Hard-to-find movies on DVD


All new titles as of 9/8/2018 are in BLUE!

At a special school for troubled kids, a teacher pays special attention to a kid who doesn't speak anything but nonsensical noises. Interesting TV-flick that has fallen deep into the cracks.

A CHRISTMAS ROMANCE (1994) - Olivia Newton-John stars in this nice-looking TV-movie Christmas flick.

A COLD NIGHT'S DEATH (1972) - Robert Culp stars in this all-time classic TV-movie, about strange happenings at an Arctic laboratory, with the shock ending that scared us all as kids! Possibly one of the most revered TV-movies of all time.

A DREAM IS A WISH THE HEART MAKES - THE ANNETTE FUNICELLO STORY (1995) - The beautiful Eva La Rue plays Annette in this rare TV flick.  Frankie Avalon and Annette herself play themselves!

A GIRL NAMED SOONER (1975) - Lee Remick stars in this tale of an abandoned child living an interesting life in Indiana, good one.

A KILLING AFFAIR (1977) - OJ Simpson and Elizabeth Montgomery star in this TV-movie rarity about a couple out to solve a murder mystery.

A QUESTION OF GUILT (1978) - Tuesday Weld stars as a pretty women accused of murdering her daughter, and whose lifestyle makes her the victim of character assassination. Loosely based on a true story. The great Alex Rocco is also here. Small TV logo in the top left corner but if small and faint.

A SMOKEY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS (1986) - Dolly Parton in her Christmas TV-movie. 

A VACATION IN HELL (1979) - Another lost gem of a TV-movie, this one stars Maureen McCormick ("Marcia Brady") and Priscilla Barnes ("Three's Company") as they and their group find trouble on the way back home. Includes the "showering" sequence near the end that is missing in some prints.

ADVENTURES OF NICK CARTER (1972) - Robert Conrad stars as a detective investigating the murder of a colleague in this decent thriller.

ALEXANDER: THE OTHER SIDE OF DAWN (1977) - The cast of "Dawn" (1976) returns for further adventures of trying to make it in the big city. A fantastic sequel to the very controversial original.

ALPHA CAPER, THE (1973) - Leonard Nemoy and Henry Fonda star in this thrilling TV-movie about pulling off a huge caper. Many familiar 70's faces.

ANGEL CITY (1980) - TV-movie about a family who packs up the car and goes out in search of a better life, and end up working on a plantation where there doesn't seem to be any escape! And it's Ralph Waite (dad from The Waltons) yet again!

BEARCATS! (1971) - Great TV-movie pilot for the short-lived series of the same name - two good-guys-for-hire in the early 20th century solve problems as they seek adventure and fortune in their Stutz Bearcat automobile. George Barris, the "King of the Kustomizers" (Batmobile, Monkeemobile, etc) created the incredible car for the show.

BLACK NOON (1971) - Great TV-movie finds a minster (Ray Milland) and his wife hounded by a devil cult.

BORROWERS, THE (1973) - Eddie Albert stars in this TV-movie version of the tale, where a young boy discovers a bunch of very little people living underneath the floorboards of his house! Eddie was a good actor - just a year later, he'd play a very convincing badass warden in "The Longest Yard."

BOY WHO DRANK TOO MUCH (1980) - Scott Baio is a high school hockey star who is also an alcoholic! Buddy and teammate Lance Kerwin ("James at 15") tries t help and steals the show.

BRIDESMAIDS (1989) - Women get together for a friend's wedding and go over old times. Shelley Hack stars.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL (1970) -  Glenn Ford stars in this TV-movie classic about a secret society. Dabney Coleman also stars in this sought-after classic.

BUT I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED! (1970) - Guy gets divorced after a long marriage, then finds himself to be a chick-magnet! Funny TV-movie has a great cast led by Shirley Jones and Tina Louise.

CAGE WITHOUT A KEY (1975) - Susan Dey stars as a pretty girl wrongly jailed and sent to a mean girl's prison. Great drama!

CHILD BRIDE OF SHORT CREEK (1981) - Child marriage and polygamy reign at Short Creek, in this story based on true events. Great cast includes Conrad Bain, Diane Lane and Keil Martin ("Moonrunners," "Trick Baby" both available here). Caused a bit of a stir when this TV-movie premiered al those years ago.

CHILD OF GLASS (1978) - Rare mouse-ears flick about a boy who sees a girl ghost!

