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January 7, 2019

A note to all our present and potential customers

Hi Friends,

Steve from Rare Movies Worldwide here. Hope everyone is having a great 2019 so far! I wanted to fill you in on some changes here.

If you are new to RMW, have been here before, and especially if you have ordered before or are a long-time customer (thanks so much to all!), you will notice some pricing changes. Mainly, the prices are a little higher now. I just wanted to explain it.

RMW is now basically myself and my film fan partner Michael, as we've been the main components since the start. As huge fans of movies, especially hard-to-find stuff, we created RMW to give fellow fans a reasonably-priced alternative to what's out there. For a long time, we've sold 8-packs of movies for $19.99, plus shipping, basically making the movies cost around $2.50 each (and lower if you bought more). Considering that many other sellers sell movies for 10-20 bucks each, we wanted to give an especially decent deal. So we offered the 8-packs, figuring well, if people will spend 12 bucks on one movie, surely they'll spend 19.99 on eight!

We really weren't making a big profit, but as corny as it sounds, we liked giving people a good deal. We especially have a nice list of repeat customers and we can't tell yas how much we appreciate you.

The thing is, over the past number of years, a few things have changed. One big thing is, YouTube has taken away a very large chunk of our business. Once they started allowing full-length films to be uploaded, many of the titles we offered started showing up on there, and those movies didn't sell anymore. But again, as film fans, we totally understand. Why pay when you can watch for free? Heck, I've also watched more than a few films there.

Also, the cost of supplies (including new Uline shipping boxes) and shipping has gone up and up, leaving even less of a profit margin. RMW is still a labor of love, but all the effort (making the discs, printing titles, creating the custom covers on the cases, packing, shipping, etc.), was starting to be a bit much, considering we both live "normal" lives and have to make time really count.

So, we've raised the prices just a bit, but still I'm sure you'll agree it's all still a great deal. A few more things I'd like to discuss ---

It's not certain yet, but there's a chance we may be phasing out the custom DVD cases, and may just use simple white sleeves to put the DVDs in. Part of this is because of business having gone way down, it's starting to get to the point where it's not really worth it to do the cases. If we do phase them out, we will offer new pricing yet again. We'll keep you updated, and will know a little more in a month or two.

Also, we are working with someone to start offering more digital film collections on external hard drives. We had the Classic Adult Films collection up for a while, but it is now down for revamping. That drive should be available again in a few weeks. There will also be new drives soon, the first two will be The 1970's Movie Collection and The Cult/Sexploitation Movie Collection.

I'm not sure exactly where we'll be as the year goes on, but for now, this is what's happening. THANK YOU for reading, for all your business, and for your consideration to give us your business. It is absolutely appreciated, and never taken for granted.

So there's all the latest news, please keep an eye out for more news very soon!

Happy Viewing,

Steve & Michael