Hard-to-find movies on DVD


New titles as of 12/11/2018 in BLUE!

S*P*Y*S (1974) -
Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland are two goofy spies that get themselves chased by various crazy characters in this fun comedy. LBX

SAHARA (1983)
- Rare (and expensive) Brooke Shields flick. Her dad dies during a trans-African auto race and she takes his place, but then has trouble with an oil sheik! Brooke of course looks very beautiful in this oddity.

SALON KITTY (1975) - Nazi girls working in a brothel! Exploitation classic. LBX

SANTEE (1973) - A bounty hunter becomes a father to the son of the man he killed! Glenn Ford stars. LBX

SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS (1977) - The rare horror/comedy!

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - PG VERSION (1977/1979) - Rare "PG" version of this classic, edited down so younger audiences can go see it (the original of course is very much an "R" movie). John Travolta was super-popular among young girls, between this film, "Kotter" and "Grease" so this movie was made "PG" to allow them to see it (plus, to grab their cash). Why see this version though as an adult? To observe how to ruin a great film! They really did a shoddy job here. Sometimes new lines are dubbed over old ones, with the quality of old Godzilla movies. Sometimes the actor's line is just erased, and nothing comes out of their speaking mouths! Many edits are fast, to cut off a profane line, and makes the film look jerky and unprofessional. Some other scenes were re-filmed (like Tony and Stephie in the car after the dance contest) and these probably hold the most interest. But yes, this version is definitely a fun view to observe how they took the "great" out of this movie.

SATURDAY THE 14th (1981) - Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss star in this rare horror comedy!

SAVAGE IS LOOSE, THE (1974) - An incredible film, very daring for 1974, as a family (with dad George C. Scott) gets stranded on an island, and the son goes crazy and sexually stalks his mother. An unforgettable lost movie.

SAVAGE JOURNEY (1983) - Fighting the untamed wilderness in this TV-flick

SAVAGE STREETS (1984) - Linda Blair stars as a hot babe out for revenge after a wild gang rapes her sister and kills her friend. Every 80's "tough chick" cliche is on display here, with much badassery, don't mess with Linda! LBX

SCALPEL (1977) - A crazy surgeon reconstructs the face of a female accident victim to look like his long-lost daughter. Oddball flick is a blast! LBX

SCARS OF DRACULA (1970) - Rare Hammer flick with Christopher Lee!

SCAVENGER HUNT (1979) - Crazy characters compete in a scavenger hunt to win a fortune! But look at this cast...Tony Randall...James Coco...Scatman Crothers...Ruth Gordon...Cloris Leachman...Cleavon Little...Roddy McDowell...Dirk Benedict...Willie Aames...and Richard Benjamin! LBX

SECOND TIME LUCKY (1984) - The Devil bets God that if there were two new people as Adam and Eve, they'd sin, so God accepts the challenge and recruits a couple. Starring the very pretty Diane Franklin.

SCREEN TEST (1985) - Some young guys pretend to be porno film makers in order to meet some hot babes "auditioning" but soon they find themselves in a bind, having to make a real film. Another wild lost 80's comedy.

SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLA, THE (1980) - Decent pic about the amazing inventor and the ones against his great ideas. Rare flick touches upon some unsettling things, Tesla was indeed an interesting character.

SECRET PARTNER, THE (1961) - Stewart Granger lbx

SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN, THE (1979) - Alan Alda and Meryl Streep star in this riveting tale of a Senator put to the test.

SENIOR WEEK (1987) - What can ruin a Florida babe-searching road trip more than two jealous girlfriends! Another 80's teen flick that has fallen through the cracks.

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY (1984) - Jaclyn Smith stars in this TV-movie rarity.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1955 (1977) - When James Dean dies, big fan Jimmy (Richard "John Boy" Thomas) doesn't take it too well and goes nuts! Forgotten well-made flick. LBX

SERPICO (1973) - Al Pacino stars in this true story of a NYC cop that battles corruption on the force. LBX

SEVEN FROM HEAVEN (1979) - aka Angels' Brigade, finds a bunch of gorgeous women fighting all sorts of crime in this great cheesy actioner. Familiar faces include Jack Palance and Jim Backus! LBX

SEX SYMBOL, THE (1974) - Connie Stevens, Shelley Winters star in this rare romp! Hard foreign subs don't distract.

SEYTAN: THE TURKISH EXORCIST  (1974) (Also see "Turkish Exorcist") English subtitles, a scene-for-scene rip-off. The mom is very pretty.

SHADOW OF THE HAWK (1976) - Jan-Michael Vincent goes back to check out his Indian roots and battles evil spirits! Decent rare one. LBX

SHAKMA (1990) - Killer baboon epic with Roddy McDowell! LBX

SHAMUS (1973)  - Burt Reynolds stars as a Brooklyn private eye hired to track stolen diamonds, but finds he's in a much deeper puzzle. This is ultra-cool Burt at his 70's studly best, kicking ass and making love. Filmed on location too in NYC. Dyan Cannon is also here and looking fine. Also stars the very finicky Morris the Cat! He steals every scene he's in.