CHRISTMAS GIFT, THE (1986) - John Denver TV-movie rarity.

CITY, THE (1977) - Rare TV-movie detective flick with Mark Hamill and Don Johnson!

CITY BENEATH THE SEA (1971) - An Irwin Allen film, with Robert Wagner, classic! An underwater city must defend itself from hostile aliens. This one has a big cult following and is much sought-after. LBX

COLONY, THE (1995) - John Ritter stars in this classic drama about a nice family who moves to a safer place, only to find out it comes with a big price! Scary in more ways than one.

COMBAT ACADEMY a.k.a. Combat High (1986) - It's crazy antics at a military school with an amazing cast featuring non other than George Clooney, Sherman Hemsley, Jamie Farr, Dic Van Patten, Robert Culp and more! Crazy antics abound!

CONCRETE COWBOYS (1979) - Jerry Reed and Tom Sellick are a pair of cowboys who open up a detective agency and find themselves with a tough case. The gorgeous Morgan Fairchild also stars in this fun TV-movie.

CONGRATULATIONS, IT'S A BOY! (1971) -Bill Bixby ("The Incredible Hulk") stars as a swinging single stud in the swinging 70's, who finds out that he has a teenage boy! His life turns upside down, and he has to deal. Familiar faces abound (even Tom "Mr. C" Bosley) in this forgotten one.

CONRACK (1974) - John Voight stars as a teacher on a remote South Carolina island, where the kids there have been so isolated from the world they don't know much of anything, so Voight make sit his mission to teach them about life. Good one, this has foreign subtitles (movie in English). 

CONSPIRACY OF TERROR (1975) - Rare TV-movie about satanic cults and the like.very talked about in '75 and sought after today, good flick

COTTON CANDY (1978) - Stars "Toad" of "American Graffiti, as a high-school musician who wnats his band to win the battle of the bands! Ron Howard directs and does a great job.

COVER-UP (1984) - The TV-movie pilot for the TV series, with Richard Anderson.

COWARD OF THE COUNTY (1981) - TV-movie about a peaceful man (Kenny Rogers) who vows revenge against those who raped his wife. Definitely a different type of flick for Kenny, but one with good production and a decent script. 

CRACKER FACTORY, THE (1979) - Perry King and Natalie Wood star in this TV-movie flick about a woman going a little crazy. Quality is a little less than the usual great quality here but is still very watchable and enjoyable!

CRAWLSPACE (1972) - This is a wild one - a couple discovers a kid living in the crawlspace of their home, and all kinds of trouble ensues! Sounds like this rare TV-movie could have been a major influence on "Bad Ronald" done two years later. Creepy and unique, definitely needs to be seen.

CROWHAVEN FARM (1970) - Hope Lange stars in this classic TV-movie thriller about a supernatural farmhouse. Good and creepy, this is one of the most sought-after of the old TV-movies.

CRUISE INTO TERROR (1978) - TV-movie of a Satanic curse on a cruise! Dirk Benedict ("Battlestar Galactica") and many more.

CUCUMBER CASTLE (1970) -  Extremely rare TV-movie, starring The Bee Gees and their music, a tale of castles and kings and all that stuff, fun flick, quality is a little rough but this is at least as good as other ones of this title out there and is very watchable for rare film fans. Definitely a fun but odd note in The Bee Gees' fabled career!

DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME (1978) - Creepy and decent Bette Davis rarity. This is the shortened TV-movie version.

DAUGHTER OF THE MIND (1969) - Ray Milland keeps on seeing his dead daughter. Is she real, or...? A truly amazing nail-biter of a flick, much suspense and Ray is fantastic.

DAWN: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY (1976) - Eve Plumb (Brady Bunch) stars as Dawn, who runs away from home and becomes a prostitute in LA, where is befriended by a male prostitute, Alexander (Leigh McCloskey). One of the most talked about TV-movies ever made, especially in schools the next day. "Alexander" (1977) is the controversial sequel.

DAY THE EARTH MOVED, THE (1974) - Cleavon Little and others are stuck in the middle of nowhere during an Earthquake!

DEADBOLT (1992) - A pretty girl (Justine Bateman) takes in a male roommate who then proceeds to go psycho and control every aspect of the girls' life. Creepy TV-movie!

DEAD DON'T DIE, THE (1975) - Lost TV-movie classic, occult in the 30's and a murder mystery with George Hamilton, Joan Blondell and more.

