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"Sexploitation" is a very popular genre, where sex and pretty nude girls are dominant and the plots are fun and crazy, mostly grindhouse and low budget, mostly 60s and early 70s fare. Some of these sexploitation films have simulated sex and would be considered "hard R" flicks, but not quite "X". Some just use any excuse to put a bunch of scantily-clad pretty girls in there.

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A SWEET SICKNESS (1968) - Another ribald tale of a pretty girl trying to get ahead in the sordid world of Hollywood. The typical cheapo music and photography are here!

Alice gets invited to a pool party by her pretty teacher (who has the make on Alice) and soon she is taking drugs and having all sorts of sex with everyone at the party. Very pretty girls and an interesting piece of film making.

ALLEY CAT (1973) - Also known as "Hell's Kitten." A screenwriter struggles to make it as his girlfriend turns tricks for cash, wanting to be an actress. The adorable Sandy Dempsey stars, a popular early 70's adult actress who unfortunately died in a boating accident a few years after the release of this film. Grainy quality which adds to the retro-cheap look of this fun and interesting non-classic. 

ANDREA (1968) - A very pretty girl's sexual appetite gets her in all sorts of trouble in this very rare flick. Quality is a little lesser than usual but still good viewing definitely.

ANDY WARHOL'S FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (1973) - Warhol's delightfully perverse epic, where the Baron creates a female and needs just the right male for her, and male brain. LBX

BABY LOVE (1968) - A young girl's mom commits suicide, so she moves in with her mom's lover and family, and proceeds to have sexual adventures in the household. This rare flick was the inspiration for the movie "Poison Ivy" with Drew Barrymore years later. 

BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL (1965) - are flick with sexy mid-60's girls. A woman takes revenge on her rapist but then has to go on the lam, and faces various adventures. Influential sleaze flick, just a little different than the rest, one of the best of its kind!

BARE BEHIND BARS (1980) - Definitely a classic in the "women in prison" genre, as the inmates suffer through all sorts of indignities from the sadistic powers-that-be. Some have had enough and plot the escape. This is definitely a good one. LBX  

BARE MOUNTAIN (1962) - The girls at a remote girls school spend their time between sunbathing and showing off their bodies, and running from monsters! Very oddball entry in the sexploitation genre. 

CANDY (1968) - Candy is a gorgeous young girl trying to find her way through life and explore her sexuality, while getting into all sorts of goofy humorous situations. Nudity, but nothing crazy in this funny and mild sexploitation. LBX

CARGO OF LOVE (1968) - A bit of a "roughie," as a woman places an ad for a "traveling companion" and soon ends up within a slavery ring! Sleazy and grimy, in other words decent 60's exploitation.

CINDY AND DONNA (1970) - Two half-sisters explore sexual adventures with all kinds of consequences. Nicely shot with very pretty girls, this one is pretty popular. LBX

COLLEGE CONFIDENTIAL (1960) - A sociologist takes a sexual survey around a school, and is accused of corrupting the kids! The hot Jane Meadows, Steve Allen (!) and a bunch of others you may recognize. LBX

COLLEGE GIRLS (1968) - A hot girl sleeps with the prof for better grades, a wild party and everything in between! Lots of gorgeous 60's girls in various states on undress.

COUNTRY CUZZINS (1970) - More hillbilly antics! A sophisticated L.A. woman decides to go see her hillbilly relatives for a family reunion. Initially she is turned off by the country life, but she soon discovers that life on the farm just may not be all that bad! Lots of pretty farm girl sex kittens, lots of skin and fake sex. Amazing that flicks like this were ever even made!

CRAZY WILD AND CRAZY (1964) - Learn how to take movies of nude women! Almost no dialogue, but lots and lots of nude women with goofy music on faded color!


DEEP JAWS (1976) - A movie studio in the red is looking to rebound by making a mermaids sexy film. Many sexy soap-opera shenanigans follow! The 70's saw lots of these goofy adult flicks looking to capitalize on major movies.   

DIARY OF A NUDIST (1961) - A reporter goes to check out a nudist colony and likes it, irritating the editor who also goes to check it out!


ELECTRIC BLUE #5 (1980) - "Electric Blue" was a show on adult cable in the early 80's, which featured boundary softcore sex stories and segments. This episode is a popular one because it stars Desiree Cousteau, showing why she was one of the most popular adult actresses of the late 70's.