SHE (1965) - Ursula Andress rarity, Hammer flick, lbx

SHORT EYES (1977) - When a child molester is sent to prison, the other inmates find out about him and make his life pretty tough. Gritty 70's prison drama, forgotten sleaze, good stuff. LBX

SING (1989) - After a punk is made to participate in the school show, the school shuts down but the students gather to put on the show anyway, against all odds. Rare an relatively unknown “Fame” type of movie, good songs.

SISTERS OF DEATH (1976) - Years after one is killed during a initiation, the members of a secret girl's society have a reunion, and they are killed one by one! Claudia Jennings stars in this forgotten shocker.

SIX-PACK (1982) - Kenny Rogers stars as a race car driver who inadvertently becomes a reluctant stepdad to six orphan thieves! The always beautiful Erin Grey co-stars. LBX

SKATEBOARD (1978) - Very rare flick stars Leif Garrett!

- This is the original version, with the ending cartoon sequence intact that is missing from the release, and with sequences in the original order.

SKATETOWN, USA (1979) - Late 70's disco fever hits Patrick Swayze, Maureen McCormick, Ron Palillo, Flip Wilson, Scott Baio and even the Unknown Comic! It's the hottest roller disco in town, and Ace (Swayze) rules the place, and takes on all comers to his domain. Features a jet-powered skating drag race!

SKYJACKED (1972) - A Vietnam vet hijacks a jet airliner and threatens to destroy it unless he's taken to Russia. A huge list of 70's faces include Charlton Heston, James Brolin, Susan Dey, Yvette Mimieux, Claude Akins, Rosie Grier, Nicholas Hammond (Spider-Man!) and many more. LBX

SLAVERS (1978) - "Slavespoitation" flick, two competing slave traders in Africa go to great lengths to secure a profit. Britt Ekland and Trevor Howard star in this rarity.

SLAVES (1969) - Another rare bit of slavesploitation, as slaves plan a revolt against their master who loves spending a lot of time with his slave mistress! Dionne Warwick and Ozzie Davis are in this one which has essentially disappeared.

SLENDER THREAD, THE (1965) - Suicide prevention worker Sidney Poitier receives a call from a desperate woman (Anne Bancroft) and gets involved with her life as he tries to help. Other familiar faces like Telly Savalas and others too. LBX

SLIME PEOPLE, THE (1963) - Los Angeles is attacked by mysterious underground people in this classic sci-fi thriller.

SLUGS (1987) - Slugs are attacking a town! LBX

SO FINE (1981) - Ryan O'Neal creates bottomless jeans that cause a fashion sensation! Way ahead of its time! LBX

SOMEBODY KILLED HER HUSBAND (1976) - Jeff Bridges and Farrah Fawcett star in this thriller, her husband is killed, Jeff is her lover and they are suspected of the crime. They then seek out the real killer. Has hard Asian foreign subs on the print but still watchable definitely.

SOME CALL IT LOVING (1973) - a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty - Zalman King ("Like Normal People") stars in this tale about a lonely man who buys a woman from a carnival who has been asleep for eight years. Also with Richard Pryor!

SOMETHING EVIL (1972) - TV-movie rarity directed by Steven Spielberg, evil house!

SOMEONE I TOUCHED (1975) -TV-movie starring Cloris Leachman with a husband who fools around, with added drama!

SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION (1970) - Paul Newman and Henry Fonda rarity

SONG OF THE SOUTH (1946) - The rare Disney film with Uncle Remus, a nicely-made film with great musical numbers.

SONNY BOY (1989) - Very weird and rare David Carradine vehicle about a baby dropped on a gangster's doorstep! LBX

SORCERESS (1982) - Fantasy, magic and lots of pretty girls in this Jack Hill-directed epic.

SOUL OF NIGGER CHARLEY, THE (1973) - Sequel to "The Legend of...", very rare. Print is lbx (!) with washed-out colors, and the cameraman even focuses the camera sometimes as it is rolling! The film also has a "dubbed" look and feel but it is still very watchable. Charley in the old west has some wicked 70's sideburns!

SOUR GRAPES (1986) - A chemist discovers an ingredient that makes everyone want to drink a lot of beer, and the bad guys want it! Crazy 80's goofball comedy.

SPACE MUTINY (1988) - Rare flick! John Philip Law and Reb Brown ("Captain America") star in this space opera with much Galactica footage!

SPECIAL DELIVERY (1976) - A bank robber stashes his take in a mailbox and people want it! Starring Bo Svenson and Cybill Shepard, she was so gorgeous then. LBX

SPECIALIST, THE (1975) - Courtroom drama full of sleazy characters, and since it's a Crown International movie, some T&A tossed in for good measure. Some mishmash involving a lake, a crusader (Adam "Batman" West) and a corrupt water company make for one of those movies that usually came on at midnight on cable in the late seventies. LBX

SPECTRE (1977) - Robert Culp

SPLIT, THE (1968) - Thieves accuse each other of taking the loot from a football game heist. But these names....Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Warren Oates, Jim Brown, Jack Klugman, Diahann Carroll and others, how can one go wrong? This is a great one! LBX

SPLITZ (982) - A bunch of hot college babes (including a rock band) fight to keep their school from condemning the sorority! Crazy antics abound.