DEAD MAN'S CURVE (1978) - The story of Jan and Dean, the great 60's beach song-duo, played great by Richard Hatch ("Battlestar Galactica") and Bruce Davison ("Willard"). High-quality TV-movie, comes with a rare Jan and Dean bonus, their 60's TV-pilot!

DEADLIEST SEASON, THE (1977) - One of the TV-movies we've had the most requests for easily, very scarce. A minor-league hockey player (Michael Moriarty) becomes a goon and kills someone on the ice during a game, and faces trial. Paul D'Amato from "Slap Shot" (McCraken/Dr. Hook) is here, and a beautiful young Meryl Streep plays Moriarty's wife. Now, the quality on this isn't the best, it's a few generations down and there's various lines here and there. However, this film is so rare that we wanted to make it available, and once you get into the captivating story you'll see past the lack of quality and rare film fans shouldn't have a problem with it really, just to see this classic film. Definitely worth as a choice for an 8-pack of movies.

DEATH CAR ON THE FREEWAY (1970) - One of the most famous TV-movies with one of the best TV-movie titles ever, Shelley Hack stars as a reporter out to find a killer in a van who rams cars off the road! He also plays crazy country music as he does it! Lots of real action.

DEATH CRUISE (1974) - TV-movie with many familiar faces of people getting killed on a cruise!

DEATH MOON (1978) - Lost TV-movie about a werewolf in Hawaii! Not a good film, but it has a certain charm that makes it a sought-after non-classic.

DEATH OF A CENTERFOLD: THE DOROTHY STRATTEN STORY (1981) - The story of the tragic life and death of the beautiful Playboy centerfold. amie Lee Curtis and Rovert Reed star.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL (1973) - Excellent movie starring Jan-Michael Vincent and George Kennedy. A group of hikers come across a hijacker who just stole six hundred grand, kill him and then start fighting over the money. Could have been a theatrical film.

DIARY OF A TEENAGE HITCHHIKER (1979) - Charlene Tilton and Dick Van Patten star about a sicko who picks up young and pretty hitchhikers and rapes them. This TV-movie made quite a commotion in 1979 and remains a sought-after flick.

DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, THE (1980) - Melissa Gilbert stars in this rare TV-movie.

DISASTER ON THE COASTLINER (1979) - William Shatner stars in this disaster flick, will there be a huge train collision? You really gotta love the titles of some of these old TV-movies.

DIARY OF A TEENAGE HITCHHIKER (1979) - Charlene Tilton and Dick Van Patten star about a sicko who picks up young and pretty hitchhikers and rapes them. This TV-movie made quite a commotion in 1979 and remains a sought-after flick.

DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, THE (1980) - Melissa Gilbert stars in this rare TV-movie.

DISASTER ON THE COASTLINER (1979) - William Shatner stars in this disaster flick, will there be a huge train collision? You really gotta love the titles of some of these old TV-movies.

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (1973) - A TV-movie classic well remembered for giving the creeps! The demons in the mansion want their revenge! "Uncle Charlie" from the TV show "My Three Sons" is on hand here.

DON'T GO TO SLEEP (1982) - Girl sees her dead sister, rare TV-movie

DR. STRANGE (1978) - Yup, the good doctor had his own 70's TV-movie, and depending on who you ask, it was either terrible, or fantastic!

DYING ROOM ONLY (1973) - Cloris Leachman and her husband Dabney Coleman enter a desert cafe, he goes to use the rest room, and never comes out! What happened to him? Ross Martin and Ned Beatty are on hand here in this TV-movie classic!

FAILING OF RAYMOND, THE (1971) - Jane Wyman and Dean Stockwell star in this wild tale of a retiring teacher who is being hunted by a student she failed a decade earlier. Now that's a 70's TV-movie plot! This is also Katey Segal's very first acting role! 

FANNY HILL (1983) - a.k.a. Sex, Lies and Renaissance, the uncut version, woman forced into prostitution

FIGHT FOR LIFE (1987) - Great TV-movie, where Jerry Lewis plays an Ohio optometrist who has a six-year old daughter with epilepsy. He fights to get the FDA to approve a drug (at that time only available in England) for use in the U.S. This print does have foreign subtitles but they don't distract.

