DVDs you can't find in stores



SPIDER-MAN (live action) (1977-1979) - complete series (8-DVD) - $14.99
All 10 episodes of the infamous Spidey series, starring Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker/Spidey. Fun series, got a lot of press due to the dangerous stunt work.



BATTLE of the NETWORK STARS (1976-1980) - (7-DVD) - $14.99
The infamous show where network stars competed in Olympic-style competitions. Includes episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8. See stars like Linda Carter, Telly Savalas, Jimmy Walker, Cheryl Ladd and countless others, all hosted by the great Howard Cosell.


LUCAN (1977) - eight episodes (4-DVD) - $9.99
All surfaced episodes (eight in total) of this fondly-remembered series about a young man raised by wolves, who is now adapting to civilization as he searches for his parents. 



More coming very soon, revamping!