SPRING BREAK (1983) - College guys seek girls and fun in this flick, one of the better of the early-80's teen movies. LBX

SPY WITH MY FACE, THE (1966) - Classic rare spy drama with Robert Vaughn.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED (1972) - A female reporter wants to do a story on feminism in this comedy-drama about the movement. Lots of familiar faces like Stella Stevens, Jacqueline Bisset, Loretta Swit and many more. Definitely a scarce one.

STEEL (1979) - It's "high" drama in the construction world as a retired foreman returns to help out a friend to put up a new skyscraper before the bad guy-types stop him. Amazing cast includes Lee Majors, George Kennedy, Art Carney, the great Richard Lynch, Jennifer O'Neil and more.

STINGRAY (1978) - Good guys vs. bad guys and a gorgeous 1963 Corvette Stingray, great car action and more in this forgotten rarity.

STRANGE VENGEANCE OF ROSALIE, THE (1972) - An amazing little film that seems to have heavily influenced "Misery" by Stephen King. A young hitchhiker is lured and then held captive by a pretty young girl, and a sleazy biker shows up and adds to the fun. What a cast - gorgeous Bonnie Bedilia, Ken Howard ("The White Shadow") and excellent silver screen sleaze star Anthony Zerbe.

STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER (1974) - Another classic Lee Van Cleef western, as we see a very odd team-up with a tough-guy gunfighter and a Chinese martial arts expect, in search of a fortune. Also seen as "Blood Money," this one is a good one. LBX

STRANGER ON THE RUN (1967) - Henry Fonda stars in this wild tale of a drifter wrongly accuse of murder, and a crazy sheriff who send him out in the desert so he can hunt him down "Most Dangerous Game" style!

STRAWBERRIES NEED RAIN (1970) - Death (Les Tremayne, "Mentor" of Saturday morning fave "Shazam") allows a pretty young girl to remain on Earth to live some fantasies first, mainly sleep with a guy, before he takes her away. Very interesting lost flick.

STOP CALLING ME BABY! (1977) - Very rare Jodie Foster vehicle, she even sings some of the tunes in the flick! Also know as Casotto, this is an extremely-rare foreign film, dubbed in English with foreign subs. Jodie gives an amazing performance in this true underrated and completely forgotten classic. Not to be missed.

STUDENT BODY, THE (1976) - Three gorgeous troublemakers get a break from prison if they volunteer to be guinea pigs for a new experiment that is supposed to rehabilitate criminals. But there's more than meets the eye!

SUCH GOOD FRIENDS (1971) - Rare soap classic, with Dyan Cannon and Ken Howard! Otto Preminger made this one. A beautiful woman discovers her sick husband has had affairs, and now she decides to catch up. Classic early 70's classic. LBX

SUGAR HILL (1974) - The very beautiful Sugar Hill gets the undead to avenge her boyfriend's death by local gangsters! It's rare zombie blaxploitation, full of familiar faces, and is actually a well-made, darn good film. LBX

SUMMER SCHOOL aka MAG WHEELS (1978) - Steve drives a cool van and likes a new chick, which makes his jealous girlfriend frame him on a bogus drug  charge with the cops! And that's just the start of the hassles! Lots of cool custom vans and pickups. LBX

SUNNYSIDE (1979) - John Travolta's brother Joey stars in this gang violence film! Joey rules his gang and rumbles all the time, but he wants to keep his kid brother out of the gang life. Definitely a lot of fun to watch, this is a true lost 70's gem.

SUNSHINE BOYS, THE (1975) - George Burns and Walter Matthau are old vaudeville guys persuaded to reunite, but they have to get over that they can't stand each other! Two old pros have a field day, along with other familiar faces, like the always great Richard Benjamin. LBX

SUPER COPS, THE (1974) - Rare sought-after classic of two cops that clean up the streets of 70's NYC despite all opposition, even from their own fellow cops. True story, these guys were known as "Batman and Robin." We need more like these guys!

SUPERMAN III: ABC-TV VERSION (1983) - Includes missing footage plus a different titles sequence that was not in the theatrical version of any home release version. On Two DVDs, this counts as two choices.

SUPERMAN a.k.a. Hindu Superman a.k.a. Indian Superman (1987) - In Indian language. Footage is lifted from Superman The Movie and put side by side with atrocious new FX. Total fun that you can't take your eyes off of! At one point, there are lots of Hindu commercials but it gets back to the flick. The guy who plays Superman doens't even look that bad as Superman.

SUPERSONIC MAN (1979) - Rare and fun Spanish superhero flick, dubbed in English! LBX


SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY (1987) - This is the infamous 45 minute movie based on the life of Karen Carpenter, done with Barbie dolls! Never released, the filmmaker neglected to get permission to use the actual Carpenters songs, and Richard Carpenter successfully blocked the film's release. No telling what Mattel would have done anyway! Quality is 'good,' not the best but very watchable. Quite the strange one.