FAIRY TALES (1979) - Don Sparks stars in this hilarious sex-romp musical that was very popular on the "adult channels" of cable in the early 80's. Lots of elaborate and vastly entertaining musical numbers, as well as wild and crazy characters. Definitely a winner. LBX

GAS PUMP GIRLS (1979) - A bunch of hot girls run a gas station and it becomes the sexiest filling station in town! Steve Bond and Kirsten Baker star in this wild flick. LBX


GETTING INTO HEAVEN (1970) - Fan fave Uschi Digard stars in this tale of a woman who travels to Hollywood to become a star and ends up on the casting couch. Not the most original plot but still good fun, this is definitely "hard R" sexploitation.

HOT SKIN, COLD CASH (1965) - This one follows a night of a hooker in Times Square, dealing with the johns and other hassles. Sleazy rare one, she's gotta make a buck!


ILSA: SHE-WOLF OF THE SS (1975) - The infamous Ilsa! Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) is a ruthless Nazi warden who performs experiments to prove how tough women are. This is one of the most legendary exploitation flicks of the 70's and for good reason! LBX


ILSA: HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS (1976) - Ilsa now works for an evil Arab sheik, importing women for him to use as his personal sex slaves. The second in the legendary series, starring Dyanne Thorne. LBX    


ILSA: THE TIGRESS OF SIBERIA (1977) - Dyanne Thorne returns as Ilsa for a third time, who first runs a prison camp and later a brothel, and vows to get revenge on a man she couldn't break before. LBX   


ILSA: THE WICKED WARDEN (1977) - Fourth "Ilsa" movie despite the title, again starring Dyanne Thorne, Ilsa runs a hospital for women with sex-related ills, and the sister of a woman who disappeared comes to investigate. Bad idea! This just may be the nastiest "Ilsa" of them all. Be ready! LBX

INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS (1973) - In a small California town, men are dying during sex and an agent is sent to investigate. Many beautiful girls who have a strange connection to bees! This one was popular on cable-TV in its early days.  LBX

ISLAND WOMEN (1980) - Also known as "Women's Penitentiary VII," this is a classic"women in prison" flick which seemingly doesn't have a minute where women aren't hanging around in their birthday suits. Fun drama with this sexy tale. LBX

JAILBAIT BABYSITTER (1977) - The life of a sexy babysitter drastically changes after a wild party and her boyfriend has to deal! This was actually a pretty popular bit of sleaze in '77.

LIKE WOW! (1962) - In a friendlier premise than the classic "They Live," a man finds glasses that makes him see women nude! Like wow indeed!

LINNEA QUIGLEY'S HORROR WORKOUT (1990) - Now this one may be short at just an hour, but it's amazing! Scream-queen Linnea is a fitness girl and the camera loves to catch her in the shower and working out. However, zombies suddenly appear, and soon Linnea has them exercising instead of eating brains! It all comes down to a slumber party with Linnea's sexy friends. Shot on video, with lots of big 80's hair and cheesy music, zombies and gorgeous girls.

LOVE CAMP 7 (1969) - A notorious "video nasty" - two beautiful women sneak into a Nazi POW camp to get info from a scientist, but end up as prisoners themselves and subjected to Nazi torture and humiliation. Sleazy Nazi softcore horror!

MAID IN SWEDEN (1971) - Inga is a young girl from Sweden who leaves home to have an adventurous weekend full of sexy adventures. This one ruffled a few feathers in the day.

MARCY (1969) - A beautiful farmgirl takes in another lovely girl, and it starts all kinds of rumors in the town. Will they make the rumors come true? Sexual soap opera classic!

MIDNIGHT PLOWBOY (1971) - Country boy comes to Los Angeles looking for a new life, and ends up living in a house full of hookers! Another one of those "hard R" early sleaze comedies with lots of simulated sex, bad jokes and bad acting, but will not disappoint fans of the genre.

ONCE UPON A GIRL... (1976) - One of the more popular "sexy cartoon" flicks of the 70's! This one sees Mother Goose arrested for indecency, and sent to trial (non-animated). And then the animation starts as Mother Goose tells her ribald tales! The animation is really good and fun, and absolutely nothing the kids should be watching! Really nice looking print too of this rarity.