FIRE (1977) - Ernest Borgnine and Patty Duke star in yes, another Irvin Allen 70s disaster flick of a huge fire out of control (hence, of course, the title).


FIREHOUSE (1973) - Very decent TV-movie that was really a TV-pilot for a show that never ended up happening. Richard Roundtree ("Shaft") plays Shelley, a black rookie firefighter who starts out in an all-white firehouse full of racists. To make matters worse, he's replacing a beloved white firefighter who was killed in a fire by a black arsonist. Familiar faces include Paul Le Mat (John Milner from "American Graffiti"). Good tension and drama in this one as Shelley deals with being the outcast, as they try to capture the arsonist. 


GHOST OF FLIGHT 401 (1978) - A plane crash lands and a ghost haunts the survivors in this popular TV-movie thriller.


GIRL, THE GOLD WATCH AND EVERYTHING, THE (1980) - Goofy TV-movie comedy about a watch that stops time and the bad guys who want it! The always funny Robert Hayes ("Airplane") and Pam Dawber ("Mork and Mindy") star. Pam is looking good! Quality is 'ok' but still decent for a fun viewing.


GLASS HOUSE, THE (1972) - Alan Alda (!) in this rough prison movie, of a couple of guys starting their prison stretches at the same time and encountering all sorts of situations. Also on hand are the great Vic Morrow and Lando himself Billy Dee Williams. This is actually an uncut R-rated version of this spectacular TV-movie. 

GLEASON (2002) - Brad Garrett stars as Jackie Gleason in this well-done bio-pic, which covers Gleason's rise from nothing to one of the world's brightest stars.

GO ASK ALICE (1973) - Awesome TV-movie about a young girl who gets mixed up in the world of sex and drugs. Lots of familiar faces like Shatner and Andy Griffith! Alice turns from a shy, introverted girl into a wild child, but not without consequence.

GOOD AGAINST EVIL (1977) - This TV-Movie was actually a pilot to a show that never ended up happening. Good guys battle Satan worshippers in this tale, when the "Satan/devil" fad of the 70's was still going somewhat strong. The main attraction here is Richard Lynch, who is always fun to watch as the bad guy in whatever he's in.

GREAT HOUDINI, THE (1976) - Paul Michael-Glaser stars in this classic rarity TV-movie telling the famed magician's life.

GRIFFIN AND PHOENIX (1976) - Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh star as two people who are dying, meet and fall in love, without knowing the other is dying. Good lost TV-movie.

HAUNTS OF THE VERY RICH (1972) - Robert Reed in this TV-movie rarity of people stranded on a mysterious island!

HIGH SCHOOL USA (1983) - A high school nerd (Michael J. Fox) goes after a girlfriend of a more popular guy. Amazing cast in this wild TV-movie includes Bob Denver, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges and more familiar faces.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (1972)  - Another lost TV-movie. Starring Sally Field, a man wants his daughters to kill his new wife, but there's more to the story!

HORROR AT 37,000 FEET (1973) - Pretty much remembered as one of the "greatest" TV-Movies ever made! William Shatner, Chuck Connors, Buddy Ebson, in quite possible the defining 70's TV-movie. A simple airplane flight finds trouble with various spirits that also found their way aboard! Includes some truly unforgettable visuals, this is absolutely not to be missed by any fan of the old TV flicks.

HOT ROD (1979) - Another great Robert Culp TV-movie, this time he owns the town and doesn't want the 'new kid in town' to win the big drag race. Excellent TV-movie, filmed beautifully, lots of action, good music, drama and great cars.

HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION (1967) - Robert Wagner stars in a classic conspiracy thriller!

HOWLING IN THE WOODS, A (1971) - Rare TV-movie creeper with Larry Hangman and Barbara Eden!

I, DESIRE (1982) - Rare Vampire TV-flick, aka Desire the Vampire

I DREAM OF JEANNIE: 15 YEARS LATER (1985) - Great reunion TV-flick (sans Hagman).

I KNOW MY FIRST NAME IS STEVEN (1989) - This is considered one of the best TV-movies of the 80s. Based on a true story, Steven is kidnapped by a sick pervert as a little kid, and years later tries to get back into a normal routine with his real family. Powerful performances all around, this is the full version of this classic.

I STILL DREAM OF JEANNIE (1991) - Barbara Eden again stars as the classic character

I WANT TO KEEP MY BABY (1976) - A lost TV-movie classic, this one stars Mariel Hemmingway as a young mother who does not want to get an abortion. Has a small logo in the corner that doesn't detract from viewing. Susan Anspach also stars in this remembered film.