SUPERVAN (1977) - Made during the peak of the "custom van" craze of the 70's, "Supervan" is Vandora, the wildest van in the world and created by the King of the Customizers, George Barris. Supervan shoots lasers, runs on solar power, and chases the bad guys. Great scenes of 70's van culture. Barris himself even makes an appearance. Decent print of the very rare film. LBX

SUPER XUXA VS. SATAN (1988) - Subtitled in English! Super Xuna is a beautiful superhero who takes on Satan and even sings and dances. She always wears sexy clothes amongst the sexual symbolism and strange visuals! A lot of fun, amazing this was even made.

SURF PARTY (1964) - Bobby Vinton stars in this beach party rarity.

SURVIVE! (1976) - Based on a true story, this one caused some excitement in the 70's. A great marketing campaign generated a lot of interest in this flick, which tells the story of a plane crash on a snowy mountain, and how the people "survive" by eating their dead counterparts! Interesting special effects definitely, especially during the plane crash. This one has English subtitles. Not as bad as you may think.  

SWEET TALKIN' GUYS (1991) - Great documentary about the AM radio DJs who helped usher in the rock era, such as Cousin Brucie, Alan Freed and Murray the K. Great old footage!

SWEET REVENGE (1976) - Stockard Channing stars as a pretty criminal who steals cars, and wants to steal enough cars to enable her to buy her ultimate dream machine. Totally forgotten cool 70's relic of a movie. 

SWEPT AWAY (1974) -  The classic original by Lina Wertmuller - a wealthy capitalist and her communist servant get stranded on an island, which leads to battling the elements as well as each other for survival. Great ending - infinitely superior than the Madonna remake. LBX

SWIMMER, THE (1968) - An amazing flick that has slipped through the cracks. Burt Lancaster is returning home to his affluent neighborhood where he's a studly big-shot, but instead of going straight to his home, he goes to a neighbor's and then proceeds to "swim home" through all his neighbor's swimming pools. With every additional pool he swims through, he encounters his neighbors and is gradually learning a little more about himself and the present...or is he? This great flick has a cult following and leaves the viewer pondering various theories about what exactly is going on, right up to the incredible ending. An absolute winner not to be missed. LBX


TAKE A HARD RIDE (1975) - Jim Brown stars as a black cowboy on a mission in this great actioner. LBX

TAKE TWO (1988) - Grant Goodeve stars as a son told by his mom on her deathbed that she was a surrogate for a millionaire, and he wants his piece of an inheritance that his newly discovered twin brother won't share! And he falls in love with his brother's wife! Grant Goodeve ("Eight Is Enough" and Robin Mattson ("General Hospital") star in this fun tale.

TAKING OFF (1971) - A young teen girl runs away from home, and her parents, in their search for her, meet other parents of runaways, who all then proceed to enjoy life in freedom from their children! Interesting and funny look at Americana in the early 70's,this rarity stars the great Buck Henry. LBX


TEACHER, THE (1974) - A very sexy teacher seduces a student (Jay North who played "Dennis the Menace!") and they also must content with an infatuated sicko (Anthony James, the sleazy killer from "In the Heat of the Night") who stalks them. This is a good one that moves along nicely right through to the wild climax. LBX

TERMINAL CHOICE (1985) - A hospital patient dies under mysterious circumstances and the doctor is suspect, but a lot more odd facts come out in the strange case. Joe Spano stars.

TERRIBLE JOE MORAN (1984) - James Cagney's last film! With Art Carney too. (More Cagney at the bottom of the page) James is a grumpy old bozer with a bad relationship with his daughter. Old Cagney film footage is used for the boxing scenes.

THE END (1978) - Burt Reynolds doesn't have much longer to live, and his friends try to assist in his suicide in this dark comedy. Burt pals Sally Field and Dom DeLuise are here as well as a truckload of familiar70's faces! LBX


THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP (1970) - Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn star in this wild tale of an egocentric cooking TV show host who meets a young sexy American. LBX


THEY ONLY KILL THEIR MASTERS (1974) - Katherine Ross stars in this rare thriller. lbx

THIEF OF HEARTS (1984)  - A very underrated suspense flick with an awesome plot. Steven Bauer and David Caruso are partners in crime, one (David) sets up the steal (at rich people's homes) and the other (Steven) grabs the loot. At one house, Bauer steals a beautiful married woman's portrait, along with her diary. He reads the diary, and discovers the woman is very unhappy in her marriage, and she described her dream man in the diary. The Thief of Hearts, infatuated with this woman, then sets out to become that dream man and enter her life. This one has fallen through the cracks but never disappoints. LBX   

THING WITH TWO HEADS, THE (1972) - My goodness, just when you thought you've seen everything! Football star Rosie Grier gets racist Ray Milland's head attached to his body, and all sorts of havoc ensues! This is not the similar movie, "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant," this one is much better (or, "better"). They even ride a motocross bike together as a police car chases them on the track (in a pretty decently-filmed sequence). This one is just crazy, and of course, that makes it a must! LBX

THINK BIG (1989) - Oh wow is this one bad! Two muscle-bound trucker brothers take on a load of toxic material, meet up with a teen genius and craziness happens! The music, the hair, the fashions, this is one bad 80's movie, which of course makes it good. It is sad to see the likes of Richard Keil and David Carradine in here though!


