear in this wild beach romp! lbx

IT'S NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS (1971) - aka Percy's Progress, flick about the first penis transplant!

IT'S SHOWTIME! (1976) - Animals in the movies - lbx

JACK OF DIAMONDS (1967) - George Hamilton stars in this cat burglar heist flick!

JENNY (1970) - Marlo Thomas, Alan Alda and many 70's familiar faces star in this parenting drama about a new baby in a mom's world.

JERICHO MILE, THE (1979) - Great acclaimed story of a man in prison who becomes a long-distance runner.

JERK TOO, THE (1984)
- Very rare sequel to "The Jerk" with Mark Blankfield!

JIVE TURKEY (1974) - aka Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes, rare blaxploitation

JOE (1970) - Two hippie-haters from different walks of life meet up and search for the daughter of one of the pair. Very powerful film stars the great Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon in her very first movie. LBX

JOKES MY FOLKS NEVER TOLD ME (1978) - Sexy Raven de la Croix stars in this ribald comedy

JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL (1973) - Beautifully shot soap opera with seagulls, yes indeed, this was actually a popular picture way back then. Jonathan is out of his seagull gang and goes exploring new adventures. LBX

JOURNEY TO SHILOH (1968) - James Caan...Michael Sarrazin...Jan-Michael Vincent...Don Stroud...and Harrison Ford! Damn, that's a cast! A bunch of buddies travel cross-country to join the Confederates during old-timey Civil War days. Definite fun rootin' tootin' viewin'. (This one has funny-looking subs that you get rid of with the "settings" feature, so no worries.) 

JUST YOU AND ME, KID (1979) - George Burns and Brooke Shields rarity!

KAREN CARPENTER STORY, THE (1989) - Rare TV-movie starring Cynthia Gibb tells the amazing tale. Even Louise Fletcher is on hand.

KATIE'S PASSION (1975) - Paul Verhoevan rarity, teen prostitute

KID BLUE (1973) - Dennis Hopper, Warren Oates

KILL A DRAGON (1967) - Chinese villagers hire karate expects to help them take care of a gangster and his gang who took over their island. Great action and location shooting. Jack Palance stars. LBX 

KILLER BEES (1974) - Very rare TV-movie about a woman and her bees! The "FX" of the bees (black dots all over the screen) has to be seen to be truly appreciated! Kate Jackson and Eddie Albert star in this sought-after classic. They don't make them like this anymore.

KILLING SPREE (1987) - A jealous husband starts knocking off everyone he thinks is getting down with his wife. Only problem is, they come back to life!

KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1985) - Richard Chamberlain and (gasp) Sharon Stone star in this total Indy rip-off which is actually a blast. The African jungles of early 20th century, tribes, rivals, mysteries, all the classic serial ingredients add up to a very fun flick. LBX

KISS MY GRITS (1982) - Susan George does her best 'southern gal' accent since "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" in this hot mess of a film, about a mobster chasing his wife and the gut she ran off with. Total drive-in fun.


KOTCH (1971) - Walter Matthau doesn't want to go into a nursing home, so he hits the road and has some adventures. Walter is great as always, very interesting early 70's oddity. LBX

LADY COCOA (1975) - Classic blaxploitation with Lola Falana and Mean Joe Greene!

LANDLORD, THE (1970) - Beau Bridges stars as someone who buys a building in a poor section of Brooklyn with the intention of renovating after kicking out the tenants, but soon changes his mind for various reasons. Interesting and little-known NYC film.

LAS VEGAS LADY (1975) - Stella Stevens stars as she and her friends plans a major Vegas heist! Decent cast even includes an early appearance by her son Andrew Stevens, who starred in the incredible "Massacre At Central High a year later, and who also auditioned for the part of Luke Skywalker. LBX

LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN, THE (1982) - One of the best "80's teen sex comedy" films without a doubt! This one follows the adventures of three best friends, Gary, Rick, and Big Apple, in their never-ending quest to score with the girls. When new girl Karen comes around, Gary has his eye on her, but there's trouble looming! Now, a few things about this one. First, the soundtrack, it is just incredible with tons of 80's hits (Devo, Journey, Lionel Richie and more), that are used for maximum impact to express the fun, or sometimes sadness. Second, this movie is actually quite touching and you really feel for the characters. You'll see why. And third...the ending. If you do not know the ending, do not ruin it for yourself by looking it up. Every teenager who watched this back then was simply shocked at the ending...movies are just not supposed to end this way. "Virgin" got lost in the "Fast Times" hoopla, but this really is a true classic all its own.  LBX

LAST HARD MEN, THE (1976) - Decent western with a great cast, where some convicts plans revenge against a bad lawman. Charlton Heston, James Coburn, Larry Wilcox and more star in this exciting tale. LBX

LAST OF THE MOHICANS (1977) - Very rare version starring Steve Forrest.

LAST RUN, THE (1971) - George C. Scott is a getaway driver hired to do one last run, and all sorts of havoc ensues!

LAST SHARK, THE (1981) - aka Great White - Vic Morrow and James Franciscus in this gaint shark movie rarity, this has to be seen. Lbx, has foreign subs but they don't distract.

LAST WOMAN ON EARTH (1960) - Early Roger Corman epic - three divers (one woman, two men) go underwater for a while, and when they resurface, they discover they are the only three people left on the planet! Very low budget and it shows, but a blast as well.

LAW AND DISORDER (1974) - Ernest Borgnine and Carroll O'Connor star as two working stiffs in NYC who form a civilian police unit to combat crime in their neighborhoods. A comedy, but also a serious take on how crime-ridden NYC was at that time. Karen Black shines as Ernest's wild employee in his hair salon. LBX

LAWYER, THE (1970) - Barry Newman plays Petrocelli, an attorney who gets mixed up in a murder case. This film later evolved into the TV series "Petrocelli."

LAZARUS SYNDROME, THE (1978) - Early Louis Gosset Jr. TV-movie

LEARNING TREE, THE (1969) - Good tale about black teens in 1920's Kansas, and the trials and tribulations they face. LBX

LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN, THE (1975) - Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Lizzie in this infamous TV-movie based on the infamous trial. This was heavy stuff in 1975 and caused quite the stir in the entertainment world.

LEGEND OF NIGGER CHARLEY, THE (1972) - Very rare blaxploitation! The tale of a slave who doesn't take it anymore, and becomes a feared outlaw in the old west. Unbelievable this was even made!

LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE (1980) - Rare version of the tale, this TV-movie stars Jeff Goldblum. Nicely made and Jeff is obviously having a good time!

LEO THE LAST (1970) - A prince visiting family in London starts to feel for the nearby occupants of a local ghetto. Marcello Mastroianni and the great Calvin Lockhart star. LBX

LIAR'S MOON (1982) - Matt Dillon stars in this early role as a poor boy who falls for the rich boss's pretty daughter. Decent forgotten minor gem.

LIBERATION OF L.B. JONES, THE (1970) - A true classic of blaxploitation and film in general. L.B. Jones is a black undertaker (and rich) in a Texas town, who marries a pretty and young black girl, who fools around with the very racist white cop. L.B. Jones wants a divorce, and all hell breaks loose from there. Among the many great performances include Yaphet Kotto and a young Lee Majors. Familiar faces everywhere. This is a great one. 

LIFEGUARD  (1975) - Originally sold and marketed as a T&A flick, viewers discovered there's actually a very decent movie behind the hype. Sam Elliot and Anne Archer star in this touching story of an aging lifeguard who is forced to take a good look at where his life is heading during one summer. A vastly underrated flick with a great theme song by Paul Williams. Beautiful California scenery, a real 70's feel and fine performances bring you right back to a more carefree time. Just excellent.  LBX

LIGHT OF DAY (1987) - Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett are brother and sister in a rock and roll band together, facing many hurdles and problems together. Totally late 80's, interesting mostly-forgotten about flick. Bruce Springsteen writes the title song!