JAMES AT 15 (1977) - The pilot TV-movie of the classic series above, starring the great Lance Kerwin. You can get the pilot in any 8-pack you choose if you don't want the whole series. This is a great start to a memorable 70's TV show. If you'd like the entire series please check out the "TV Shows" page for all details!

JERICHO MILE, THE (1979) - Great acclaimed story of a man in prison who becomes a long-distance runner.

JERK TOO, THE (1984)
- Very rare sequel to "The Jerk" with Mark Blankfield!

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (1997) - Really nice quality on this unaired TV-movie pilot of a series that never came to be. The Justice League superheroes have to do battle with the evil Weather Man, who wants to take down the city with a tidal wave. The Flash is especially cool here. 
KENNY ROGERS as THE GAMBLER (1980) - Yup, that's the title (hey, it's Kenny) and he's living the hit song, in this rootin' tootin' old-timey style western. Pretty dames, fightin' dudes, and even Bruce Boxleitner!

KID FROM LEFT FIELD, THE (1979) - Through some wacky circumstances, Gary Coleman ends up coaching the San Diego Padres baseball team! Robert Guillaume ("Benson") is his washed-up dad, in this decent heartwarming tale. Coleman is always good.
KID WITH THE BROKEN HALO (1982) - Low-key but fun TV-movie starring Gary Coleman as an angel who has to solve the problems of three families on earth to earn his wings. Much better than it sounds! Packed with familiar faces. No end credits.
KILLDOZER (1974) - This is it! The TV-movie you saw late at night as a kid in the 70's (or NEVER saw as a kid in the 80's)! Killdozer stars Clint Walker and Robert Urich as men on a construction crew on a deserted island, where a bulldozer comes to life and starts killing all the men one by one! Great character actors abound (including Neville Brand) highlight the action, which includes Killdozer doing battle against another earth mover! 
KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK (1978) - The band KISS battles an evil scientist and his robots (even his KISS robots!) at an amusement park where KISS is performing! While it aimed to be a timeless TV fantasy in the Star Wars vein, this flick is a really cheesy 70's TV movie instead! It is however a lot of fun, especially for KISS fans as Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter battle evil, sing songs and prove they can't act. This is the rare original version, not the international "Attack of the Phantoms" version.

LAST BRIDE OF SALEM (1974) - This chiller was first an after school special, and proved so popular it was later shown in prime-time as a regular TV-movie.
LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN, THE (1975) - Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Lizzie in this infamous TV-movie based on the infamous trial. This was heavy stuff in 1975 and caused quite the stir in the entertainment world.

LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE (1980) - Rare version of the tale, this TV-movie stars Jeff Goldblum. Nicely made and Jeff is obviously having a good time! 
LIKE MOM, LIKE ME (1978) - A pretty divorcee (Linda Lavin) is having trouble enough with her own life, but she has to keep her wildchild daughter (Kristy McNichol) in line too. Max Gail ("Wojo" from Barney Miller) is also here in this forgotten gem TV-flick
LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE (1979) - Touching classic TV-movie starring Shaun Cassidy and Linda Purl, as two retarded/mentally challenged people who want to get married. Easily one of the most popular TV flicks ever made. Very un-PC as popular as it is, this flick is destined never to be shown on broadcast again.
LINDA McCARTNEY STORY, THE (2000) - Very well done and faithful story of Sir Paul and his wife. Rare and sought-after TV-movie.
LITTLE MO (1978) - This TV-movie is the bio of tennis star Maureen Connolly. Features Leslie Neilson, Michael Learned, Anne Baxter and more familiar faces.
LONELIEST RUNNER, THE (1976) - Starring the "James at 15" kid Lance Kerwin, and written/directed by Michael Landon, this was a powerful film in the 70's. Kerwin has to run home from school everyday before the school bus passes his home, to retrieve the sheets his mom hangs out his bedroom window, sheets Lance has wet during the night due to a bedwetting problem. The kid grows up to be a marathon runner! An engaging tale and probably one of the best TV-movies.
LONG JOURNEY BACK (1978) - A teenage girl suffers an injury on a class field trip, loses a leg, and has to deal with memory loss as she leans how to get along with a new artificial limb. TV-movie drama has a decent cast of Cloris Leachman, Mike Connors, Stephenie Zimbalist and more.