THIS IS ENGLAND (2006) - Youth culture in early-80's working class England, as a young boy gets beat up by skinheads whom then accept him. The boy is captivated by his new life and 'family' and feels at home until some new trouble starts brewing. Acclaimed flick. LBX

THREE MEN IN A BOAT (1975) - Tim Curry and Michael Palin star in this British comedy-drama about three buddies who take a small boat ride but find things ain't that easy. Interesting forgotten flick.

THREE THE HARD WAY (1974) - Blaxploitation and martial-arts at their wildest, stars Jim Kelly and Jim Brown, out to take out a white supremist who wnats to wipe out the black race.

THROW OUT THE ANCHOR! (1974) - Richard Egan comedy

THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT (1974) - Great one starring robber Clint Eastwood who meets up with Jeff Bridges, and together they do one last big heist. LBX 

TICK...TICK...TICK... (1970) A black man is elected sheriff and not many are happy! The great Jim Brown stars as the sheriff, and George Kennedy as the man he succeeds. LBX

TILT (1979) - Pretty Brooke Shields is a pinball hustler making cash for her singer boyfriend in this forgotten gem. And anything with the great Charles Durning is always worth watching!

TIMERIDER: THE ADVENTURES OF LYLE SWANN (1982) - One of the most wanted of the rare 80's movies. Swan (Fred Ward) is a motocross rider who unintentionally  rides himself right into the late 1800's! Very interesting how it all fits together in the end. This version has the original "bloody boots" that have been altered or cut from various versions. Michael Nesmith does the music.

TIME TRAVELERS (1976) - Two men go back in time to get the cure for a modern disease, only to be confronted with the Great Chicago Fire. Classic Irwin Allen (who else?) TV-movie, where both he and Rod Serling collaborated on the story.

TOGETHER BROTHERS (1974) - In a ghetto, a good cop has been killed, and a bunch of teens from the hood search for his killer. Good street-level blacksploitation with many familiar faces. LBX

TOMORROW (1972) - The great Robert Duvall plays a farmer who takes in a pregnant woman, and much drama happens from there. Shot beautifully in b/w. LBX

TOOMORROW (1970) - Rare one starring Olivia Newton-John, odd sci-fi with Asian subs on the right that do not detract from viewing. Many trippy scenes, cool music and aliens.

TOP OF THE HEAP (1972) - Classic rare blaxploitation! A man hates his job, family, life...and does something about it!

TORSO (1973) - A serial killer knocking off college students, who retreat to a villa with the killer following. Decent and well-shot suspense flick. LBX

TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN THE (1976) - Classic flick about a killer stalking around a small town. Very much sought-after.

TROLL (1986) - A man named Harry Potter (indeed) and his wife (Michael Moriarty and Shelly Hack) move with their kids to a new apartment complex, which is being patrolled and taken over by an evil troll who wants to make it his kingdom! Sonny Bono is here, as is Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a role she'd probably like to forget! LBX

TROLL 2 (1990) -
This time, the trolls are taking over a small town in this just as hilariously scary sequel! LBX

TRUCK STOP WOMEN (1974) - Decent 70's sleaze, as two gear-jammin' women (one played by the legendary Claudia Jennings) fight gangsters looking to control the big rigs. Full of bad B-movie cliches which means it's great! And of course Claudia is always so nice to look at.

TRUCK TURNER (1974) - This is an awesome one! Truck Turner (Isaac Hayes) is a bounty hunter (with partner Alan Weeks) who kills a mean pimp, and the pimp's woman (Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols!) takes out a hit on Truck. The only man who is brave enough to go after Truck (after cutting a sweet deal) is Yaphet Kotto, another mean no-bull pimp! Meanwhile, Truck has to keep his woman happy and not just survive but take out his attackers. Even Dick Miller is part of this incredible cast of familiars! Nichelle has a mouth that would make a sailor blush, and the action never stops. One highlight is seeing a beautiful classic Dodge Charger battle an incredible pink pimpmobile! Hayes' wooden acting only seems to make the film more fun, and Kotto shines as always. This one is a good bet! LBX

TUCKER (1988) - Jeff Bridges stars in this Coppola flick as a man who must battle the auto industry to create the perfect car. LBX

TUFF TURF (1985) - James Spader is the new kid at school and not only does he battle the bullies, but he goes for the head bully's girlfriend! Robert Downey plays the drummer of a new wave band and befriends the new guy. 80's cheesiness everywhere from the music to the clothes and more, this must be seen to be believed! LBX

TURKISH DELIGHT (1973) - Subtitled in English, a.k.a. Turks Fruit. Rare flick about a Dutch sculptor (Rutger Hauer) who has a torrid affair with a beautiful young girl.