ONE MILLION AC/DC (1969) - No, this is not about the band - this is a parody take-off of the recent "One Million Years B.C." and the main thing you need to know about this one is that Ed Wood wrote it! The plot...a bunch of cavemen and cavegirls are trapped in their caves because a giant plastic toy T-Rex is always right outside. And since going outside is a danger, what do they do inside? Well, show lots of skin and have lots of simulate sex, of course! 


OVERDOSE OF DEGRADATION (1970) - Trippy grindhouse sleaze - our hippy-ish heroine talks to us on camera about her sexcapades, which we then witness in full-blown early 70's sexploitation style - psychedelic sequences add to the fun - very grimy and gritty, this one is not hardcore but would easily be a hard R. There's nothing quite like these little exploitation flicks that came and went back then.


PARTY AT KITTY AND STUD'S (1970) - aka THE ITALIAN STALLION (re-release title) - This is it - the infamous Sylvester Stallone 'porno' flick he made as an up-and-coming actor, needing some cash. Sly is "Stud," who is hooked up with "Kitty," a very pretty girl he randomly treats pretty badly actually, which just turns her on even more. They eventually have a sex party with some friends, which includes a very odd circle dance ritual...this is a film that must be seen to be believed. After Stallone made it big after "Rocky," This film was re-released with the title "The Italian Stallion" with the hardcore sequences trimmed. The original hardcore version has never surfaced, but this is still a soft "X" definitely. You certainly will see more of Sly than ever before! This is indeed quite the 'groovy' flick. We're still waiting for the sequel!

POLICE GIRLS ACADEMY aka TEEN LUST (1979) - Light-hearted sexploitation, very non-PC, starring the gorgeous Kirsten Baker and directed by prolific Asian cult actor James Hong. He probably wishes he could erase this one!


S.S. HELL CAMP (1977) - This is a wild one! Also known as "The Beast In Heat" -- A gorgeous Ilsa-wanna-be runs a wicked POW camp where she and her fellow Nazis torture and experiment on prisoners. Her masterpiece is the creation of a half-man/half-beast who she keeps in a cage, to which she throws in various female prisoners for the beast to have his way with. Rebels eventually arrive to try to stop the atrocities. This was one of the most notorious of the "video nasties."  LBX

SASSY SUE (1972) - the hillbilly escapades just keep on coming! A young farmboy has a thing for "Sassy Sue" and pretty farmgirls try to come between them. That's all we'll get into here. Lots of mostly unintentional laughs, and of course lots of skin and simulated sex. Another goofy and raunchy entry from the early 70's!

SEEDS OF SIN (1968) - A mean 'ol battleaxe isn't crazy abut her children and thinks they're waiting for her to die to collect, and all kind of drama happens, and of course a lot of 60's b/w sex, which seems to show up kind of randomly throughout. Good sleaze tho!

SEX AND THE OTHER WOMAN (1972) - Very funny UK entry, as we see hot women manipulating men into all sorts of sexual situations. Very un-PC and lots of pretty British gals.

SEX BY ADVERTISEMENT (1968) - The phenomenon of seeking sex through ads is explored, as we cruise NYC and get schooled on what it's all about in between sex scenes. Rare trash!

SEXUAL INADEQUACIES (1970) - Not a good film but an interesting "educational" time capsule that explores various fetishes and sexual persons. On the rare side, mainly interesting to fans of vintage school ed films and that sort.


SMOKE AND FLESH (1968) - Fun 60's softcore skin flick - a guy throws a sex party and a bunch of his lowlife buddies show up, and he tries to get rid of them. This may be the only film in history with a scene of actual strip slot-car racing!  


SLEAZY RIDERS (1973) - This one is definitely a sleazy early 70's grindhouse find! A group of bikers get stopped on the highway by a pair of cops who, in a sometimes hilarious exchange, harass and degrade them. The women bikers especially are victimized. After the bikers are let go, they vow to find the very mean head cop. In between partying and orgies, they finally find their prey! Not bad quality, this one is a must for sleazy sexploitation fans.

STARLET (1969) - Hot actress takes to sleeping her way up in the soft-core world. Lots of gorgeous women abound in this sordid tale.