LONGEST NIGHT, THE (1972) - David Janssen stars in this creepy TV-movie classic, about the daughter of a wealthy family who is kidnapped...and imprisoned underground, buried alive in a coffin while she is being searched for! Her coffin only has supplies and power for up to one week. This one brings back some restless memories for many 70's kids who saw this back then. The young girl has to somehow keep her sanity as she is kept in her underground prison. Her dad wants to give the ransom but problems get in the way...this one's a real nail-biter. One of the best.

LOS ANGELES 2017 (1971) - Very rare TV-Movie directed by Steven Spielberg, this is actually a feature-length episode of the TV show "The Name of the Game." A man wakes up 100 years into the future, and doesn't like what he sees! A must!

LOVE, MARY (1985) - Kristy McNichol stars as a teen girl who is trouble and sent to reform school, where she encounters various characters and starts to get her life back together. Kristy is always good, and this TV-movie is no exception.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (1984) - The great John Ritter stars in this sought-after rarity about two people who have been abandoned by their spouses. Bert Convy and Penny Marshall are also here in this good one.

LOVE WAR, THE (1970) - The always absolutely gorgeous Angie Dickinson is an alien on earth, at war with another alien on our planet, Lloyd Bridges. No matter how it may sound this is actually a fun one!

LUCAN (1977) - TV-movie pilot for the short-lived series, Lucan was raised by animals and now seeks himself! (For all the existing episodes, check the "TV" section for details.)

MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN (1979) - Mandrake battles a killer in this rare TV-flick.

- Catherine Hicks stars as Marilyn in this very rare TV-movie bio-pic. Many familiar faces abound in this lost classic.

MORE WILD WILD WEST (1980) - Robert Conrad and Ross Martin return in this second sequel to "Wild Wild West" (the first being "Wild Wild West Revisited" from 1979), and is an extremely rare and sought-after fun TV-movie!

MORNING AFTER, THE (1974) - A TV-movie that is actually decently made? This rare but acclaimed TV-Movie stars Dick Van Dyke as a raging alcoholic, a common premise that somehow finds a way to work here.

MOVIN' ON: IN TANDEM (1974) - This is the TV-movie pilot for the trucker series "Movin' On" starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse, and of course that awesome green rig. Quality is 'ok,' a little below the usual standards but is still a good viewing. 

MY SWEET CHARLIE (1970) - Patty Duke stars in this tale of a southern runaway girl and a black lawyer from NYC who meet up on the run. A good one.

NAME FOR EVIL, A (1973) - Robert Culp 's country house does not want him or his wife there!

NORLISS TAPES, THE (1973) - A reporter finds vampires on the loose! Claude Akins and other early 70's faces.

NURSE (1980) - Michael Learned and Robert Reed star in this TV-movie pilot for the short-lived series about a nurse and her exploits.

ODD COUPLE: TOGETHER AGAIN, THE (1993) - The great Tony Randall and Jack Klugman once again star as Felix and Oscar! Felix gets kicked out of the house so he won't interfere with his daughter's wedding, so he moves in with Oscar and it's just like old times!

OLLIE HOPNOODLE'S HAVEN OF BLISS (1988) - A young kid gets his first job in this goofy fun TV-movie.

ONE OF MY WIVES IS MISSING (1976) - Maybe one of the best TV-movies ever made! The great Jack Klugman is a detective out to find the truth about a man's missing wife...full of twists and turns, and a shock ending, this one is definitely non-stop and one of the best. Familiar faces all around, a total blast from start to finish, and Klugman really shows his amazing talents on screen.

ONE SHOE MAKES IT MURDER (1982) - Robert Mitchum as a gumshoe on a dead-end case!

ORDEAL (1973) - Arthur Hill stars in this amazing tale, where a man is left to die by his wife and her lover, except he comes back for revenge!

OUTRAGE (1973) - This is it! The car classic! Robert Culp and his family are terrorized by a group of hot-rodding teens, who cruise in very awesome iron (including a gorgeous Chevy Nomad) until he decides he can't take it anymore! Based on a true story no less! Familiar faces include Nicholas Hammond (70's Spider-Man), and this one is a MUST!

OUTSIDER, THE (1968) - The great Darren McGavin stars in this pilot for his series as an LA PI taking care of his, and other people's problems!