TURNING POINT, THE (1977) - Shirley MacClaine and Anne Bancroft star in this ballet tale of a mom who gave up a ballet career and now sees her daughter a ballet star. Of course, Baryshnikov is in here too, can't have a big ballet film without him! LBX

TRAUMA (1978) - Fabio Testi murder mystery

TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT (1972) - Forgotten classic with Lou Gossett Jr. and Cindy Williams, lbx

TRICK OR TREAT (1986) - Marc Price ("Skippy" on Family Ties) is a high school metalhead who is always harassed by the preppies. He then enlists his favorite rock star, the recently-dead Sammi Kurr, to help him get revenge! Then things really start to get crazy! 80's rockers Fastway provide the great soundtrack. Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne have fun small roles as well.    

TRIP WITH THE TEACHER (1975) - This one is a great piece of 70's sleaze that seems to have fallen through the cracks. A small group of sexy high school girls and their pretty teacher (they all look like they just walked off a 70's porno) go on a road trip, and encounter two biker brothers, who take the girls prisoner and subject them to rape, violence and more. There's also a third biker who seems to be a nice guy, who befriends the brothers before they reveal their intentions. The star of the show is the incredible Zalman King ("Like Normal People") who plays the sadistic ringleader of the group, subjecting the girls to all sorts of horror. This is an amazing grindhouse flick, absolutely not to be missed if you like classic exploitation, this one is major! LBX


TWILIGHT OF HONOR (1963) - Great courtroom drama with Richard Chamberlain and Nick Adams, lbx

TWISTED DETECTIVE (1977) - Alain Delon ("Zorro"), Klaus Kinski and Ornella Muti ("Flash Gordon") star in this George Lautner lost classic.

TURKISH E.T. (Badi) (1983) - In Turkish language, this is a fun E.T. rip-off, here E.T. looks like a garbage bag! The flying bicycle scene is absolutely a must to see. 

TURKISH EXORCIST (Seytan) (1974) - English subtitles! A scene-for-scene rip-off of the original classic.

TURKISH STAR TREK (1974) - In Turkish language, a man falls in the middle of a classic Star Trek episode! The Spock looks especially good! Steals original Star Trek footage!

TURKISH STAR WARS (1984) - English subtitles! Original footage from Star Wars surrounds a very wild flick, kind of like "Inframan" with tons of manic action!

TURKISH WIZARD OF OZ (1974) - In Turkish language! Horrible FX in this remake, but the Dorothy is very pretty!

TWISTER'S REVENGE! (1987) - Monster truck and tank!

TWO PEOPLE (1973) - Peter Fonda and Lindsey Wagner star as two people who just met and are at a crossroads. She's a model, and he's a deserter turning himself in. It gets very interesting from there...good rarity starring Fonda is much sought-after. Lindsey looks gorgeous as always.

UNHOLY ROLLERS (1972) - The gorgeous Claudia Jennings stars in this rare flick about a wild female roller derby team!

UNION CITY (1980) - A gorgeous wife is ignored by her crazy husband who wants to find a milk bottle thief! Debbie Harry (of Blondie) plays the wife in this odd flick. LBX

UP YOURS (1979) - Gorgeous Cindy Morgan's ghostly image appears to narrate this movie (she kind of is the spirit of an apartment building, or something) which shows the misadventures of the residents of said building. Very low-brow comedy is so bad it's good....well actually, don't quote us on that, you be the judge. LBX

UTTERLY WITHOUT REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE (1969) - aka Baring It All, this romp was written by and stars the late great Paul Bartel!

VALLEY OF THE GWANGI (1969) - You know this one - cowboys vs. dinosaurs! LBX

VAMPIRE CIRCUS (1972) -Rare Hammer, as a circus in the 19tth century (of course) makes children disappear! LBX

VAN, THE (1977) - Made at the height of the "custom van" craze of the 70's - another classic "70's California teens" flick - Bobby has a problem meeting girls, so he buys an awesome custom van to help solve his problem. Soon he's falling for a local pretty girl while battling van rival Dugan and his own custom van, who always looks to force guys to drag race him. Van culture is on exhibition full-tilt (including a great walk through a van show). Many pretty girls and great vans, and mainstay Bill Adler is here too. And did we mention Danny DeVito plays Bobby's bookie boss at the car wash! The actor who plays the main character Bobby, is the guy who was told by Marcia on "The Brady Bunch" that "something suddenly came up." The Van" is a very fun flick and 70's time capsule.

VAN NUYS BLVD. (1979) - Bill Adler once again stars in this enjoyable flick as a young guy who takes his van out of his small town straight to Van Nuys to do some cruisin'. There he meets a crazy assortment of characters including some gorgeous girls, including his girlfriend and most fierce competitor for faster van. This was maybe the last gasp of 70s van culture, about to die out as a new decade approaches. Non-stop fun all the way. LBX

VANISHING POINT (1997) - Viggo Mortensen stars in this remake of the 1971 car chase classic. Some changes, interesting flick. One thing not changed is the awesome Dodge Challenger.   

VELVET SMOOTH (1976) - Johnnie Hill is a gorgeous detective hired by a mob leader for a special assignment! Classic blaxploitation

VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES (1973) - Women are raised from the dead to perform revenge killings! Paul Naschy stars in this one.

VICE ACADEMY (1989) - Fun flick as two very sexy female cops go undercover to break up a porno racket. The two are played by non other than Linnea Quigley and former-XXX star Ginger Lynn!