LIGHTNING JACK (1994) - Paul Hogan is an outlaw in the wild west and teams up with Cuba Gooding Jr., and together they plan a big heist while getting into various mishaps and adventures. Many felt this flick was a mishap in their careers! But still much fun. LBX

LILITH (1964) - Warren Beatty stars as a therapist at an insane asylum for falls for a particularly beautiful and captivating patient. Definitely unique, this one's a winner. Peter Fonda stands out in an early role as one of the more vocal inmates.

LION MAN (1975) - aka Aslan Adam - Extreme Turkish rarity about a man raised by lions in the land of Kings! Dubbed in English!

LION'S LOVE (1969) - Peter Bogdanovich

LIPSTICK (1976) - Notorious 70's exploitation, this one got a real bad rap upon release (still does!). Margaux Hemingway stars as a model who is brutally raped by her young sister's teacher (a delightfully evil Chris Sarandon). Her real-life sis Mariel Hemingway stars as the little sister in her first movie role (her second was the acclaimed 1976 TV-movie "I Want To Keep My Baby!" also available here at Rare Movies Worldwide). Anne Bancroft and Perry King are also in this talented cast. LBX

LISA AND THE DEVIL (1973) - You know it's an interesting flick when the very first thing you see is an image of Telly Savalas with demon eyes! The beautiful Elke Sommer plays a tourist in Spain who believes she has seen the human form of the devil. LBX

LITTLE DARLINGS (1980) - Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol star in this tale of a competition at a girls camp to see who can lose their virginity first! Matt Dillon also gives a great early performance. Great quality, not the poor quality version floating around.

LITTLE FAUSS AND BIG HASLEY (1970) - A Robert Redford film that few have ever even heard of! Redford is a womanizing motorcycle racer who gets into various adventures with his racing partner. Familiar faces include Lauren Hutton.

LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE, THE (1976) - Jodie Foster stars in this classic as a mysterious girl who has to put up with nosy neighbors! Martin Sheen also stars in this one. LBX

LITTLE ITALY (1978) - A cop from Italy chases a crooked cop to the USA in this wild comedy/drama. LBX

LITTLE MURDERS (1971) - Another lost gem, a couple in New York City start a relationship surrounded by the cruel city around them. Great cast includes Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould and Alan Arkin. LBX


LITTLE PRINCE, THE (1974) - Magical musical about a solo flyer who crash lands in the desert, and encounters a young Prince, who tells his tales of how he got to Earth. Bob Fosse and Gene Wilder star in this beautifully-shot modern classic. LBX


LIVING DESERT, THE (1953) - Cool old Disney documentary about all the fascinating creatures that live in the desert. 

LIVING VENUS (1961) - An enterprising guy starts a men's mag, enjoys his new life and all sorts of personal problems ensue. Lots of pretty girls in this H.G. Lewis flick, which even stars Harvey Korman! Very low-budget Z-flick.  

LONELY LADY, THE (1983) - The sexy Pia Zadora stars in this Harold Robbins sleaze classic about a screenwriter who will do anything to make it in Hollywood. This is also Ray Liotta's first theatrical movie!  LBX

LONG GOOD FRIDAY, THE (1980) - Bob Hoskins and Paul Freeman star in this suspenseful tale of a gangster whose territory is being threatened by rivals. LBX

LOST IN THE STARS (1974) - Brock Peters and Melba Moore star in this tale of a black minister searching Africa for his lost son. LBX

LOVE AMONG THIEVES (1987) - TV-movie famous for being the final starring role for Audrey Hepburn.

LOVE AND THE MIDNIGHT AUTO SUPPLY (1977) - This was a big hit on late 70's cable TV, about a wild car theft gang and a crazy cathouse!

LOVE AT FIRST BITE (1979) - George Hamilton stars as a tanned Dracula who comes to NYC (with his deranged assistant Arte Johnson) to find model Susan Saint James. However, Van Helsing descendant Richard Benjamin (and Saint James' ex-boyfriend) is out to kill the Count! Dracula dances at discos and takes on NYC by storm in this classic. LBX  

LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS (1970) - Bea Arthur ("Maude") and Gig Young star in this funny soap opera where all the unhappy guests at a wedding are either trying to score or dealing with their own problems. Good scarce one.

LUST IN THE DUST (1985) - Divine stars in this raunchy western! LBX