PEOPLE, THE (1972) - Yet another classic William Shatner TV flick with fake Mormons!

PHANTOM OF HOLLYWOOD, THE (1974) - Very rare TV-movie about a movie studio protected by a phantom. Most notable because you see classic MGM sets destroyed! A forgotten important piece of Hollywood history.

PIGS VS. FREAKS (1980/1984) - Broadcast on television in '84, four years after it was completed, this is a strange film about actual football games the cops and hippies used to play against each other in the 70's to help understand one another better. Tony Randall and Patrick Swayze star! Quality is a little on the lower side, but still watchable for the uniqueness and rarity.

PLAYMATES (1972)  - Two divorced men become buds and, without knowing it, start dating the other's ex-wife! Alan Alda, Connie Stevens, Barbara Feldon and other familiar faces star in this goofy comedy where you get to see Alan Alda go nuts!


POWER WITHIN, THE (1979) - Airplane stunt pilot gains the power of electricity after being struck by lightning! Rare TV-pilot movie that went nowhere except in history and in rare-movie collector's collections.

PROMISE HIM ANYTHING (1975) - Eddie Albert stars in this rare TV-Movie, about a man who sues for breach of contract when his date found through a dating service isn't quite as advertised. Definitely ahead of its time!

PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS (1974) - Okay, pay attention to this one....70's TV-movie! William Shatner! Angie Dickinson! Robert Reed! Marjoe Gortner! And Andy Griffith as the scummy boss who makes his employees go on a dangerous trip with him! Add it all up and you got a monumental TV-flick from the mid-70's!


QUESTOR TAPES, THE (1974) - A super-android goes on the run to find its human creator! No end credits but you don't miss anything to the story at all.

- Exactly what it says! Even Tom Bosley is in here! Good flick.


REVENGE FOR A RAPE (1976) - One of the better TV-movies, as a man gets revenge for the gang-rape of his wife. Stars Mike Connors ("Mannix") and Robert Reed.

RIVALS (1981) - Great rare TV-movie - Wyoming teen's family moves to Los Angeles, where the guy is bullied by the school bully/wise guy, and the intense rivalry begins! The bully's girl starts taking a liking to the rural kid and all hell breaks loose, ending in a wild climax! Filmed in the late 70's, a great slice of California teen life in the more innocent days.

SANDCASTLES (1972) - The Jan-Michael Vincent classic, about a mysterious boy who helps solve a crime, and falls in love with a beautiful girl musician, But there's more to the story...

SARA T: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC (1976) - One of the true classics of bad 70's TV-movie madness, Linda Blair stars as the alcoholic Sarah, but you also get Larry Hagman and Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill! This is one of the big ones!

SAVAGES (1974) - Rare Andy Griffith TV-movie about drama in the desert!

SEARCH FOR THE GODS (1975) - Kurt Russell stars in this flick about seeking a medallion that will prove that aliens visited Earth.

SECRET OF BOYNE CASTLE, THE (1969) - Very rare made-for-TV Disney flick, in three parts. Two buddies from an upper-class school get involved with spies and intrigue. This is the full length version, an edited version was released in theaters as “Guns in the Heather.” Kurt Russell is on hand.

SHATTERED SILENCE (1972) - Also known as When Michael Calls, Michael Douglas stars in this creepy TV-movie about a woman who seems to be getting phone calls from a nephew who has been dead for 15 years. A good one! 

SHATTERED SPIRITS (1986) - TV-flick starring Martin Sheen as a dad trying to give up the sauce and keep his family. Sounds like a typical plot, but this is Martin Sheen, and he simply shines in anything he does. 

SHORT WALK TO DAYLIGHT (1972) - James Brolin and others are stuck in the NYC subway after an earthquake! This one is a very popular old TV-flick.

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, THE (1973) - The original TV-movie pilot (of three) starring Lee Majors. Some characters are played by different actors in this first movie. See also "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man" and "Bionic Showdown/Bionic Ever After" for the post-series movies.

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: WINE, WOMEN AND WAR (1973) - The second of the original pre-series TV-movies.

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: SOLID GOLD KIDNAPPING (1973) - The third and final of the pre-series TV-movies.

SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5 (1976) - Tons of familiar 70's faces star in this TV-Movie about the lives of various people before they get involved in this huge highway crash.

SOLE SURVIVOR (1970) - More William Shatner, as a mysterious bomber plane is discovered! A great one from the early 70's.