VICE ACADEMY 2 (1990) - This time, our undercover hotties Linnea and Ginger are posing as strippers to stop a mad villain from lacing the water with aphrodisiacs! 

VICE ACADEMY 3 (1991) - The trilogy concludes with Ginger Lynn fighting for her job after a new cop catches a wanted villain. Hot girls all over the place as usual in this sordid tale!

VICE SQUAD (1982) - This is a great one! A independent hooker "with a heart of gold" named Princess works with a vice cop (who has a thing for her) to nail a very violent pimp named Ramrod, who has a habit of killing his hookers. Ramrod, knowing he was setup by Princess, then goes out on the search for her, always a step ahead of the cops. Very exciting and suspenseful exploitation, they don't make them like this anymore. It ain't easy being a pimp! LBX

VIOLENT CITY (1970) - Great Charles Bronson vehicle as he plays a hitman out for revenge for a double-cross. Telly Savalas and Jill Ireland also star. LBX

VISITING HOURS (1982) - A rapist who thought he killed a victim wants to finish the job. William Shatner! LBX

W.C. FIELDS AND ME (1976) - Rod Steiger and Valerie Perrine star in this rare biopic. Steiger puts in a usual great performance.

W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS (1975) - Rare Burt Reynolds gem about a con artist in the 50's who ends up managing a country band while on the lam from the law. Also stars Jerry Reed, Ned Beatty and Art Carney, and is a total blast from start to finish - great music and Burt's typical leading man charm. Burt and Jerry definitely have great chemistry that led to the Smokey and the Bandit movies. 

WACKY TAXI (1972) - Ok, we're going to be honest, this one is flat-out bad. It's about a working stiff (John "Gomez" Astin!) who quits his job, buys an awesome old Caddy and turns it into a taxi. He then runs into some problems. The only reason someone may want to watch this one is because they love VERY bad movies, to see Astin, the cool old car, or because they're just masochistic. We're guessing a little of them all, especially the last one! But it's a rarity and fun to see why this one wasn't going to win Best Picture!

WAR BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN, THE (1972) - Cartoonist Jack Lemmon vs. new girl Barbara Harris, in this quirky comedy of the times. Jason Robards and some unique animation add to the fun. LBX

WAR IN SPACE (1977) - Japanese space opera - Venus attacks the Earth and we must defend, lots of cool space action and spaceships flying on wires, and even a Chewbacca-clone! This one you can watch in English, Japanese or with English subtitles. LBX

WARRIORS, THE (1979) original version - The "director's cut" presently available upset a lot of fans with the changes (like adding a new intro, and disruptive "Creepshow"-style comic insertions). This, however, is the original untouched theatrical version of this classic film, of a gang wrongly accused of killing a major gang leader, so they have to make it home to Coney Island from the Bronx. A true piece of NYC, with great comic and fantasy elements. A classic. LBX (Please note: this is not a version with deleted scenes.)

WATCH THE SKIES! (2005)  - Mark Hamill narrates this documentary on old sci-fi movies. People like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron give their take and discuss how the films influenced them. Cool interviews and clips.

WELCOME HOME, SOLDIER BOYS (1972) - Joe Don Baker and his fellow Vietnam vets get no respect when they return home. A true rarity.

WELFARE (1975) - Classic documentary on the NYC welfare system. Real and gritty. Mainly a "fly on the wall" type film where you simply see a New York City welfare office in action, but you cannot take your eyes off it. Very rare and much sought-after.

WERE WOLVES ON WHEELS (1971) - Decent biker-sleaze - hooligan bikers cause trouble for Satanic worshipers who then us their powers to turn bikers into werewolves! Fun combination of genres in this classic. LBX 

WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A NAKED LADY? (1988) - This is not the 'Candid Camera' movie, this is a nudie show hosted by Tim Allen! Porno star Hyapatia Lee also stars, and the nudity is everywhere, definitely "R" for adults.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979) - A very pretty Carol Kane plays a babysitter terrorized by a madman, who returns to torment her again years later. This one was heavy stuff in 1979, causing many sleepless nights! The always awesome Charles Durning plays the detective on the case.  LBX

WHEN YOU COMIN' BACK, RED RYDER? (1979) - A complete tour-de-force for Marjoe Gortner, who financed the movie - this one came and went in '79 but found a cult audience on cable - Marjoe plays a crazed vet who terrorizes people at a small-town diner in the middle of nowhere. Marjoe gives the performance of his life as he sadistically abuses and tortures the people both physically and mentally. Many familiar faces include Candy Clark, Hal Linden ("Barney Miller") and Lee Grant. This one is tough to find in great quality but this one is OK, the best one we've stumbled across in all these years, very watchable. 