TARZ AND JANE, CHEETA AND BOY (1975) - You really have to say, my God...how did some of these movies ever get financed and made? Unbelievably bad (but great), this wild jungle take tells of the ribald adventures of the aforementioned foursome. In between all the sexual romps, watch Tarz fight the fakest croc ever seen, try to solve his manhood problems, and defend Jane from horny apes!

TARZUN AND THE VALLEY OF LUST (1970) - That title says it all! More Tarz sexcapades between him and the gang. Also comes with another offensive Tarzan parody, the extremely rare Karzin in Cuba!

THE ALL-AMERICAN GIRL (1973) - A very pretty girl's boyfriend has to leave town, and she's alone to enjoy a summer full of new adventures. Fun soft-core.

THE AGONY OF LOVE (1966) - The luscious Pat Barrington stars in this rare classic, of a housewife who turns tricks on the side for the sheer thrill of it. Pretty shocking in '66, this one still packs a punch.  

THE ALLEY TRAMP (1968) - Another H.G. Lewis romp, following the sexual adventures of a curious teen girl. Low-budget and sleazy, exactly what one would expect from H.G.

THE DICKTATOR (1974) - Funny plot for this one - to battle over-population, all males are to take a serum that leaves them infertile for a few years. However, it works too well and leaves them like that for good! Now the government must find the few who did not take the serum to continue populating the planet. This flick is most noted for having both sex-kitten legends Uschi Digard and Rene Bond!

THE GIRL FROM S.I.N. (1966) - It didn't take too long for a sexploitation Bond parody to come out, and this one is pretty bad! The girls are pretty though, as we are narrated the tale of a secret agent fighting evil, and invisibility (!).

THE GREAT AMERICAN GIRL ROBBERY (1979) - A bunch of pretty cheerleaders heading for a competition are kidnapped by terrorists in this rare 70's sexploitation non-classic full of pretty gals and crazy characters. LBX

THE MELON AFFAIR (1971) - Also known as "Up Your Alley" and "Sex or Bust" - this is a madcap comedy that plays a lot like a Russ Meyer flick - a goofball ends up as a mafia Godfather, and there's a plot for diamonds and a lot of beautiful girls, including Haji from various Meyer flicks, and the awesome Uschi Digard!

THE NAUGHTY CHEERLEADER (1970) - Barbi Benton is fantastically cute as she seeks out carnal adventures in this rare flick. Can you believe Klaus Kinski is even in this!

THE PIGKEEPER'S DAUGHTER (1972) - Maybe the most infamous of the hillbilly exploitation flicks! The Pig Keeper (who thinks more of his pigs than his hottie wife, but not in that way fortunately) has a hot daughter named Moonbeam, who is a popular local object of affection. A traveling salesman comes onto the farm and things really take off from there! This one plays a lot like a Russ Meyer flick. The opening credits are actually done quite cleverly and perfectly set up the hillbilly vibe. Now this flick is probably a tad more than a basic "hard R" - lots of nudity, and the plentiful simulated sex, but this one goes just a wee bit 'further' than the others, but is still not flat-out porn. How they managed that, well it certainly took some decent film skills! And Moonbeam's cute little piglet pet sure loves to get into the camera at the worst times! Sleazy farm fun.

THE TOY BOX (1971) - Uncle died but there's still non-stop partying in his castle, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in this incredible odd sexploitation/horror flick!

THE WORKING GIRLS (1974) - A girl arrives in L.A. for a new life, hooks up with two other girls and the three deal with the hassles of the men in their lives. The very cute and adorable Sarah Kennedy stars. LBX

TOBACCO RUDY (1970) - Classic early 70's sleazy hillbilly exploitation! Not much of a story - lots of hillbillies like farmers and their sexy daughters, the banker, the sheriff, the wife, etc., all getting into various hillbilly hijinks, which pretty much is mainly lots of nudity and simulated sex.

WILD HONEY (1972) - More early 70's sleaze - a young girl leaves her abusive father and finds all new perversions in Los Angeles. Director Don Edmonds actually directed TV episodes of shows like Donna Reed and The Munsters before this! R-rated definitely.

WRONG WAY (1972) - Two pretty girls take the "wrong way" shortcut in their car, which then breaks down. A few local hillbillies come across them and help them out by giving them a lift....and take then right into hillbilly hell where their gang have their way with the girls! And that is only the start of this infamous flick.