SOMETHING EVIL (1972) - Rarity directed by Steven Spielberg, evil house!

SOMEONE I TOUCHED (1975) Stars Cloris Leachman with a husband who fools around, with added drama!

SPELL, THE (1977) - Classic TV-movie starring Lee Grant. An overweight and unpopular girl is taunted at school to no end, and then she talks to the principle. NO! Just kidding -- instead, she uses her supernatural powers to get her revenge! Now that's a 70's TV-movie!

SPIRIT, THE (1987) - Sam J. Jones ("Flash Gordon") stars in this rare (and pretty short) TV-movie based on the classic character.

SPLASH, TOO (1988) - Very rare "Splash" sequel!

STEPFORD CHILDRED, THE (1987) - Barbara Eden stars in this very rare "Stepford" sequel TV-movie. This is actually really good! 

STRANGER, THE (1973) - Great TV-movie about an astronaut who goes off-course and lands on a planet which is virtually identical to Earth, except it is a complete police state which seeks out all who do not belong. One of the better of the many early-70's sci-fi TV-flicks.

STRANGER IN OUR HOUSE (1978) - aka Summer of Fear, Linda Blair thriller rarity!

SWEET HOSTAGE (1975) - Beautiful print with Linda Blair and Martin Sheen, this is a classic TV-movie of the highest order, Sheen is a crazy man who kidnaps innocent Linda, and they fall in love while on the lam from the law. Sheen gives a usual dynamite performance and it a pleasure to watch do his thing.

SWEET SWEET RACHEL (1971) - Rare TV-movie, creepy tale of murder by ESP and the man trying to solve the crime.

TERROR ON THE BEACH (1973) - A true classic TV-movie! Susan Day and her family just want a peaceful day at the beach, but instead find themselves terrorized by a group of punks on an old firetruck! Perhaps mostly known for the legendary scene where Susan wears a skimpy bikini, but this whole flick is non-stop 70's TV-movie thriller fun.

THAT CERTAIN SUMMER (1972) - One of the great old TV-movies! A young teenager (Scott Jacoby, who won an Emmy for his performance) with divorced parents, has to deal with his dad (Hal Holbrook) being gay (or bi it would seem). Martin Sheen is dad’s boyfriend and he tries to win the boy’s acceptance. Classic movie with top-notch performances. Jacoby and Sheen of course would reunite a few years later in “The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane.”


THREE ON A DATE (1978) - Loni Anderson and John Byner star in this sexy goofball romp from the late 70s.  


TRAPPED! (1973) - Another TV-movie classic, as James Brolin (many years before Streisand) gets locked in a department store, and how is terrorized by the guard dogs! Dobermans, no less (remember the Doberman's scare of the 70's?). This one is definitely a winner.


TRIBES (1970) - Very rare TV-movie starring Jan-Michael Vincent! Jan is a hippie-type who gets drafted and who the troop leaders get frustrated with at boot camp. Darren McGavin also stars in this one, which is definitely not the typical "trouble in boot camp" flick.


TYSON (1995) - The story of famed boxer Mike Tyson, with a fine cast led by the great George C. Scott as Mike's trainer Cus D'Amato. Very well-made flick. LBX


WANTED: THE SUNDANCE WOMAN (1976) - Katherine Ross reprises her role as Etta Place in this very rare TV-movie sequel to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

WEREWOLF OF WOODSTOCK (1975) - A werewolf prowls the big Woodstock concert, extreme rarity! 


WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK (1993) - TV-movie sequel reunites Carol Kane and Charles Durning as they search for who may or may not be the original stalker. Decent thrills in this rarity many don't even know exists!  


WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? (1974) - Another lost TV-movie gem, where solar flares wipe out everyone on Earth except for a lucky few. Cast includes Peter Graves and a young and pretty Kathleen Quinlan ("Lifeguard").


WILD, WILD WEST REVISITED, THE (1979) - First sequel to "Wild Wild West" stars Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. Very rare! Followed by a second sequel, 1980's "More Wild Wild West" also available here.


WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1982) - Beau Bridges stars in this lost murder mystery!


YOUNG AGAIN (1986) - Wild TV-movie rarity starring a young Keanu Reeves! A 40-year old man wishes to become 17 again and does, lamenting about the love he lost in the meantime. The always beautiful Lindsey Wagner also stars.