WHITE LINE FEVER (1975) - Jan Michael-Vincent in this classic about truckers who aren't going to be pushed around by the system any longer! The gorgeous Kay Lenz stars as his wife, and of course The Blue Mule as his truck. Made during the peak of the "trucking" craze of the 70's, this movie made many a young boy want to be a trucker when it found a huge cult audience on cable TV in the late 70's. LBX

WILD ANGELS (1966) - Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, and Nancy Sinatra in a Roger Corman biker epic, so you know this is good! Rabble rousin' delinquents raisin' hell on their hogs is all one needs to know about this classic. LBX

WILD IN THE STREETS (1968) - Insane comedy as a rock star runs for President, pushing an agenda for youth control! Among the many familiar faces as young Richard Pryor and Shelley Winters! LBX

WILD ROVERS (1971) - Ryan O'Neil and William Holden are two cowboys on the lam after deciding to rob a bank. Classic fun western action. LBX

WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN, THE (1966) - Batwoman fights crime in this ultra-cheap epic! Shot in b/w and has hard yellow foreign subs but they don't really distract.

WITHOUT WARNING (1994) - Three meteors smash into the Earth and more are coming, and it looks to be a possible attack. This flick is done as a TV news broadcast, and even features some real news anchors (which led to some people flipping channels that what they were watching was real).


WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN (1978) - Great cast in this one (Nick Nolte, Michael Moriarty, Tuesday Weld) as we find some heroin smugglers  on the run after a deal goes wrong. The cast especially makes this a good viewing. LBX

WHO IS HARRY KELLERMAN AND WHY IS HE SAYING ALL THOSE TERRIBLE THINGS ABOUT ME? (1971) - Rare Dustin Hoffman vehicle finds the great actor as a hit songwriter who has a problem with loving anyone, or anything. Early Dom Deluise is here as well as Jack Warden and other character greats. As a bonus, you get to see Dustin at his "Mike Brady" best. :)

WHO KILLED MARY WHATS'ERNAME? (1971) - Extremely rare film, the story of a man who investigates the murder of a hooker himself when no one else seems to want to bother. Red Buttons, Sylvia Miles and Conrad Bain star in this sought-after flick.

WICKED LADY, THE(1983) - Faye Dunaway and Alan Bates star in this rare cult classic!

WICKED, WICKED (1973) - David Bailey - filmed in "dio-vision" - a split screen shows two scenes at once! For the whole flick! 

WILD ANGELS, THE (1967) - What a cast - Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd and Nancy Sinatra of all people, star in this early biker classic that features lots pf partying and hell-raising. There's a plot in there too but this is great just to see these stars do their thing. LBX

WILD RIDE, THE (1960) - What a movie! A young Jack Nicholson of all people, plays Johnny, a tough hot-rodder who is the "big man" of his gang of trouble-making hooligans. He takes no guff from the cops, laughs at the law and is a wiseguy at authority. However, he has a soft spot for his best friend, Dave, who is fading from the gang to spend more time with the "lame chick" he has met, but whom Johnny fiercely disapproves of. Virtually every single line of this movie has some kind of "hip slang" from the times, and is absolutely hilarious. This one is an absolute must!  

WILD, WILD WEST REVISITED, THE (1979) - First sequel to "Wild Wild West" stars Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. Very rare! Followed by a second sequel, 1980's "More Wild Wild West" also available here.

WILLARD (1971) - Creepy tale of a young man who controls an army of rat friends! Ernest Borgnine is simply masterful as the villain, Willard's sadistic boss.

WILLY/MILLY (1986) - Milly is a girl who wants to be a boy, so she becomes one through magic! Now she must choose whether to stay a boy or return to familiar girl life. '86 sure was a classic year for these flicks!

WOMEN OF DEVIL'S ISLAND (1962) - Rare woman's prison flick!

WORK IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD (1968) - David Warner

WUSA (1970) - Paul Newman rarity, as a southern radio station becomes politically charged. Paul delivers one of his typical classic performances in this forgotten gem.

XTRO (1982) – A man who disappeared because he was abducted by aliens suddenly shows up again and strange things start to happen! LBX

YETI: THE GIANT OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (1977) - aka "Goliathon" - Ultra-rare Yeti flick! A lost giant monster movie the Yeti comes out to search for his lovely jungle girl who has moved into the big city. You can guess what happens next! Sure, it borrows from King Kong but it's a total blast! This rare one is directed by Frank Kramer. Never a dull moment.

YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS, THE (1959) - Paul Newman is a lawyer going through various ups and downs. Another Newman classic. LBX

YOUNG SAVAGES, The (1961)A district attorney is looking to nail three gang members for the murder of a Puerto Rican teen, but soon finds there's more to the story. Burt Lancaster stars in this racially-charged tale. LBX

YOUR THREE MINUTES ARE UP (1973) - Very rare flick sees two friends (one dull, one carefree) take a soul-searching road trip. Starring Beau Bridges and his awesome 70s 'stache!

ZAAT (1971) - Crazed scientist turns himself into some kind of walking fish-creature, and seeks revenge on various locals - this one goes in and out of the IMDB bottom 100 - it's a BAD flick! Fun tho', and love that supercheap and silly costume!


ZEBRA KILLER, THE (1974) - aka Combat Cops, very rare, killer kidnaps cop's girlfriend

ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE (1981) - George Hamilton, right off the heels of "Love At First Bite," now takes on Zorro, the flamboyant hero saving damsels and being a good guy! This could never be made today. LBX